New Age Of Summoners Chapter 387

375 Full Lightning Recovery


Congratulations to the host's evolved spirit beast for gaining entry into the 'Way of Lightning'


To know more, check the information on your contracted spirit beast.

When he saw the system notifications, Ajax was elated and didn't waste any time in checking about the 'Way of Lightning'

Anyone in his position would be elated just like the way Ajax did since he already knew how powerful these elemental daos.

This was not his first time with these kinds of daos.

Previously Bane was enlightened in the 'Way of Poison' and which helped his attacks become more powerful than before he was enlightened.

Unlike last time, this time the lightning dao was learned by the spirit beast. So Ajax was excited to see the effects of the 'Way of Lightning''

So, Ajax didn't want to waste any time and opened the information on Snow before focusing on the 'Way of Lightning' term on the holographic screen.


Type of Dao:- Way of Lightning (Level 1)

Effect:- 1) The attacking power of lightning attacks used by the spirit beast is increased by 15 percent.

Note:- More effects will be unlocked when the level of the dao is increased.

Addition skill:- Full lightning recovery

Skill description:- A lightning recovery skill that can be used by the spirit beast when it is surrounded by the rich lightning essence of nature to completely heal itself. Higher the purity of the lightning essence of nature, quicker the healing is done.

Note:- The skill can be used only one per month.

"Huh? 15% increment in lightning attacks is not bad," Ajax slowly looked at the information regarding the 'Way of Lightning' and felt that it was neither too bad nor too good.

'An additional skill?'

However, there was a surprised look on his face when he saw the additional skill.

Generally, it was not possible to get an additional skill with an elemental dao. Since Snow had got one additional skill, Ajax felt that Snow was really very special in his spirit beast.

Ajax didn't conclude Snow was a special one based on this one but previously when he had used the primitive stone on Snow for the first time, it had gained and additional skill 'Thunderstorm' which had helped him a lot in his journey until now.

Just based on these two events of getting additional skills made Snow, a special type of spirit beast.

'I think, she might be my lucky charm,' While thinking about the past events, Ajax felt that Snow was the lucky charm that would help him a lot in his future adventures.

Because of Snow, he was not regarded as an enemy of the Lightning Hawk tribe; instead, he was invited into the tribe and they even gave him a temporary heaven grade artifact which helped him escape from the older birdman.

Even though he thought Snow was his lucky charm, he didn't show favouritism towards her.

Since all the spirit beasts had been contracted to him, they were all equal in his eyes. However, earlier he said that Snow being the lucky charm was what he felt and that didn't mean he had to favoritize her over other spirit beasts.

'Despite being it will be used only once per a month, this skill is damn good and perfectly useful for a situation like this,' After checking the skill description, Ajax felt this was a good skill for his current situation.

Since the lightning essence of nature is very rich after the elders of the Hawk tribe had destroyed the essence of nature, Ajax felt that he did the right thing by keeping Snow outside.

As Ajax was checking the information of the skill, the lightning essence of nature was already rushing into Snow which made Ajax think that Snow had already used the new skill 'Full lightning recovery'.

'With this pure lightning essence of nature, it will be recovered in only a few minutes,' Ajax saw the speed at which the lightning essence of nature was rushing into her body and guessed the approximate time for its healing.

'I think, I should let Cerauno absorb some of this rich and smooth essence of nature that would help him increase his cultivation level,' Ajax immediately thought about his lightning elemental spirit; however, Cerauno was still in his deep meditation and Ajax didn't want to disturb him in his skill-awakening process and sat down to absorb the rich essence of nature.

When the lightning strike was destroyed, the rich lightning essence of nature was limited to a specific region and since Snow was able to comprehend the 'Way of Lightning' in time, Ajax moved closer to the rich essence of nature filled area along with Snow.'

As soon as they were within the range, Snow used her new skill 'Full Lightning Recovery' and stopped taking Ajax's support to stand.

'Phew...I thought I would not be able to absorb such a rich lightning essence of nature,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief as he started absorbing the lightning essence of nature.

He also thought, all his previous worries were for nothing as he was getting the free lightning essence of nature.


The system sensed the mild and rich lightning essence of nature in his surroundings.


Do you want to absorb it into the mini-thunder pool?

As Ajax was feeling comfortable with all over his body with the mild essence of nature that was coming from the destroyed lightning strike, he suddenly received two system notifications which made him wake up from his meditation.

'Huh? Sure. Do it,' Ajax paused only for a second before accepting the system's request.

Ajax didn't feel bad for taking the mild essence of nature into his inner world because he knew that even if all the tribe members absorbed the lightning essence of nature that came from the destroyed lightning strike, it would not affect a tiny bit.

Because the mild lightning essence of nature would disappear within a few minutes and even if all the Hawk tribe members cultivated in this area, they would not be able to completely absorb the lightning essence of nature.

So, by absorbing the essence of nature into the inner world to upgrade the lightning elemental paradise, Ajax felt nothing wrong since the essence of nature would disappear within a few minutes.

Not only Ajax, but all the elders who had fought until they were tired also started absorbing the lightning essence of nature like they had never had something like that in their lives.

According to them, each second they waste without cultivating in such a rich and mild lightning essence of nature was akin to wasting a few months of cultivation.

Everyone was busy with their own cultivation and no one observed Ajax's or Snow's cultivation speed. If they did, then they would stop cultivating and instead do any other things like rearing small spirit beasts for the living.

Because the speed was that monstrous that would make others stop cultivating.

In the cultivation world, a mild essence of nature was very rare and most useful in cultivation because it would have any side-effects or other things and instead helps the cultivators to improve their cultivating talent.

So, on one wanted to miss that mild essence of nature.

As Ajax was concentrating on absorbing the pure essence of nature, he got an expected system notification.


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