New Age Of Summoners Chapter 399

387 Result Of The Plan

Initially, the first elder wanted Ajax to wait with the other elders to know about the tribe leader's plan.

However, when he saw the disappointed look on Ajax's face, he decided to reveal about the plan since Ajax helped their tribe in many cases and he didn't want Ajax to wait for much time.

'Huh? Really? Say it,'

When he heard the first elder's voice in his head, he was excited and his previous dejected expression was replaced with an excited one which made all the onlooking elders raise their brow and thought there was something amiss.

'Do you need to show your excited expression to others? Quickly change it,'

The first elders didn't explain the plan to Ajax as he had expected; instead, he berated Ajax for becoming excited all of a sudden.


Soon Ajax suppressed his excitement and moved away from the first elder but he didn't move too much distance and stayed within a specific distance to the first elder so that the voice transmission would not have any problem.

Although, all the elders felt something was wrong but they didn't ask Ajax as he was already moved away from them.

'At the beginning of the lightning tribulation, the two barriers that converted the lightning energy into the lightning essence of nature is just a sample,' The first elder's words had contained certain mysterious tone to them as he continued, "Tribe leader Qwerek has already known that we would not be able to convert the main lightning strike to the essence of nature but there is a great thing we could do with it."

The first elder took a deep breath and looked at the ground near the Elder Qwerek and said to Ajax, 'You asked for the reward for our hard work, right?'

'Yes,' Ajax also looked at the recently closed cracked ground and nodded his head.

'It is the grade 1 lightning elemental paradise,' The first elder slowly said to Ajax.

Even though the words were slow, Ajax noticed that the first elder was also quite about the grade 1 elemental paradise.


Ajax shouted out loud all of a sudden when he heard the first elder's words making all the elders focus their attention on him.

'Youuu,' the first elder didn't know what to say to Ajax when he shouted out loud with a surprised expression.

"What are you saying Cerauno, you are about to breakthrough?"

Ajax immediately came out of his surprise and tried to cover his sudden surprised 'What?' expression with another thing.

Since Ajax was still in the combined form with Cerauno, none of the elders found it was weird with Ajax's shock when Cerauno was making a breakthrough as he was the lightning elemental spirit and from the beginning the lightning essence of nature so pure.

'Phew...I think, they believed me,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief as he transmitted his voice to the first elder.

'Not bad, not bad,' The first elder nodded his head at Ajax's quick wits.

'First elder, will this area really be turned into a grade 1 lightning elemental paradise?' Ajax asked the first elder for confirmation.

'Yes, but it will take at least one day for that to happen,' the First elder nodded his head and looked at Qwerek, who was laughing like a small child.

"Ajax, find a place and rest for a while, I will order the tribe members to begin constructing the houses,"

Until now they talked in voice transmission but now, the first elder casually said to Ajax to take rest somewhere.

Since Ajax had done the most in this lightning tribulation, the first elder wanted Ajax to take rest for some time.

"Sure elder,"

Ajax nodded his head at the first elder and thought, 'I can't refine pills in the open anyway, I will take some rest until they construct the tribe leader's house.

In the lightning tribulations, not only the tribe leader's house but all the houses in 500 meters radius around it were also destroyed. So, without a choice, he waved his hands at the elders that were relaxing on the ground and left from that place.

He had another reason to leave that place, that was because he got red kitty's voice transmission through the spirit contract.

Although he was unable to understand red kitty's words, he was able to tell that it was important.

So, he immediately left the Hawk tribe area.

"Hmm.you. Yes, you. Come here and start repairing the tribe leader's house,"

As soon as Ajax left that area, the first elder surveyed the distant Hawk tribe members and found one head hawk tribe member of the constructing unit and ordered him to start working.

"Yes, first elder. I will complete the work as soon as possible," the head tribe member of the constructing unit was excited that the first elder still remembered him and gave his word to complete the work as soon as possible.

After saying his words, he immediately went back to the crowd and picked some strong Hawk tribe members and moved towards the tribe leaders' house to start the repairing.

"Did you notice, the first elder and Ajax talked through the voice transmission for a while," Erek, who was only second to the first elder, Cretual muttered in a low voice that only his fellow elders could hear.

"Yes, I too noticed it but you know I can't talk back to the first elder," Eica, the smallest among the Hawk tribe elders nodded her head and sighed.

"Let's leave it. No one has the courage to force the first elder to say about the plan," Kraiww shook his head and asked others to stop thinking about the result of Qwerek's plan.

"That is also true," Erek agreed with Kraiww.

Even though he was the second elder, he was not as strong as the first elder or not even had the courage to retort him.

"But, Captain Hawk, here might know about the plan since he was with the first elder and the tribe leader before the lightning tribulation starts," Erek squinted at Captain Hawk which made the remaining elders also look at the Captain which made him frown.

"Sorry, I don't know anything about the plan or whatever. They kicked me out after telling me half the plan and what I have to do. That's it. Nothing more or nothing less,"

However, the Hawk Captain replied to them with an expressionless face that made others stop asking about the plan.

As for the first elder, he was moving towards the tribe leader Qwerek with a smiling face and he also heard what the Hawk Captain had said and his smile on his face had increased even more.

"Sigh...first elder, stop making them anxious and let them know the good news," Seeing the smiling expression on Cretaul's face, the tribe leader sighed at the first elder.

Qwerek only wanted to hide the plan until it became successful/ Since the plan was successful now, there was nothing to hide and wanted to know about their hard work to other elders.

However, the first elder's playful nature came out and made all the other elders anxious.


In reply to Qwerek's words, the first elder just replied with a smile before sitting beside Qwerek.

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