New Age Of Summoners Chapter 384

372 Random Elemental Skill Crystal

After knowing about the real value of that insight's book, Ajax asked why they didn't read it and enter the King realm.

To which, Qwerek laughed and replied to him like, 'Only a purest bloodline Hawk tribe member can open the book. If others tried to open it their spirit consciousness would be burned by the secret technique placed by one of our last ancestors.'

After hearing that Ajax didn't try to open it and safely stored it in his inventory.

'Since only Snow can use it, I will keep it safe for her,' it was the thought in Ajax's head when he took the book from Qwerek.

'Until she comprehends the 'Way of Lightning' I will check that new item I gained from the special reward box and plan how to destroy the lightning strike,' Ajax thought as he opened his inventory and focused on the crystal in one of the inventory boxes.


Item name:- Random Elemental Skill Crystal

Elemental type:- Universal

Use:- Helps an elemental spirit to awaken a random elemental skill of that respective element.

Description:- A normal crystal in the elemental world, that absorbed countless elemental spirit stones and finally became a Random Elemental Skill Crystal.

'Huh? A normal crystal that absorbed elemental spirit stones?' Ajax was shocked to see the description of the Skill crystal.

The basic thing he knew about the elemental spirit stones was that they contained a rich essence of nature that was stored by the previous owner of the elemental spirit.

However, the description of the skill crystal said that it had absorbed countless elemental spirit stones and turned into an item that could give the skills to the elemental spirits which made Ajax quite unbelievable.

'How high is the probability of my elemental spirit getting a skill that could be used for this current predicament,'

Although theitem looked good, Ajax didn't have high hopes on it in helping him against the main lightning strike.

Nevertheless, he wanted to try it on one of the elemental spirits that might help him in this current situation.

'I think, I have to rely on Cerauno once again,' Ajax's thought that only Cerauno might awaken a skill that could help in this situation.

Thinking like this, he didn't hesitate much longer before choosing the Skill Crystal to use on Cerauno.

Even though he knew that Cerauno was still healing, he felt that awakening a new skill might not affect him. So, he chose him and looked into the inner world to check on him.

'Huh? His healing speed is much faster than I thought,' Before the skill crystal was even used on the lightning elemental spirit, Ajax was surprised to see that Cerauno's healing speed was very fast compared to the average elemental spirits of the same cultivation realm.

'Might be the healing effect of the mini-thunder elemental paradise,' He was only surprised for a moment before finding out the reason behind his fast healing.

Not only that, even Spirus was using her healing skills on him which made all his previous heavy injuries turned to light injuries.

With this, Ajax's confidence in using the Skill crystal increased as his elemental spirit was almost healed.

'System, use the Skill Crystal on Cerauno,' Ajax gave the order to the system and waited for a miracle to happen.


Do you want to use the Skill crystal on the lightning elemental spirit?

Note:- Host can use it on his official elemental spirits. So think carefully before using it.

As soon as he ordered the system to use the Skill crystal, Ajax received the usual confirmation notification; however, there was a note that made him pause for a second.

'Why is the system giving me such a note at this time? Is it trying to say that there might be some wonderful effect while using it on the official elemental spirits?'

When he saw the note in the system notification, that gave rise to many questions in his mind that made him hesitate.

'Calm down and think'

'Calm down and think,'

Ajax repeated the same sentence again and again to calm himself.

Because those questions that were raised in his mind made him anxious and felt that he might get a new skill for himself if he used it on his official elemental spirits.

'Wait a second. When did I become partial among my elemental spirits?' After calming himself down, Ajax found it was funny as for what reason he was becoming anxious.

According to him, all the elemental spirits, official or unofficialwere the same in his eyes and all these elemental spirits were equal to his contracted spirit beasts.

'Since the situation demands, I will use the Skill Crystal on Cerauno,' Ajax smiled a little as he finally confirmed the system notification for using the Skill Crystal on Cerauno.

It might give more benefits to him if Ajax used that Skill crystal on his official elemental spirits but he felt that using that skill crystal on Cerauno would be the wisest decision.

If he became partial and favoured the official elemental spirits over unofficial elemental spirits, it might make the unofficial elemental spirits lose loyalty towards him.

Even though they could not do anything to Ajax, they might not fight as seriously as they were doing now.

'Since I got one Skill crystal now, then I might get more in the future. Then I will use them on the official elemental spirits,' Ajax didn't worry much about the Skill crystals as he had enough confidence that in the future those items would become common for him.

He was confident because at the beginning of his cultivation journey, he only had a few spirit stones which were given to me by Captain Edmond; however, now he was having more than 10 million spirit stones in his inventory.

Similarly, he now had many low-grade primitive stones which was once a very very rare item for him.

By applying the same logic Ajax was confident that even if the Skill crystals were very rare for him now, they might become not that rare anymore.


A random Skill crystal is used on the lighting elemental spirit.


The elemental spirit will now go into a seclusive meditation before awakening a skill related to the lightning element.

Note:- The meditation might take a few minutes or a few hours depending on many factors of the elemental spirit.

As Ajax was thinking about Skills crystals and other items, the system notifications rang in his head along with the words on the holographic screen appearing one after another.

'Oh please...please awaken something related to lightning absorption skill,' Ajax prayed in his head and looked at the peacefully meditating Cerauno.

'System, inform me when he wakes up,' Ajax ordered the system before coming out of his inner world.

Although he wanted to see how the process of awakening a new skill in his elemental spirit, he had other things to do, so he came out of his inner world.

However, before cancelling his spirit consciousness form, he took a look at his spirit consciousness' walls that were completely consolidated and doesn't require any more essence of nature.

'Phew...now it's time to take care of the sixth lightning strike,' As soon as he checked his spirit consciousness, he cancelled his spirit consciousness form and thought in his head.

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