New Age Of Summoners Chapter 395

383 Princess Daphnes Feelings

In theinheritance ground when Princess Daphne received the inheritance from the Summoner King's consciousness, she said a few words.

He said that according to the rules of the inheritance ground, Ajax should be the one to go get the inheritance; however, the summoner king felt that Ajax won't be having much use with the inheritance and as for why he felt that way, she didn't understand it and summoner king also didn't explain.

But one thing was sure, that Ajax rejected the inheritance and he didn't even ask thesummoner king to give it to Paulin, who was closer to Ajax.

Although she didn't want to think much about Ajax, she could not help but always thought about him and why he agreed to pass the inheritance to her.

When they came out of the inheritance ground, she wanted to thank him; however, she didn't know how to approach him as she didn't have much experience in talking with strangers.

However, after seeing the benefits like a temporary boost in cultivation speed and the helping in finding the elemental spirits and forming a contract with them, she felt that she would at least say thanks to him before leaving the Zrochester province to change her fate.

"Huh? Why did he reject such a beautiful inheritance? He is such a fool,"

Although he scolded Ajax, he felt happy that he rejected it such that her granddaughter was able to get such a good inheritance.

"Please don't call him that grandpa. Because of that, I got this inheritance and also, he must have a good reason to reject it that even summoner king said that he felt Ajax has no use for his inheritance," Princess Daphne retorted to Old Lin's words and explained what the Summoner King had said to her while imparting her his inheritance.

"Now I think about it, there is something weird about it. No wonder, he became popular in a short time after coming out of the inheritance ground," Old Lin nodded his head when he heard Princess Daphne's words and thought back to the time when the royal palace had sent invitations to participants of the Champions' contest.

"Looks like he will come here in a few weeks to participate in the Champions contest. Then you can say your thanking and even gift some valuable things to him,"

Even though Ajax might be a popular genius cultivator to the outside world, from the perspective of Old Lin and the royal palace, he was just another poor mercenary, who risks his life for some cultivation resources.

So, he suggested Princess Daphne give him some cultivation resources or artifacts to Ajax when he comes to the royal palace.

"Hmm...is it fine to give him these cultivation resources in return for what he gave me?" Princess Daphne didn't feel good to give the cultivation resources which were not even 1 percent from what the inheritance had provided her.

"No need to worry. He is just a mercenary, so he will be satisfied even if we reward him withlow-level heaven grade items," Old Lin didn't think much about Ajax as he replied to Princess Daphne.

"But but..,"

"Fine fine, I have this mid-level heaven grade sword, give it to him when you meet along with some cultivation resources," Before Princess Daphne could finish her sentence, Old Lin interrupted her and took out a majestic golden coloured sword and passed it to her.

"But this is your favourite sword. I can't take it, Grandpa Lin," Princess Daphne shook her head and didn't accept the golden sword.

"Sigh..take it kid and give it to him," Old Lin didn't give her any time to reject the sword this time and immediately left the room after placing the golden sword in her hands.

'That kid is lucky. With this sword, he can fight the cultivators with 2 or 3 more minor realms higher than him...hehe,' After leaving the Princess Daphne's chamber, Old Lin thought in his head and smiled as though he was helping Ajax greatly.

But what he didn't know about Ajax was that Ajax could already fight the normal cultivators of one major realm higher than him with his raw cultivation strength and with his bloodline and other trump cards, he could fight even higher realm cultivators.

If this matter was known to Old Lin, he would definitely go back and take his golden sword and ask Princess Daphne to don't thank him with simple cultivation resources which would surely embarrass her.

Along with Old Lin, the two royal guards also left the chamber leaving Princess Daphne alone in her room.

"Why am I unable to stop thinking about him?"

After everyone left her chamber, Princess Daphne muttered with a blushed face.

From her childhood, other than Grandpa Lin, no one cared for her or gifted her something.

Although Ajax rejected the inheritance of the Summoner King, because of him, she got the inheritance.

So, whenever she remembered about Ajax, she felt something in her heart but since she was new to this feeling she didn't understand what was going on in her heart.

"I need to break through to the elite commander realm before the contest starts and should show everyone what I am capable of," All of sudden, she woke up from her thoughts and focused on her cultivation.


In the five elemental world,

'Huh? Elder Qwerek is not confident in dealing with the main lightning strike?'

Ajax who woke up long ago from his meditation and heard the conversation between Elders and Qwerek as he thought in his head before opening his eyes.

As soon as he came out of his inner world, he didn't open his eyes, instead, he watched their conversions.

When he first heard the conversation between the five hawk tribe elders, he was anxious as he didn't have a reason to explain to them about his stagnant cultivation even after absorbing the mild essence of nature from the destroyed sixth lightning strike.

So, he didn't dare to open his eyes and continued to listen to their conversations.

Also, he immediately stopped summoning Cerauno out of his inner world because if he summoned him, they would know that he had awakened from the meditation.

As he continued to listen, he finally got a rough idea that tribe leader Qwerek needed small support and his plan would work and if not it would fail.

"Is there really no way we could help you, tribe leader Qwerek?"

"Tribe leader, what are you planning to do?"

"Tribe leader, just say what we need to do and we will help you,"

All the elders, except for the first elder, begged Qwerek to stop what he was doing and asked him to explain his plan so that they could help him.

"Stop annoying me. Ok, I will say now. Destroy this lightning strike a little bit to decrease its power. Can you do it?" Elder Qwerek was annoyed by their words and shouted at them while gritting his teeth.

"I think I can help with that small help. What do I need to do Elder Qwerek?" As everyone was in a confusion, Ajax stood up from the ground and walked towards the Elders and confidently asked them.

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