New Age Of Summoners Chapter 397

385 Fully Charged Heavens Destroyer Spear

Ajax's original black hair had turned into light purple colour and his body was surrounded by many small white lightning sparks.

He looked like he had just descended from the thunder realm that made all the surrounding elders and other tribe members marvelled at his presence.

"Will all the summoners become this powerful after merging with their elemental spirits?" Eica had a look of excitement while she muttered those words unconsciously.

"Although every summoner can get some merging skill with their elemental spirits, I don't think everyone would become this powerful," Kraiww also had an excited expression on his face as he said what he had known on Summoners.

The five elemental world was not like Zrochester province, where many people don't know about summoning, summoners and elemental spirits.

The Summoners' group were frequent visitors of the five elemental world and the residents of the five elemental world had gained quite a good knowledge about Summoning and elemental spirits.

So, Kraiww was able to compare Ajax's merging with the knowledge he had in his head and felt the knowledge in his head was not entirely right.

Their reason they were shocked by Ajax's boost in his cultivation realms were way higher than normal standards.

General a Summoner when he was merged with his elemental spirits, they could touch the boundary of one major realm boost in their cultivation; however, Ajax's cultivation crossed the one major realm and even crossed a couple of minor realms in that major realm making all marvel at his merging process.

"Everyone, be ready with your evolved weapons and artifacts. If something unexpected happens, be ready to protect yourselves first," As all the elders were thinking something in their heads, the first elder gave his orders in a serious tone waking everyone from their dreams.

All the elders didn't give a reply to the first elder's words; however, everyone took out their evolved artifacts from their spirit consciousness and poured their essence of nature into them and readied themself for any unexpected events.

"Now, it's time to turn you into Heaven's destroyer form," As all the elders were alert with their own evolved artifacts, Ajax looked at the blood-red spear in his hands and muttered.

After the Special merge, Ajax's original cultivation which was at the level 1 of the elite commander realm had boosted to level 5 of the general realm. The boost this time was even more than the last time he was merged with Cerauno. Because the 'Special merge' this time was increased by a level from Cerauno's new Skill Enhancement.

The Enhancement skill could only increase the levels of all the skills by a single level for five minutes which has the same cooldown as of the 'Special Merge'.

After merging, he felt like he could easily kill the low-level rank 6 spirit beasts with just a punch which was almost equivalent to the two major realms strength.

'This mission, I can complete,' Ajax didn't waste much time and clutched the blood-red spear in his hand and thought in his mind, 'Heaven's destroyer form'

As soon as he activated Heaven's destroyer form, the blood-red spear in his hand had turned into a white shining spear that made everyone's eyes blind.

"What is that spear?"

"All of sudden, it changed its colour from blood-red to shining white,"

"Also, its power has increased and exuded the aura of a legendary grade weapon,"

"I wonder where he got such a powerful weapon?"

All the elders were already shocked at the aura exuded by the blood-red spear and now the aura exuded by the white shining spear had reached the legendary realm and just feeling its aura made them shiver.

"Although the aura it exudes looks like a legendary grade weapon, it's actually still in the Heaven grade. From the looks of it, I think it was another type of boost from Ajax for his weapons,"

Elder Qwerek's lost hope had returned when he saw the Ajax new strength and the power exuded by his spear and said to others who were flabbergasted at the Ajax's new form.


.Detecting the power level of the host crossed the general realm and Heaven's destroyer spear's consciousness has awakened a little (Spear soul).


A new effect is unlocked by the awakened spear soul.


Check the effect in the information of the spear.

'Huh? What is happening?' Within a few seconds after activating Heaven's destroyer form, Ajax's head was continuously filled with some system notifications.

Along with that, his body felt a little bit stronger and the spear in his hands started shining even more.

Without any hesitation, he immediately opened the information on Heaven's destroyer form to check the new effect.


Additional effect:-5 percent increase in the original body strength.

"Huh? Only 5 percent?" Ajax felt it was small but when he felt the new power pouring into him, he felt that it was great.


Ajax took a long breath before looking at the main lightning strike that made the Elder Qwerek almost kneel to the ground and didn't waste any time before rushing at the main lightning strike.

'I can do this...I can do this,' Ajax muttered while running towards the lightning strike and activated his level 2 spear dao which gave another boost of 30 percent in penetration.


When the elders looked at the fully charged Heaven's destroyer spear in Ajax's hand, they gasped and felt that it would definitely destroy the main lightning strike.

After running closer to the main lightning strike, Ajax threw Heaven's destroyer spear in his hand with full momentum.

As soon as the spear left Ajax's hands, it rushed towards the main lightning strike like a snake that was going to swallow the moon.

At the same time, the spear started spinning itself that generated a powerful force at the tip of the spear.

"If the spear touches the main lightning strike, the lightning strike would be destroyed, right?"

Eica asked Erek looking at the shining spear in the mid-air that was rushing towards the main lightning strike.

"Yes, the legendary grade spear will definitely destroy it," Erek and other elders nodded their heads while answering her question.

Although they know that the spear was still in Heaven-grade, they said it was a legendary grade weapon because of the power it gained with Ajax's spear dao.

'I hope that it penetrates through the midsection of the lightning strike and then it would become easy for tribe leader Qwerek to finish his plan,' The first elder thought in his head looking at the shining spear that was just released by Ajax.


However, to everyone's surprise, the spear didn't go straight to the middle section of the main lightning strike; instead, it slightly changed its direction and rushed to the top portion of the lightning strike.

'I don't want anything unexpected to happen at this moment, so it's best to attack the top portion of the main lightning strike,'

While running Ajax thought to attack the middle section of the lightning strike because he thought with the addition of his spear dao, he could definitely destroy it.

However, he felt that he still didn't know much about the lightning strikes and changed the spear's direction to the top portion of the lightning strike.

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