New Age Of Summoners Chapter 386

374 Ajaxs Future Plans

Although their evolved items were attacking and defending aggressively, all the elders looked like they were forcing their limits to do that.

All the elders gritted their teeth but still, they didn't stop their attacks and continued to control their aggressive evolved items against the sixth lightning strike.

Hearing Elder Erek's earlier order, all the elders nodded their head before transferring even more essence of nature to their evolved items and used their strongest attack.

Soon, Captain Hawk's heavy shield contorted a little before Elder Erek's mirror artifact turned into water and covered the entire surface of the heavy shield that was blocking the lightning strike.

After covering the entire surface, the water turned into solid and became a thin sheet that was attached to the same side of the heavy shield that was blocking the lightning strike.

'Huh? A combination of two evolved artifacts?' Ajax who was absorbing the entire process became shocked and looked at the combined artifact that looked like a heavy mirror.

Not only those two artifacts changed, but the other artifacts also had some changes in them.

Just like how the two evolved artifacts, Heavy Shield and Mirror, had merged to become a heavy mirror, the two heavy swords of Kraiww and Krail also merged into a single sword.

However, the changes were quite the opposite of what Ajax had imagined. The two heavy swords merging together should at least have the same size of a single heavy sword but the size of the combined sword was less and with a look, Ajax was able to tell that it was very light.

As for the last elder, Eica's evolved artifact was a white hawk feather that was releasing a few white rays onto two combined artifacts as though it was maintaining some stability in the combination of the two artifacts.

'All these artifacts are so good. I should try my best in finding a method to re-cultivation for others also,'

Looking at the strange abilities of the evolved artifacts and weapons Ajax felt excited and swore to himself that he had to find the re-cultivation technique for all his other contracted spirit beasts.

It was very difficult to forge a high-grade artifact like heaven-grade or above grades. What's more, the evolved artifacts were different as they could grow powerful alongside its owner.

Although artifacts or weapons like that could also be forged the cost of the materials required to make such an artifact or weapon would be huge.

Even then, if someone forks out all of his treasures and other valuables, then there was another factor called the success rate of the forging.

Even a rank 5 artificer or rank blacksmith who had the ability to forge a legendary grade artifact only had a little more than 50 percent chance in forging a high-level heaven grade item.

As for below than that, the artificers or blacksmith had only a little more than 30 percent of success rate.

After thinking about all these factors, Ajax felt that finding a re-cultivation method for his contracted spirit beasts would be much more helpful.

Some might think that finding the re-cultivation technique for different spirit beasts was equally or more harder than making a high-level artifact or weapon.

However, they should not forget the other benefits of the re-cultivation.

Just comparing the artifacts that were gained from the re-cultivation was already good enough for Ajax to search for them.

As for the reason, there might be a chance that some of his contracted spirit beasts might gain an evolved artifact or evolved weapon that could reach legendary grade or even mythical grade.

'Snow's feather gown can easily reach the legendary grade and even has the chance of reaching the mythical grade,' Whenever Ajax looked at Snow's feather gown artifact, his interest to search for a re-cultivation technique for all his contracted spirit beasts had increased to another level.

'But finding that re-cultivation technique for all the spirit beasts is not that easy,' However, Ajax knew the difficulties of finding the re-cultivation technique for his other spirit beasts.

The re-cultivation process was different for different spirit beasts and required different techniques.

In Snow's case, she had got the re-cultivation technique from the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's complete inheritance. So, Ajax didn't need to ask for that cultivation from Elder Qwerek or other elders.

As for Raweth's case, he was already born in the humanoid form who doesn't need any technique.

'I think Sparrow will also get a re-cultivation technique from the inheritance. If not, I can directly wage a war against the Netherworld Ice Sparrow tribe and force them to give him that re-cultivation technique,' When he thought about Ice Sparrow tribe he didn't feel any sympathy towards them for forcing their own tribe's childe out of the tribe for not winning the three-tribe contest.

What's more, some of them even tried to kill her for her bloodline purity.

The re-cultivation technique foreach tribe would be placed in the hands of the tribe leader, so if Sparrow didn't have any humanoid form, Ajax thought of visiting the ice sparrow tribe.

'Also, Elder Qwerek said that there is a region called Western Fox Lands connected to the Shixato wilds. I think Ghost must have come from that region. Since it has the strength similar to this Shixato wilds, I can venture it in the near future,' Ajax smiled at his own thoughts thinking that he had many plans for the future already and he started wondering which one he should complete first.

Ghost was none other than the three eyes ghost black fox that Ajax had tamed when he came to the five elemental world for the first time. After taming it, Ghost had spent most of its time cultivating his strength.

Whenever Ajax entered into the inner world, he could see that Ghost was always cultivating without even wasting a second as though it wanted to do something in the future.

'Please don't say that it has the same problem as Sparrow,' Ajax doesn't want another sad story from his contracted spirit beasts.

After becoming familiar with the five elemental world, Ajax now felt that Ghost's story must be something similar to Sparrow.

He also guessed that Ghost must have come from the Western fox lands which were mainly ruled by fox tribes.

'If he is really from the western fox lands, then I can pay a visit to its tribe after clearing all my important matters and of course, I will only go after I become powerful,' At the moment, Ajax had listed this task at the bottom of his to-do list and came out of his thoughts and looked at the fighting that was going in front of him.

"All of you, are you ready?" Erek once more shouted at his fellow tribe members when he saw all of their evolved items were placed according to their plan.

"Yes, second Elder," The remaining three elders and the Hawk captain replied with the same loud voice.


As soon as Elder Erek shouted 'attack', the fusioned sword, slashed the lightning strike into two and it didn't stop with a single slash but continued to cut the lightning strikes into many pieces.

As soon as the sword completely slashed the lightning strike into pieces, Ajax received a system notification that made him elated.


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