New Age Of Summoners Chapter 396

384 Careful Planning

"Ajax, please don't joke at a time like this. We all know you are stronger but you need to destroy the lightning strike before the tribulation cloud can even notice it,"

When they saw Ajax moving towards them with a confident expression on his face, all the elders felt hope; however, the first elder shook his head at Ajax.

Among all the elders, the first elder knew better than anyone about Qwerek's plan and how difficult it was to achieve. So, he woke up all the elders from their dreams.


When they heard the first elder's words, all the elders sighed since what the first elder had said was right.

It was impossible to destroy a part of the lightning strike before the tribulation clouds could notice it. If the tribulation clouds notice that someone was hindering with the main lightning strike, it would send even more lightning strikes.

"I know it's hard, but I have the confidence to damage the top 20% of the lightning strike in one attack," Ajax looked at the first elder and expressed his views on the lightning strike and continued, "I hope that is enough for tribe leader Qwerek to finish his plan."

From the beginning to the end, Ajax's face was filled with confident expression making others believe in him.

When he saw the confident look on Ajax's face and heard his words, the first elder didn't say anything this time and looked at Qwerek for a confirmation.

Qwerek also believed Ajax's words and nodded his head.

Since his plan was very beneficial to the future of the Hawk tribe, Qwerek was also willing to take a risk.

"Ok Ajax, but you know how risky it is to meddle with other cultivators' main lightning strike, right?" The first elder warned Ajax once again and nodded his head.

"I will definitely complete the mission," Ajax nodded his head as though he was replying that he knew how risky it was and confidently said to all the elders that he would complete the mission.

Ajax was very confident in his mission of destroying the main lightning strike by 20 percent because he had already paid some essence of nature to know about the weakness of the main lightning strike.

Previously the 'Pay to Know' feature was temporarily locked as he already used the 5000 units the essence of nature on it; however, after he entered the forcefully made a breakthrough in his spirit cultivation, the limit to speed on the 'Pay to Know' feature was increased from 5000 units to 8000 units of the essence of nature.

Before walking towards the elders, Ajax used 3000 units of the essence of nature in the 'Pay to Know' feature and learned about the weakness of the main lightning strike.

Before attacking the main lightning strike Ajax once again checked the information he gained from the 'Pay to know' feature.


The main lightning strike is weakest at the top and strongest at the bottom. So, if anyone wants to destroy it, always attack the top of the main lightning strike.

'Attack top, attack top,' Ajax muttered as he looked at the main lightning strike in front of him which looked like a ferocious beast that was pouncing onto the umbrella in Qwerek's hands.

"Cerauno, come out," As he looked at the main lightning strike, he summoned his lightning elemental spirit from his inner world.

'Cerauno, take this and use your Enhancement and advanced enchantment skills,' As soon as the lightning elemental spirit came out, Ajax didn't waste any time in giving his orders to him along with the Heaven destroyer spear in his head.

The Heaven destroyer spear was still in thebloodlust form and Ajax only wanted to activate the heaven destroyer spear form after all his preparations were done.

So that he could utilize the heaven destroyer spear to his best since it could only stay in that form for 5 minutes. After that, it will return to its bloodlust form.

Cerauno nodded his head and used his both skills which Ajax had mentioned as fast as he could and looked at the main lightning strike.

"Cerauno, how confident are you in destroying the top 20 percent of the lightning strike," Ajax asked to get a confirmation from him.

As soon as he used both the skills, the power exuded by the bloodlust form had greatly increased and saying that, the hope in the elder's eyes increased.

The aura it emitted had crossed the Heaven grade and it just needed a little more before it could exude the aura of the legendary grade weapon.

"Summoning master, that...that is.I don't know," Cerauno rubbed the back of his head and embarrassedly replied to Ajax.

"Huh? Ok"

Ajax was puzzled at first that Cerauno was unable to find out about his odds against the main lightning strike but thinking that Cerauno only had the strength of the commander realm he nodded his head.

"Master, he only has a 40 percent chance after the bloodlust spear turned into Heaven's destroyer form" Just as he nodded his head at Cerauno, he heard Snow voice through the spirit contract.

"What? Only 40 percent?" Ajax was shocked to hear that and looked at Snow who was behind him.

Although he was shocked, he didn't doubt Snow's judgement in the percentage of Cerauno's odds against the main lightning strike.

Since she was now a general realm cultivator with the 'Way of Lightning' dao, Ajax was not surprised she could accurately judge the odds of Cerauno against the main lightning strike.

"So, I am still short on some power," Ajax muttered as he looked at the main lightning strike before looking at Cerauno.

'That's right! I still have that attack,' Ajax suddenly thought of something when he looked at his lightning elemental spirit.

"Cerauno, can you use your 'Special merge'?" Ajax asked Cerauno through the spirit contract.

According to him, since Cerauno was completely healed, he felt that 'Special Merge' skill's cooldown must be reset and thought if he could use that skill he felt that his odds against the lightning strike would be doubled.

'Huh? Yes, I think I can use that skill,' Cerauno nodded his head as he replied to Ajax.


Ajax was relieved when he heard those words.

He also had a backup plan if Cerauno's 'Special merge' was still on cooldown. That was to merge with Snow whose skill was already reset and he could use it anytime he wants.

However, he felt that Cerauno's 'Special Merge' was powerful since the skill was enhanced by the new skill 'Enhancement'.

There was also another reason, Ajax didn't want to merge with Snow. The backlash of merging with Snow was higher when compared to merging with Cerauno.

Since Cerauno's skill was original and Snow's skill was a copy, the backlash received by Snow and Ajax was more which he had already felt earlier and did not want to use that once again unless he doesn't have any other chance.

"Cerauno, special merge," After thinking about his plan, he ordered Cerauno to merge with him.

Soon, the lightning elemental spirit entered Ajax and changes started to appear in his appearance that made him look like a 'Son of lightning'.

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