New Age Of Summoners Chapter 392

380 Types Of Paper Cranes

Although Udo had seen Edmond using the paper crane a few times in the past, he only saw white coloured paper cranes. And he had never seen red-coloured paper cranes.

So, he asked hoping that Edmond would not skip his question and answer him directly.

"You have seen me using white-coloured paper cranes, right?" Edmond looked at Udo for a second and started talking about the paper cranes.

Even though he tone seemed to be like asking, he didn't wait for Udo's reply and continued, " Those white coloured paper cranes are given to me by the mercenary guild's guild master."

Saying until here, Edmond placed his hand on the left elbow which was previously injured in the fight with the huge chimera-like monster.

"Looks like the wounds are acting up. You better sleep now and take some rest. You can explain about it later," When Udo saw the pained expression on Edmond's faces, he shook his head and decided to stop bothering Edmond with his questions.

While saying that he slowly supported Edmond in a resting position before moving away from Edmond.

"You rest here, I will go and talk with Ajax for a while," After that, Udo lightly said to Edmond from the distance.

Last time, when Udo met Ajax in this place, he wanted to ask many questions but he was not able to ask them as they were demon servants and next Ajax entered into the Dimensional crevice.

So, he never got a chance to ask his doubt about Ajax's survival in the cursed wilderness even when Paulin was injured to an extent where he barely had any life left in him.

"Wait...let me talk about it," Just as Udo decided to look for Ajax, he heard Edmond's voice who told him he would explain about red-coloured paper cranes.

'You never changed old friend,' When he heard Edmond's words, Udo shook his head and returned back to Edmond and sat beside him to hear about the Red-coloured paper crane.

From the time he got to know about Edmond, Udo knew that when Edmond decides to do something, he would not listen to anybody.

So, without any retaliation, Udo sat beside him to listen about Red-coloured paper cranes.

"There are three types of paper cranes that are given to the top three mercenary squad's captains namely White, Blue and Red coloured paper cranes," Edmond thought back to the time, he stood equally with the other two squad captains and received ranking badges and other rewards from the guild master and continued explaining about everything that had happened on that day.

On that day, Edmond and the other two top captains received three types of coloured paper cranes in a box.

That box consisted, 5 sets of white coloured paper cranes, 3 types of blue ones and only a single red-coloured paper crane.

While giving that box, the guild master explained, "You can use the white and blue coloured cranes as you wish; however, you have to use that red-coloured paper crane only when the humankind is in danger or you are in a life-death condition."

After hearing about the usage of paper cranes, all the captains had nodded their head and silently kept the boxes in their space ring.

"This is what had happened on that day...sigh," Edmond heaved a sigh after explaining about what the guild master had said on the day where mercenary squads were ranked.

"Then that means someone from the other two top captains had already informed him about the demons' attacks on Zrochester province to him,'' Udo didn't feel any surprise as he had already guessed that the usage of the red-coloured crane must be very important.

The reason the guild master had only given those red coloured paper cranes to the top three captains were that they were the only mercenaries who were capable of venturing deeper into the Cursed wilderness or Cursed Abyss.

As for the other low-level mercenary squad captains, only white and blue coloured paper cranes were given.

Although these paper cranes were made up of some kind weird paper it was actually quite durable and there were some runes on those paper cranes that would allow them to pass any barriers.

Some might think what was the actual difference between the white and blue and red coloured paper cranes since they all looked the same.

In fact, there was one difference between them and that was speed.

Among all the three types of paper cranes, white coloured one was the slowest one and the red coloured one was the fastest one whereas the blue coloured one was neither too fast like the red-coloured paper crane nor too slow like the white coloured paper crane.

"I think, it's most likely that one of those two captains are in danger and must be fighting for their life," To Udo's words, Edmond said something different that made Udo confuse but he didn't ask Edmond about it and waited for Edmond to continue his next words.

"The two captains will never use the red-coloured paper crane for the sake of humankind as it was very valuable to use. So, I am guessing that they might be in a life and death situation right now," Captain Edmond scoffed at the two captains but there was no hate or anger in his words.

According to him, the red-coloured paper crane could save their life once from any danger with the help of the guild master, so they were not that kind-hearted to waste such a treasure on just informing about human kind's danger.

There was also another reason, Captain Edmond strongly believed that since the two captains were thrown out or willingly came out of their family by cutting their ties with them, they never cared about the human race. All they cared about was gaining strength and surviving in this dog-eat-dog world.

"Okay, you need to rest a bit, I will guard with Darbaudr," Udo stood up and allowed Edmond to rest for a bit before he started searching for Ajax.

'Huh? Where is he?'

Udo raised his brows when he saw that he didn't find Ajax among the ones that were sleeping peacefully.

'I think, I need to ask him,' Even after searching for Ajax for some time, Udo didn't find him and decided to ask the distant barbarian who was standing guard.

"Hello...Darbaudr, where is your master?"

Even though he didn't have much impression on Barbarians, Udo showed respect towards Darbaudr for two reasons.

One, since Ajax was his master, then he could be considered to be a member of their mercenary squad.

Second, the last time he had seen Darbaudr, his cultivation was less than his own; however, now his strength was equal to his friend Edmond.

"My master went for a little walk just a few minutes ago and he will come back in an hour or so,"

Even though Ajax was gone for more than 3 hours already, the Barbarian said that Ajax left the group just now making Udo raise his brow once again.

Just like Udo, Darbaudr also didn't have a good impression on Udo as he was always observing his master secretly which he didn't like but Ajax ordered him not to fight with Udo. So he controlled his dissatisfaction.

"Really?" Udo smiled while he asked Darbaudr with raised brows.

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