New Age Of Summoners Chapter 393

381 Princess Daphnes Second Awakening

"Yes. Also, why are you looking for my master?" Darbaudr asked with an expressionless face that made Udo uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, he answered to the Barbarian, "Just I want to ask a few questions to him."

"I know what you wanted to ask my master about. But let me tell you he is not what you think. His cultivation has nothing to do with demonic techniques," Darbaudr didn't wait for Udo's reply and continued, "By the way, since you are here, help me guard for a while."

After finishing his words, the Barbarian immediately found a small place to take a small nap.

Although he was not tired. He wanted Udo to guard them for always suspecting his master as a demonic cultivator.

'What the heck?' Udo cursed inside his heart looking at Darbaudr's attitude but he controlled as he really needed someone like him now on the team, so he suppressed his dissatisfaction and kept an eye on his surroundings.

His main duty was to stop any spirit beasts that came towards him and kill the high-level spirit beasts that attack them.

'Master, where are you now?' As he rested, Darbaudr tried to contact Ajax through the secret technique; however, there was no response from the other end making the Barabrain worried.

Still, he had the confidence that Ajax had enough capabilities and trump cards to escape any dangerous situations.


In one of the rooms of the royal palace,

"Hahaha...finally I was able to form a contract with my second official Elemental spirit," A beautiful young girl around 16 years old exclaimed loudly making those who were anxiously waiting for her also excited.

The beautiful young girl with the majestic blue robe that was covering her entire body was none other than the sole princess of the Draton Kingdom, Princess Daphne.

She was the one who gained the inheritance from the Summoner King's inheritance ground. After gaining that inheritance ground her cultivation improved drastically and within a short time, she managed to break through to the spirit commander realm.

That's not all. When she made a breakthrough to the spirit commander realm her cultivation received another boost and her cultivation reached level 5 of the spirit commander realm in only a few days.

When the people around her noticed that cultivation speed everyone was excited and her father Stephen Draton was the only one who became anxious.

Just a few days earlier before princess Daphne even made a breakthrough to the Spirit commander realm, he announced that he would marry her off to the winner of the 'Champions contest'.

After seeing her cultivation speed, Stephen felt that he was wasting her talent by marrying her off to one of the cultivators of the Zrochester province which he felt was not a good idea.

He thought that with her cultivation speed, she could definitely enter another province and could become a student of any of the top organisations or academies without any difficulty.

As he was thinking about cancelling the marriage proposal thing, Princess Daphne's cultivation speed was decreased at level 5 of the spirit cultivation and didn't receive any improvement even after using many treasures making all those who were excited become disappointed in her.

In the end, other than old Lin and two other guards that were taking care of princess Daphne from her childhood, the only ones cared about her and prayed for her to get her cultivation speed back.

Yesterday night, before she was going to sleep, Princess Daphne had said to Old Lin and two other bodyguards that she might enter the elemental spirit world in her sleep that night and asked them to guard her room properly.

Even though she only said to guard for the two guards, old Lin also guarded along with them to stop any unexpected things from happening.

"Looks like everything went well...Phew" the old Lin was the first one to heave a sigh of relief hearing her voice.

"Princess Daphne, can we come inside?"

They had been waiting for her to wake up for a few hours now and when he heard the loud exclamation from inside, they looked at each other's faces and asked for princess Daphne's permission to enter the room.

"Yes, Grandpa Lin,"

When she heard her grandpa's voice from outside, she calmed herself and asked them to come inside.

"How are you feeling, Princess Daphne?"

As soon as they entered her room, all the three members asked her excitedly.

"Everything went well and I formed a contract with my second official elemental," Thinking back to her experience in the elemental spirit world this time, she smiled from ear to ear.

And before they could ask any more questions, she continued, "Not only that but I have also formed contracts with two unofficial elemental spirits."

As she said, she looked at old Lin's face as though she was waiting for a shocked expression to emerge on it soon.

As expected. Within a few seconds after she said about two unofficial elemental spirits, not only Old Lin's face but the other two royal guards' faces were completely covered by the shocked expressions.

All the two royal guards don't know much about those official and unofficial elemental spirits, they only know that the more elemental spirits one had, the more powerful they would be.

On the other hand, Old Lin was shocked because he knew how difficult it was to find an elemental spirit in the elemental spirit world.

However, Princess Daphne not only found three elemental spirits but she also convinced them to forming a contract with her which was the very hardest thing to do.

"Your luck is very good, Princess Daphne," While the two royal guards were still unable to find words, Old Lin slowly said her luck was good.

"Yes, but there is also another thing that you people don't know about," Princess Daphne acted mysteriously while looking at the Old Lin.

"You brat. Stop playing with this old heart and quickly say what is it that helped you to form the contract with three elemental spirits in only a few hours," Grandpa Lin's face became serious as he lightly hit Princess Daphne's head.

"Ouch...grandpa Lin, didn't you promise me that you won't hit me after my 15th birthday?" Placing her hand on her head she pitifully questioned the Old Lin.

"Did I? My memory is getting worse day by day," Old Lin stroked his long white beard as he replied to Princess Daphne with a question mark on his face.

"Stop acting with that look. I have been seeing that look on your face from my childhood...Hmph," Princess Daphne glared at him and turned her face in another direction.

"Okay...if you don't want to say it, then fine. I am leaving now," When he saw she act like that, Old Lin immediately used his deadly weapon against her and acted as though walking out of her room.

'Huh? Is he really going without asking the reason?' Princess Daphne slowly looked at the leaving Old Lin with the corner of her eyes and became anxious.

"Okay stop. I will say," She waited until Old Lin reached her room's door before stopping him and said she would say the reason behind her multiple contracts in the shortest time.

'Hehe' Old Lin laughed cunningly before replacing that smile with an amicable one and turned towards Princess Daphne.

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