New Age Of Summoners Chapter 385

373 Becoming The Observer

After coming out of his spirit consciousness, Ajax's eyes landed on the light purple coloured lightning strike and muttered, 'This looks much weaker than when it was released by the tribulation clouds.'

Just with a glance, Ajax was able to identify that the lightning strike had weakened greatly.

'Before attacking the main lightning strike, I should test my theory on this lightning strike,' Ajax smiled as he slowly took out his Heaven's destroyer spear from his spirit consciousness and decided to test the might of Heaven's destroyer spear.

With a thought, a blood-red coloured long spear appeared in his hand and exuded a heavy iron stench from it.

For a little warm-up, he slightly thrust the spear that exuded even more iron smell that made all the others open their eyes once again.

"A high-level heaven grade spear?" Eica was the first one to be shocked when she saw the blood-red spear in Ajax's hand.

"The aura it exudes is much more powerful than a regular high-level heaven grade spear," Kraiww squinted his eyes and said about his opinion about the spear.

"You are all wrong," When he heard his fellow elders gauge the grade of the spear in Ajax's hands, he shook his head and said that they were all wrong.

"What? Is it a legendary grade weapon?"

"Although it looked strong, it is not compared to a legendary grade weapon, right?"

Kraiww and Eica asked Elder Erek about their doubts.

'Sigh...sometimes I wonder how you two became the elders of our Hawk tribe,' Elder Erek shook his head as he sighed and continued, "It's only a mid-level heaven grade weapon."


"But the aura and blood stench it exuded earlier is very powerful," Kriaww was shocked at Erek's words and asked about it.

"I don't know why it's aura is powerful but one thing was sure that aura is not a fake one and it was capable of killing a general realm cultivator without any difficulty," Erek explained to his fellow elders.

Among all the elders of the Hawk tribe, other than first elder Cretual, Erek was the most senior and knowledgable person, so his words carry morepower and all believed him.

"What's more, if he Ajax learned the spear dao, then it might be able to kill even an elite general realm cultivator if that the cultivator is careless for even a second," Erek's words continued to shock the other elders who were listening to him.

"Let's stop discussing about him. It will only shock us to death," Erek also had an unbelievable expression on his face. So he wanted to stop thinking about Ajax's trump cards and continued saying to his fellow elders, "The lightning strike is weakened greatly. Let's use all our strongest attacks and pass this predicament."

The first thing Erek wanted to do now was to destroy the sixth lightning strike and rest for a breath.

As for the main lightning strike, he didn't have any thoughts about helping Qwerek with it because if he interrupted him, then the lightning strike would release even more powerful lightning strikes at them which he doesn't want that to happen.

"Let's do it,"

"Yeah. If we attack the lightning strike at the same tie, it will be destroyed without a doubt,"

All the elders also noticed the weakened lightning strike in front of them but they waited for Erek's order before attacking it. So, when they heard Erek's words they were naturally excited and motivated to destroy the lightning strikes so that they could take some rest.

Although they could absorb the lightning essence of nature from the sixth lightning strike they could not continue that for much time since their spirit consciousness had completely filled even after they were converting that essence into their cultivation strength.

They could not keep up the conversion speed with the rate the lightning essence of nature was entering into their body. So, they heaved a sigh of relief while showing excitement in destroying the lightning strike.

"Everyone, combine your split spirit consciousness forms and fully utilize the power of your evolved artifacts and weapons,"

Elder Erek didn't waste any time and quickly ordered the others.

Hearing the order, all the elders nodded their heads and combined their two spirit consciousness into one and fully focused on controlling their evolved item while stopping the absorption of the lightning essence of nature.

As soon as they concentrated on their own evolved item, all the weapons and artifacts that were blocking the lightning strike became much bigger than the regular form and looked much more powerful than before.

'Woah! This looks like some powerful shit. I wonder whether Snow's feather gown would also become that powerful,'

As all the elders were increasing the essence of nature they were sending to their evolved items, Ajax looked at the growing evolved items and felt that it was powerful and thought in his head.

Although he said that, he had more than enough confidence that it would become more powerful than those evolved items.


All of sudden he remembered something and became anxious while muttering in a low voice, "Thye are destroying my lightning strike."

As soon as noticed that, he immediately looked at the spear in his hand and Snow, who was still leaning on his other shoulder decided to wait for Snow to comprehend the 'Way of Lightning'.

If he moves even a little, Snow might fall onto the ground. So, he didn't move even a little worrying that he might disturb her in comprehending the 'Way of lighting'.

There was also another reason he didn't want to move from his place and continued to support her was because the reason she was in her current condition was all because of him. So, he wanted to support her until he enters into the inner world on her own.

'Ok, elders of the Hawk tribe enjoy the benefits of destroying the lightning strike,' Ajax felt it was a pity that he was not getting any benefits from destroying the lightning strike.

That's right. When a cultivator destroys a lighting strike, there would be a burst of pure lightning essence of nature that had a smoothening effect that would not harm a cultivator compared to the previous lighting essence of nature they were absorbing forcefully.

Not only it had a smoothening effect but it would also help in increasing the spirit consciousness capacity.

Seeing that he would be missing some good rewards, Ajax sighed but he felt he was doing the right thing in standing beside Snow.

However, he continued to observe the evolved items attacking the sixth lightning strike from all directions.

Their attacking strategy was very simple and if Ajax was to give his comment on their attacks, he would say they were blunt.

To say it even more simply, the lightning strike was solely blocked by Captain Hawk's heavy shield and Erek's mirror artifact. Where all the other evolved items of the elders attacked from all sides.

The most damage was done to the lightning strike by the Kraiww and Kraill brothers' heavy swords which attacked the lightning strikes continuously with some fearsome sword attacks

'One more attack and it will definitely be destroyed,' Erek's loudly shouted with a gritted teeth making all the other elders hurry up their attacks.

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