New Age Of Summoners Chapter 383

371 Way Of Lightning

The reason he felt that heaven's destroyer spear could fight against the lightning strike was that it had the soul of the legend grade weapon inside the spear.

Also, it had gained one important effect after combining with the bloodlust spear. It had the greatest penetrating power.

Combined with his level 2 spear dao, Ajax thought that he could use it against the main lightning strike but still, he felt that he needed something more to back up its attack power.

So, Ajax decided to use the special reward box that he had gained after forcefully breaking through in his cultivation.

It was a reward which he had got unintentionally but now he had many hopes on this box.

'System, open the special reward box now,' Ajax didn't waste any time and decided to open the special reward box.

Since a special reward box would give an item that was most useful for him depending on the situation, Ajax wanted to use it to solve his current predicament.

To make sure that he would get an item that was helpful to solve the bonus mission, Ajax prayed and completely thought about the time.


Do you want to open a special reward box?

As soon as he ordered the system, it sent a confirmation notification as usual.

'Yes,' Ajax nodded his head while accepting the system notification.

'Please, please I want a high-level upgrade stone or something that can allow the heaven's destroyer to enter into the legendary grade,' After accepting, Ajax resumed his prayer and continuously asked after an upgrade stone to improve the grade of his spear.

Since, all the heaven grade evolved artifacts and weapons that looked much weaker than his heaven destroyer spear, Ajax felt that if his spear entered the legendary grade from the Heaven grade then he could easily destroy the main lightning strike.


Congratulations to the host for getting a random skill crystal.


The random skill crystal had been stored in the host's inventory.

'Huh?' When he saw the two system notifications Ajax looked somewhat disappointed but he didn't cry over the fact that he didn't get the upgrade stone; instead, he quickly checked his inventory and found a crystal inside one of the inventory boxes.

'It looks like it will give a skill. Let's see what it's actual use is,' From the name alone, Ajax could guess the use of the skill crystal but recently he learned a new lesson that while checking something, observe carefully for even minor information.

So, he wanted to take it out from the inventory and check its complete information.

However, just when he was about to take it out, he felt the fluctuations in his spirit consciousness and at the same time, the distant Snow's spirit consciousness form, who was absorbing the lightning essence of nature to improve her own cultivation also experienced the same fluctuations.

'I think, the cloned 'Special Merge' skill's time is up,' It didn't take much time for Ajax to find out what the problem was and quickly came out of his spirit consciousness form.

In the same manner, Snow also disappeared from his spirit consciousness and appeared beside Ajax's real body.


The 'Cloned special merge' has reached its time limit.


Snow is in her weakened state now. Do you want to send her into the inner world to heal?

'What? Why are you asking? Can't you send her directly like the last time you sent Cerauno into the inner world?' Ajax didn't understand the difference in the system's attitude for Snow and Cerauno.

Previously, when the original 'Special merge' came to a cooldown, Cerauno was immediately sent into the inner world without asking him; however, now the system was asking about it which made Ajax's interest reach to the peak and asked the system.


The host's contracted spirit beast is resisting to go inside the inner world. What do you choose?

Soon, a system notification came to his head that made Ajax's brows raise a little and looked at Snow, who was leaning on to his shoulder with a tired look on her face.

'What happened Snow? Why don't you go inside the inner world and take some rest?' Ajax was surprised at Snow's unwillingness to go inside the inner world and asked her.

Although the system could forcefully send Snow into the inner world, since Snow was unwilling to go inside the inner world, it asked Ajax before forcefully sending her into the inner world.

'I want to stay outside and observe these lightning strikes. I think I will gain some comprehension into the way of lightning if I observe these two lightning strikes for some more time,' Snow replied to Ajax through the spirit contract in a weak voice.

'But..but you are...,'

'No need to worry about me master, I can endure it,' Before Ajax could say anything, Snow interrupted him and said with a weak smile on her face.

Hearing her weak voice and looking at the tired expression on her face, Ajax felt his heartache but he didn't force her to enter the inner world as he knew she had made up her mind to stay outside.

'I hope she enters into the 'Way of the lightning' as soon as possible,' Ajax just hoped that she would reach lightning dao as soon as possible.

Way of Lightning or Lightning dao was one of the many daos in the world that helps the one who had learned those daos to have better control over the respective element.

The other most important use of these daos was to have more attack power while using similar elemental type attacks.

For example, if Snow had gained entry into the 'Way of Lightning' then all her lightning attacks' attacking power would be increased drastically.

Ajax didn't move from his place as to not disturb Snow in her comprehension of the 'Way of lightning' and slowly absorbed the lighting essence of nature from the sixth lightning strike.

'Hmm...I think Elder Qwerek can hold for another few minutes, it should be enough for Snow to comprehend 'Way of Lightning',' While absorbing the lightning essence of nature, Ajax glanced at the Hawk tribe leader, who was mysteriously standing still as he blocked the main lightning strike with his umbrella and thought in his head.

Ajax thought that he had enough time until Snow gained comprehension into the 'Way of lightning' then he could focus on the mission.

He had full confidence in Snow that she would definitely gain comprehension into the way of lightning and what's more it felt that it would not take much time for her.

After evolving into the humanoid form, not only her cultivation speed but even her comprehension speed had increased greatly that made Ajax confident in her.

'I should give that insight's book which I gained from Elder Qwerek to Snow that might help her reach King realm in the least time possible,' Ajax suddenly thought of the insight's book and excited for Snow's future.

According to Qwerek, in that book, there were some secrets regarding how to enter the King's realm cultivation. So, Ajax was excited to see how much time it would take Snow to reach that realm with the help of the insight's book.

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