New Age Of Summoners Chapter 391

379 Red Coloured Paper Crane

In Cursed Wilderness,

An old man and a man in his late twenties rushed towards in a specific direction.

In front of them, there was a paper crane that was leading them to a specific direction.

The paper crane looked similar to the one that Captain Edmond had released when he came out of his residence.

However, there was a small difference between the two paper cranes.

The one that Captain Edmond released was in pure white colour.

As for the crane, they were following now was in a red-coloured.

"Guild master, why are we following this paper crane?" As the two people were running, the man in the late-twenties asked with a serious expression on his face.

"Just stop asking me these questions and follow me. If you don't want, then you can return back to the mercenary guild and complete other things,"

The old man scolded the man in his late-twenties which made that middle-aged man seal his mouth all a sudden.

These two were none other than the Guild master of the Mercenary guild and his follower Rulf.

When they were in the middle of some meeting, suddenly a paper crane had appeared from the window of the Guild master room making the Guild master stand up from his chair in a tense expression.

The red-coloured paper crane only stopped for a second in front of the Guild master before starting flying away.

As soon as it started flying away, the old guild master didn't even wear his usual armour before rushing after it.

Seeing that his master was running after the red-coloured paper crane, Rulf didn't have any chance as he started following his master.

Along the way, he had asked some many questions and continued to repeat those questions which irritated the old guild master and finally scolded him.

'I have never seen the guild master this tense before. What does that red-coloured paper crane mean?' After sealing his mouth, Rulf started asking questions in his own mind while trying to find answers for them.

However, he didn't find any suitable answers even after thinking for a while and stopped hurting his mind with all the thinking and continued to follow his master.

'Whose red-crane is this? What kind of trouble did they land this time,' As Rulf stopped thinking, the old guild master started thinking about the owner of the red-coloured paper crane.


In the border of the middle section of the Cursed wilderness,

"Where are we?" Captain Edmond woke up from his sleep all of sudden and immediately looked at his surroundings.

'Phew...another dream,' He shook his head as he remembered everything happened before he slept with his injuries.

Since he was injured very baldly, Captain Edmond fell into nearly 3-4 hours sleep and still felt sleepy as his injuries were still not healed completely.

'I think, I should go back to rest,' Looking at all his godsons and goddaughters, who were sleeping peacefully as though they had come to a picnic in the Cursed Wilderness, he thought to go back to his sleep and heal his injuries.

Even though they were in the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness, all of them were sleeping peacefully and even Captain Edmond also wanted to do the same.

As for the reason it was because they were guarded by the Barbarian hunter Darbaudr.

All of them were very confident in his strength and even Captain Edmond thought that he could not win against him without using all his trump cards or without harming himself.

So, he decided to take some rest.

'Another bad dream?' As he was about to sleep to heal his injuries, Captain Edmond heard a familiar voice from the distance.

Turning his head, what he saw was none other than his friend's face.

"You old Udo, stop sneaking on me. I was scared shitless just now," Captain Edmond glared at Udo and replied to him.

Although the voice was familiar, Captain Edmond didn't expect Udo to appear behind him all of sudden. Also, he had already sent Udo on a small task of informing about spirit beast horde and demon siege on the Zrochester province.

So, Captain Edmond, least expected Udo to surprise him.


To Edmond's words, Udo embarrassedly laughed while stroking his small white beard.

"What happened to the task I assigned to you? Did you complete it?" Edmond shook his head and asked about the mission details.

"Guild master was not in the mercenary guild. So, I was not able to inform him about the demon's siege or spirit beast horde," Udo shook his head but still, he continued, "However, I informed to Sarah about it and asked her to relay that information to the Guild master as soon as he returns back to the mercenary guild."

"What? He is not in the guild? There is no way he would have other things other than lazing in this room thinking about some past events," Edmond was shocked to hear that the guild master was not present in the mercenary guild.

According to his understanding of the guild master, Edmond knew that this guild master doesn't like to leave his room unless it was very important.

'What that important thing might be?' Immediately, Edmond's previous sleepiness vanished into thin air thinking about the reason why the Guild master had left the mercenary guild at a time like this.

"According to Sarah, both the guild master and his follower are seen following a paper crane and rushed towards the Cursed wilderness. So, while coming back I took the same entrance they took to enter the Cursed Wilderness but I didn't encounter them," While Edmond was thinking about the reason, Udo explained something more he got to know from the beautiful assistant from the mercenary guild.

"What? A paper crane? Which colour is it?" As soon as he heard Udo's words,Edmond immediately stood up and weakly staggered towards Udo and asked with a serious expression on his face.

"Huh? Wait wait wait," Seeing the weakly walking Edmond, Udo came forward to support him and said, "I think, it's pink or red. Sarah was also not clear about the colour of the paper crane"

"What? A red-coloured paper crane?" Edmond's already pale face became even more pale when he heard Udo's words.

"She was not that clear about the colour. She only mentioned that it might be a pink or red coloured paper crane,"

When he saw the pale expression on Edmond's face grew, he once again tried to explain about that colour.

"There are no pink paper cranes, only red paper cranes," Edmond shook his head and looked at all the peacefully sleeping Godsons and Goddaughters.

'I think, Guild master and his follower will help a member who has used that red-coloured paper crane in right...sigh,' Captain Edmond sighed while looking at the distant Barbarian who was guarding them and sighed.

He knew that he was in no condition to help the one who used that red-coloured crane and he didn't even know who was the one using it and where he was at the moment.

Thinking all about it, Edmond felt helpless and hoped that the guild master would help them at the right time.

"Edmond, what does that red-coloured paper crane actually mean?" Udo asked after Edmond while moving him back to his resting place.

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