New Age Of Summoners Chapter 388

376 Grade 3 Elemental Paradise


Congratulations to the host, the mini-thunder pool has reached the grade 3 elemental paradise. Check the inner world to know more about the elemental paradise.

Seeing the expected system notification, Ajax just smiled because he already knew that his lightning elemental paradise was on the verge of reaching grade 3. So, when the system absorbed the mild essence of nature into the inner world and added it to the lightning paradise, it had automatically reached the grade 3 elemental paradise.

Without wasting any time, he quickly opened his user interface and clicked on the inner world feature.


System feature:- Inner world

Guardian:- Red

Elemental paradises:- Lightning paradise, Fire and Water dual elemental paradise, Dark elemental paradise and Poison paradise.



Many other data which Ajax had already known was displayed on the holographic screen.

However, Ajax didn't bother about other things and only concentrated on the Lightning Elemental paradise.


Item Name:- Mini thunder pool

Elemental paradise:- Lightning and Thunder (Grade 3)

Effects:- 1) Heals all the wounds of the all element spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

2) Increases the cultivation speed by thrice and a 1 percent chance to awaken a lightning elemental skill for those who cultivated in the pool for longer times.

3) Continuous staying in the pool and drinking the mini thunder pool's water can increase the bloodline and strength.

Special effect:- 1) The water in the mini-thunder pool helps the growth of plants and trees.

2) 10 percent chance in the mutation of lightning elemental spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

Note:- Limited to the beings less than commander realm or rank 3 strength.


Ajax briefly glanced at the holographic screen and quickly found out the changes that had occurred to the grade 2 lightning elemental paradise after reaching grade 3.

There were not many changes in the grade 3 elemental paradise when compared to the grade 2 elemental paradise.

To be exact only 2 changes but that were not much useful.

Nevertheless, if his luck was good then they were his biggest resources.

Those 2 changes were a one percent chance in awakening the lightning elemental skills and another one was a 10 percent chance in the mutation of the lightning elemental beings.

Although the second change might look good it came with a note which stated that only elemental spirits below spirit commander realm or spirit beasts below rank 3 could have any chance in the mutation.

So overall Ajax felt that his high expectations of the grade 3 elemental paradise were given him quite a huge disappointment.

'Whatever, the essence of nature in the pool is very rich and I am satisfied with it,' Ajax didn't bother much about the grade 3 lightning elemental paradise and consoled himself with the rich essence of nature in the pool.

'With this Cerauno can catch up to other elemental spirits,' He felt better after thinking about this.

At the moment, he had two contracted auxiliary elemental spirits in his inner world. They were Poison elemental spirit, Bane and Lightning elemental spirit, Cerauno.

Bane had already reached the elemental elite spirit commander realm and whereas Cerauno had only reached the commander realm recently.

So, with this grade 3 lightning elemental paradise, Cerauno would catch up to Bane in no time.

As Ajax was multitasking, the mild lightning essence of nature disappeared within a few minutes making him and other elders wake up from their cultivation.

'Just some more essence of nature and my spirit consciousness would have already filled,' While opening his eyes, Ajax muttered as he looked at the other elders of the Hawk tribe who were heaving sighs of relief.

Also, everyone's faces were filled with a satisfied expression like they had achieved something great.

Looking at them, Ajax thought, 'For a tribe or an organisation, the upper echelon should be like this,then that tribe or organisation would definitely prosper for centuries.'

After thinking for a moment, he stood up from his place and walked towards the elder whose cultivation levels returned to normal; however, their cultivation levels were still greater than their previous original cultivation.

That's right. The effects of the pills they had consumed disappeared as soon as they destroyed the lightning strike. With that, they were weakened to a great extent.

But, since the destroyed lightning strike had released a pure and mild lightning essence of nature, all the side effects of the pill had been compensated and made them normal.

After absorbing the pure lightning essence, all their cultivations which were previously overshadowed by the pill's boosted cultivation were once again visible to all.

While he was walking, Ajax started observing the cultivation realms with the help of the system.

The first elder, Cretaul, who was injured earlier also recovered with the help of the mild lightning essence of nature and increased his cultivation from level 1 elite general realm to level 3 of that same major realm.

The second elder, Erek who was closest to the lightning strike benefited a lot compared to other elders and reached level 2 of the elite general realm from the peak level 10 of the general realm.

Although it looked only an increment of two minor realms, he crossed the major realm border in them. So it could be considered a great benefit for him.

As for the remaining three elders, Kraiww, Krail and Eica whose cultivation strength before the lightning tribulation had started were level 5 of the general commander realm and now it had finally reached peak level 10 of the general realm.

And not to forget the Hawk captain, whose initial strength was around at the same level of the second elder had finally crossed his bottleneck and reached level 1 of the elite general realm.

'Huh? I think, my thunder pool's water improved their cultivation by a huge margin when compared to the mild lightning essence of nature,' After observing the individual cultivations of each and every elder, Ajax felt that his thunder pool's water had a huge effect on the Hawk tribe members.

There was nothing wrong in Ajax's thoughts, as the cultivations of all the elders didn't increase much according to Ajax's previous assumptions.

According to their previous assumptions after absorbing the lightning essence of nature from the moment the lightning tribulation had started, it should have been increased by at least one complete major realm. However, that didn't happen; instead the maximum they had only five minor realms which were equivalent to half a major realm.


As the system said earlier, the thunder pool's water has a strong connection with the thunder pool's water.


Also, it was the first time that Hawk tribe members had used the thunder pool's water, so the effects of it are very great. With time, the effects of the thunder pool's water will be decreased.

"Huh? What might that relation be?"

Ajax was surprised that his cunning system sent a notification about the reason and thought about the relation between the Lightning Hawk tribe and the thunder pool's water.

Nevertheless, he stopped thinking about it and decided to ask Elder Qwerek after this lightning tribulation was over.

Thinking about asking Elder Qwerek, he turned his head to look at Qwerek, who was still in the stalemate with the main lightning strike.

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