New Age Of Summoners Chapter 382

370 Bonus Mission


A new system mission is generated in the quest tab. Please check it.

'Sigh...Can't you see I am busy now,'

When he saw the system notification, Ajax expressionlessly said to the system.

From the past few hours, Ajax was literally tired both mentally and physically. Before the lightning tribulation had started, he was already working very hard on his pill refining and without any rest, he came out and helped the elders in absorbing the lightning strikes one after another. He didn't stop there and made a breakthrough to the elite commander realm and the most important thing that made him tired was his forceful breakthrough in his spirit consciousness.

Amidst these events, the system had already issued a mission to conquer the Shixato wilds.

After going through all these things, Ajax felt that it was unnecessary for another new mission for him.

'Let's see. If it's hard, I will leave it and even if the system gives me a penalty, I will accept it,'

From the moment he had received his first penalty from the system, Ajax's fear towards the system penalties decreased and made his stance to do only required and important missions for him.

Another reason, he wanted to see the newly generated mission as he was in need of some danger rating missions to gain some energy orbs to breakthrough his cultivations.

That doesn't mean he would complete any mission that the system gives to him without thinking. He would do those missions he felt were right and reward him appropriately for the risk.


Bonus Mission:-Help Tribe leader Qwerek in blocking the main lightning strike.

Reward:-A new guardian for the inner world.

Danger rating:- A

Hint:- The host is clear and don't need one

Description:- Since it's a bonus mission, the system increased the danger rating by a single level. But this mission is not complicated to the Host, who plans a lot...Hehe


When he read the complete information about the bonus mission on the holographic screen, Ajax who was in his spirit consciousness form felt fluctuation in his face regarding the description of the mission.

'What are you saying?' Ajax felt that the system was becoming more and more cunning with each passing day.

According to him, in this mission some really important information was missing that would help him clear the mission; however, the system was hiding that information and indicated that the host was clever which meant that he had to find that information on his own or complete the mission forcefully.

'Whatever, I will try to complete the mission on my own,' Ajax didn't feel dejected; instead, he felt motivated to complete the mission.

'Hmm..reward is good and since the system hid the hint and increased the danger rating of the bonus mission, I can get an energy ball. So, overall it's a good mission,' After feeling motivated, Ajax pondered about the rewards of the mission and he was satisfied with them.

'However, the problem is the mission is still dangerous,' He continued to absorb the essence of nature to solidify his spirit consciousness walls while thinking about the problem of the mission.

It was not a good idea for him to intervene in the lightning tribulations of others that would not only make things difficult for the tribe leader Qwerek, but the tribulation clouds would send even more powerful lightning strikes than the one he had absorbed earlier.

According to the information he had known from various sources until now, Ajax understood the working lightning clouds.

The reason that sixth or light-purple coloured lightning was released by the tribulation clouds was due to the tribe leader and other elders of the hawk tribe trying to utilize the rich lightning essence of nature for their tribe members.

That sixth lightning strike was already within the expectations of Qwerek and other elders but they were not 100 percent sure. Nevertheless, they were prepared for it.

However, what they were not expected was the additional five lightning strikes that were sent by the tribulation clouds were only a small warning to those who were interrupting the tribulation process.

If by any chance, Ajax or other elders interfere with the main or fifth lighting strike, the lightning strike that would be sent by the tribulation clouds would be much more terrifying than those earlier strikes that might kill a cultivator below level 10 of the elite general realm.

Nonetheless, Ajax felt that there might be a way to accomplish this mission. So, he started thinking about all his trump cards while continuing his absorption of the essence of nature.

'First of all, I should find a way to destroy these lightning strikes in a single attack,' But before that Ajax started to think about how to destroy the lightning strikes in a single attack.

Until now, he only played with small lightning strikes and that too with much difficulty. So, to destroy the main lightning strike, Ajax wanted a sure shot destructive skill against the main lightning strike.

If he destroyed the main lightning strike in a single attack, then the tribulation cloud would do nothing and simply leave.

This was a common fact that was known to many; however, the problem was no one can destroy the main lightning strike in a single strike. The cultivator, who was crossing the lightning tribulation could only stop it with his own trick and slowly absorb the essence of nature from that lightning strike before using his strongest attack to destroy it.

'If I can't destroy it in a single attack, then why don't I use that same tactic I used earlier with the small lightning strikes,' After thinking for a while, Ajax finally felt that he got what the hint in that mission was and continued to thinking about its pros and cons.

Since he can't stop absorbing the lightning essence of nature from the lightning strike, he could only solidify his plan without any loopholes to it.

'However, I can't use my body to absorb the main lightning strike,'

Even though he wanted to use the same tactic, without any hesitation, he immediately rejected the idea of absorbing the lightning strike into his body.

There were two reasons as for why he directly rejected it without thinking much.

First, he doesn't have much confidence in surviving after absorbing the main lightning strike.

Second, even if he had confidence, the time for his cloned 'Special merge' had already come to an end and they might be separated at any moment.

'But I still have a few more trump cards at hand,' Ajax plan was to absorb the main lightning strike but that doesn't mean he had to use his body for that; instead, he could use the heaven grade weapon, Heaven's destroyer.

Since he was in his own spirit consciousness, he saw two weapons that were floating in the mid-air.

As soon as his gaze landed on them, he thought about using Heaven's destroyer spear against the main lightning spear.

'Just some that name, I think it will be useful against it but still, I can't rely on it completely,' Ajax felt that the heaven's destroyer was powerful and could be used against the lightning strike but he felt he needed to have a backup plan and got an idea without thinking much.

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