New Age Of Summoners Chapter 398

386 Is It Over?

'Boom' 'Boom'

As soon as the spear touched the top portion of the main lightning strike, huge booming sounds were heard by all the onlookers that made their ears shattered.



Even though everyone closed their ears, they still heard the reverberating sound of the collision in their ears.

"These sounds, they are making me go crazy,"

"It's no wonder that the main lightning strike is powerful,"

All the elders along with the remaining hawk tribe members in the distance clutched their ears as they tried to resist the huge sounds.

The impact of the huge sounds was not much on General realm cultivators as they could resist it. But the condition of the low-level cultivators was worse and they barely remained conscious.

However, the sounds didn't last much longer; otherwise, they would have become deaf.

As soon as the sounds calmed down, everyone focused on the main lightning strike and were shocked by what they saw.

The main lightning strike was cut off by at least 20 percent of its top portion and the reason they were shocked was that the top 20 percent of the lightning strike was greedily sucked by the spear making their jaws drop.

'This is it, now I can use it,'

As everyone was shocked by the abnormal skill of Heaven's destroyer spear to absorb the top portion of the lightning strike, Elder Qwerek felt it was the right time for him to use his powerful skill and complete the final step of all his planning.

Qwerek was planning something for his tribe even before he attracted the lightning tribulation clouds.

From the moment the tribulation clouds released the lightning strikes towards him, everything was in his plan and even though many unexpected things had happened to his plan, it finally reached the conclusion he wanted to happen, so the tribe leader Qwerek was excited and used his final step of the plan.

Without wasting any second, he immediately pushed the umbrella in his hand towards the main lightning strike with his full force.

After forcing the umbrella towards it, with his full force he punched the ground below him.

Due to his forceful punch, the ground cracked a little in an unusual way. The cracks on the ground looked like they were carefully designed and placed there.

As soon as the crack appeared, Qwerek clapped his hands with full force for a single time.

In the next second the main lightning strike entered into those cracks as though something was attracting it into the ground.

Within a few seconds, the main lightning strike had entered into the ground and as soon as it entered, the cracked ground closed before becoming the normal ground without a single crack left on the ground.


When the tribe leader Qwerek looked at the closed ground, he heaved a sigh of relief and fell onto the ground and looked at the sky.

In the sky, the tribulation clouds were clearing as though Qwerek had successfully passed the lightning tribulation.

"Is it over? That's it?"

Ajax controlled the heaven's destroyer spear and made it return to him while looking at the moving away tribulation clouds and muttered.

While muttering that he felt a small disappointment as he thought that he would gain something from destroying the 20 percent of the top portion of the lightning strike but he didn't gain anything.

Even though Heaven's destroyer spear had absorbed that 20 percent of the lightning strike, it didn't gain any new effect or anything.

'Anyway, let's be content with the completed mission rewards,' In the end, Ajax consoled himself with the mission that he had just completed.


Congratulations to the host for completing the bonus mission:- Help Elder Qwerek.


Accomplishment rating:- A+, an energy orb that can increase the cultivation realms by 3 minor realms has been sent to the host's spirit consciousness.


A new special guardian is rewarded and directly sent to the host's inner world within a few hours.

"Huh? Hahaha,"

Just as he was consoling himself about the bonus mission, the system sent the notifications about that completion of the bonus mission and its rewards.

Seeing the series of system modifications, Ajax carefully read them and started laughing.

According to him, a guardian was a good reward since it could look after his inner world.

Even though he already had a guardian he was unable to manage everything on his own. What's more, he was still very small according to the age-cycle of the souls.

So, Ajax felt that having a couple of guardians was a good thing in managing his inner world and with the rate he was improving it's only a matter of time before he needed even more guardians to manage his inner world.

'And the system, I think it's changed,' Ajax was shocked for a second when he saw the second system notification that said that the accomplishment rating given by the system was 'A+'and felt that the system had changed and became magnanimous while rating it.

Earlier he thought that if the system gave him an 'A', he would be more than happy; however, the system gave him an even higher rating which he least expected.

'Thinking back to it, the effort I put into solving the mission should be given A+ accomplishment rating,' Ajax shamelessly thought in his head and he even knew how he was able to complete the mission.

'Let's check the information after going back to the room,'

Since the guardian was not given to him yet, he decided to check about him after going to his room and looked at the elders in front of him.

All the elders heaved a sigh of relief and looked at their tribe leader and the first elder to see what they were planning from the beginning.

However, to their surprise, there was nothing that was benefiting their tribe which made them puzzled.

"First elder, what did the tribe leader Qwerek had just done?" Ajax walked towards the first elder and curiously asked about their plan.

Since they went to a large extent for some simple lightning tribulations that Elder Qwerek could easily cross, so he was curious about the rewards for their hard work.

Previously, the lightning essence of nature from the four lightning strikes helped the tribe members and Ajax's so much, so that Ajax felt that the final and main lightning strike might help their tribe even more.

So, he moved towards the first elder who was not tired as much as the tribe leader Qwerek to know about their plan.

Similarly, all the elders also looked at the first elders and waited for the first elder's answer.


However, the first elder didn't answer him directly and looked at the elders who were curiously looking at him and laughed eerily that made all the elders frown a bit.

'I think, this first elder is intentionally making them wait...sigh,' Ajax sighed looking at the actions of the first elder and continued thinking, 'And he will not say about their plan to me now.'

'You don't need to worry. I will let them hang in suspense for a few more hours, but let me explain the tribe leader's plan to you now,' Just as he thought he needed to wait some more time to know about the plan, Ajax heard the first elder's voice in his head.

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