New Age Of Summoners Chapter 381

369 Success

'Huh? Is this my spirit consciousness?'

Looking at his surroundings, Ajax exclaimed and felt it was unreal.

Without wasting any time, he rubbed his eyes and once again looked at his spirit consciousness and muttered, 'It's real. IT'S REAL.'

Initially, he muttered slowly but the second he was unable to control his excitement and shouted out loud.

The reason he was excited was that his spirit consciousness capacity had increased more than he thought and the increment was also not a small number.

So, he was naturally excited when he saw that his spirit consciousness became much bigger than before.

'And the purity of the essence of nature is also greater than a normal grade 1 elemental paradise' essence of nature,' Ajax felt his sore spirit consciousness was healing automatically with the rich essence of nature.

Although the essence of nature's purity had still not reached the level of the grade 2 elemental paradise' essence, it was still enough for him to heal his spirit consciousness on its own.


Congratulations to the host for forcefully reaching the level 6 spirit commander realm.


As a result, the host's spirit consciousness' capacity has increased by 500 units.


Congratulations to the host for achieving a breakthrough on his own.

A special reward box is sent to the host's inventory.


The essence of nature in the host's spirit consciousness had successfully attained the level of grade 1 elemental paradise.

As Ajax was checking the purity of the essence of nature, his head was filled with the system's notifications.

'Hahaha,' After checking all the system notifications, Ajax was unable to stop laughing as he didn't expect to get such benefits.

Every time, he got those system notifications, he felt irritated; however, now he felt quite opposite to it and fully content with those rewards.

In actuality, Ajax didn't think he would get that many rewards for his forcefully breaking the spirit consciousness' wall.

According to his plans, he thought he would utmost get an increment of 10 -12 units of the essence of nature worth of capacity and not a single more extra reward.

Some might think that what those 10-12 units of extra spirit consciousness' capacity would do in front of such a massive amount of pure incoming essence of nature.

If they think like this, then they were wrong.

Although it seemed only a tiny bit of increment in the capacity, that was not the main thing in Ajax forcing his essence of nature to hit the walls of his spirit consciousness.

The main thing was, after forcefully extending the walls of the spirit consciousness, it requires so much essence of nature to consolidate its new position. So, Ajax's original intention was to spend his essence of nature on his spirit consciousness walls which would become even stronger than before.

'These new walls look way more stronger than the last consolidation,' Ajax thought in his head and thought back to his past.

In the past, his spirit consciousness's walls were once consolidated and when he compared it to this time's consolidation, Ajax felt the walls of his spirit consciousness become even more thick and sturdier.

'Phew...finally, the spirit consciousness is free with the essence of nature and barely left any essence of nature,'

For the first time in his life, Ajax felt relieved to have less essence of nature in his spirit consciousness.

'Sigh...Looks like more essence of nature is required to solidify these walls,' even though 90 percent of his spirit consciousness had become empty, his spirit consciousness looked like a glutton and absorbing the 10 percent remaining essence of nature making Ajax sigh.

'Now, my problem is reversed,' Ajax bitterly smiled at his current situation.

Previously, he was required to spend the essence of nature to stop his spirit consciousness explosion; however, now he had to absorb more essence of nature from the lightning strike in order to supply it to the walls of the spirit consciousness.

If the spirit consciousness becomes empty then the borders of the spirit consciousness would become unstable.

Even though that would not harm Ajax at the moment, it would make him unable to resist any type of spirit attacks in the future. Just a simple spirit attack would make his spirit consciousness explode. So, Ajax decided to supply as much as the essence of nature to the walls to consolidate.

Without wasting any time, he moved a little bit closer towards the sixth lightning strike and increased his absorption to his peak.

As soon as he did that the essence of nature that was slowly entering into his body increased its pace and rushed into him like a black hole.

Due to that, the essence of nature around his surroundings became unstable that made all the other elders and the hawk captain pause their absorption of the lightning essence and made them look at Ajax with an awed expression on their faces.

"What happened to him all of sudden?" Krail looked at Ajax as he asked others beside him who were equally surprised as him.

"Who knows? Nevertheless, it will help us in destroying this lightning strike soon," Erek shook his head and closed his eyes.

Similarly, all the elders also nodded their head before resuming their heads.

Even though they closed their eyes and absorbed the lightning essence, it was not their full cultivation speed and as for why they were not using their full cultivation speed was because they were not in a position to use it.

Because they split their spirit consciousness into two. One of the spirit consciousness was focused on absorbing the lightning essence of nature from the lightning strike whereas the other part of the spirit consciousness was focusing on controlling the evolved artifacts and the weapons to block the sixth lightning strike.

'I wonder, how much my cultivation was improved since I started absorbing the lightning essence of nature,'

Except for Ajax, in the minds of everyone, who were absorbing the lightning essence from the lightning strike had the same thought as though they were unable to detect their own cultivation.

Although their cultivation speed was half of their original cultivation speed, it was enough to break through some minor realms after absorbing for a certain time; however, they were not even a single minor realm breakthrough was not seen in their cultivation.

But that didn't mean they didn't make a breakthrough in their cultivations.

All the elders swallowed a pill that made their cultivation realms temporarily increase and made them reach level 5 of the elite general realm.

So, due to that reason, even though they absorbed so much lightning essence, it was not reflected in their cultivation.

This was already known to them, so they thought about their breakthroughs expectantly.

All the breakthroughs would be automatically visible after the effects of the pills disappeared. So, they focused on their absorption of lightning essence of nature and at the same time blocking the lightning strike with their evolved items.

As Elders were busy with two things, Ajax was also busy with only one thing and that was to absorb the essence of nature to make his spirit consciousness walls as strong as possible that would endure any type of spirit attack in the future.

Just as Ajax felt that all things were in control, a new system notification rang in his head.

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