New Age Of Summoners Chapter 389

377 Enhancemen

Although there was an elemental relation between those two, Ajax felt thaat there might be more to this matter. So, instead of wasting time on this matter, he decided to ask Qwerek who was still in the stalemate with the main lightning strike.

On his face, there was a serious expression that made Ajax worry because he felt that Qwerek might not win in the fight against the lightning time.

'Cerauno, please wake up quickly,' Ajax hoped that Cerauno would wake up soon with a new skill so that he could begin his plan.

From the moment the system had released the mission to help Qwerek, Ajax felt that he needed to help him; otherwise, he might not win against it.

He tried to talk to the other elder just a while ago when he walked towards them. However, he only received the same response from everyone.

"Tribe leader has the strict orders that no one to interfere with him while he fights against the fifth lightning strike and even if we tried to help him it would only make complicated for him,"

Ajax didn't try to persuade them any further as what they said had logic to it and he even doesn't have a foolproof plan to help Qwerek. So he waited for Cerauno to awaken a good skill that could be of some use in this situation.


Congratulations to the Host. His elemental spirit has awakened a new skill after absorbing the random skill crystal.

'What? Isn't this too fast?' Ajax was surprised and thought it was sooner than what he had expected.

Even though he reached the elders no one was free to talk with each other as they were busy consolidating their cultivations.

So he also acted as he was consolidating his recently gained cultivation and entered into his inner world in his spirit consciousness form to check the new skill of Cerauno.

As soon as he entered into the inner world, Cerauno came out of the mini-thunder pool with an exciting look as though he was very eager to show off his new skill in front of his summoning master.

'Thank you for giving such a valuable item, summoning master,' When Cerauno saw Ajax in the inner world, he immediately rushed towards Ajax and bowed while thanking him for the Random skill crystal.

Cerauno also knew that he was not the strongest elemental spirit in Ajax's contracted elemental spirits and he was also not an official elemental spirit. So when Ajax gave him the Skill crystal, he felt that his summoning master was not a partial one that separates the official elemental spirits from unofficial elemental spirits.

In the elemental spirit world, there were some elemental spirits that broke their spirit contract with their summoning masters and returned to the elemental spirits.

The spirit contract could only be broken by official elemental spirits with some kind of backlash.

After returning to the elemental spirit they would share all their experiences and travels with other elemental spirits.

Due to this, most of the elemental spirits know about most of the things about human worlds and human nature.

According to those talks, Cerauno learned that a summoner would favour his official elemental spirits over unofficial elemental spirits; however, after seeing that Ajax even gave him a valuable skill crystal, he felt that all the summoners were not like what he had heard.

Even if he was not given that skill crystal to him, Cerauno would not feel anything as he was already content with his life. In his view, instead of staying in the elemental spirit world and waiting for a summoner to form an official spirit contract, it was better to venture to the outside world.

Not all elemental spirits were like that.

Let's take Prophis for an example. He was the space elemental spirit that decided to wait for Ajax until he visits the elemental spirit world when he breakthroughs to the general realm just for an official contract.

His reason for wanting an official contract with Ajax was to break the spirit contract if he was ever dissatisfied with Ajax in the future. According to him, taking a backlash would be a good thing; instead of serving wastrel summoner.

"No need. I gave you the skill crystal because the situation demands it," Ajax stopped Cerauno from bowing and said his words and continued, "Let me check your new skill."

"Sure, summoning master," Cerauno knew that his summoning master could check the skill of his elemental spirit without them saying anything about their skills.


Elemental spirit name:- Cerauno

Element type:- Lightning

Cultivation:- Level 4 elemental spirit commander realm

Skills:- Weapon-making (level 3), Advanced Enchantment(Level 2), Special merge (Level 1)

Special skill:- Enhancement

Note:- Skill crystal can only be used once before any elemental spirit reaches the Elemental Spirit King realm.

"Huh?" Ajax didn't get an idea from the names of new skills and without wasting any time he focused on the special skill.


Skill name:- Enhancement

Skill description:- A common skill of many elemental spirits that could increase all the levels of their own skill by one for five minutes.

Cooldown:- 30 minutes

"This skill is good," Ajax was not very much satisfied with that skill but it was very useful for Cerauno in the long run.

However, this had no use for his current situation. Nevertheless, Ajax nodded his head while saying it was a good skill in order to not hurt Cerauno's excitement.

"Summoning master, I know what you are thinking. But let me say something about this common type 'Enhancement' skill,'" All of a sudden, Cerauno's words surprised Ajax.

Although Ajax had a smile on his face, Cerauno could guess that he was not satisfied because the reason he used the Skill crystal on him was for him to awaken a good skill that might be useful in this present situation.

However, what he had awakened now was the most common skill that almost every elemental spirit would get that skill in the later realms.

So, he could say that Ajax was dejected with the new skill.

"Oh...sorry, Cerauno. I didn't expect you to awaken the most common skill. What is it that do you want to say? '' Ajax apologized and asked about what he wanted to say about that skill.

"Although it was a common type of skill, it is an uncommon skill for auxiliary elemental spirits," Cerauno shook his head and continued saying with a smile on his face, "It was very rare for an auxiliary elemental spirit to awaken this skill."

"What?" Ajax felt shocked and his interest piqued in this subject and waited for Cerauno to complete his explanation about it.

"Since auxiliary elemental spirits are said to be stronger than regular elemental spirits, the enhancement skill is not awakened in them. So, this skill is a very good skill that I can have. That's the reason I was excited," Cerauno looked at Ajax after completing his explanation.

"Oh? Really? Then it's a good thing that skill crystal is put to good use...Haha," After hearing that, Ajax's previous dejection went away and a real smile covered his face.

'Also, with the help of this skill, my second skill is very helpful in this situation,' Cerauno slowly said to Ajax about his second skill.

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