New Age Of Summoners Chapter 38

34 Spatial Blades

" Ajax, let's start with you", Edmond said, as he pointed his finger at Ajax.

Ajax slowly came forward and pointed his finger towards a cave wall.

All the squad members curiously looked in that direction. There, they saw a spatial tear, from which many number of small fist sized sharp blades made-up of air.

The sharp blades penetrated into the wall very deep without any hindrance making the onlookers astonished.

"Ajax, you awakened a spatial related ability?? ", Edmond asked knowingly.

" Yes captain Edmond, it's called spatial blades", Ajax already knew about the ability from the system notification which came after he awakened the ability.

"Not only you awakened a spatial related ability but also a high level one. You are one heck of a lucky brat, do you know that? ", Udo keenaxe jokingly commented on his luck.

" just lucky, just luck", Ajax kept saying that to everyone squad member and once again looked at his ability information when he went back to his position.


Ability name :- Spatial blades (level 1)

Type :- Space

Description :- Consuming essence of nature from user's spirit consciousness, it opens a tear in the void to shoot small wind blades at the Enemies.

Tip :- Using more essence of nature increases the damage and penetration power of the wind blades.

Rating :- very good

Ajax continuously staring at the tip on the holographic screen.

"Just now I only used 10 units of essence of nature which is enough to make a peak rank 1 spirit beast in to pieces. What happens when I use 1000 units??? ", Ajax silently thought this in his head and smiled continuously.

Next Lewis came forward to show his ability with a proud look.

Soon two dragon wings came out from his back tearing his shirt.

" It's my ability. This wings are not any Oridinary wings, they are called dragon wings. It not only helps me to fly but also increase my speed by 50 percent", Lewis moved quickly to show it's effects and continued to brag about it.

"It's a very good ability, now stop and go back to your position", Edmond glared at Lewis but inside, he was happy for him.

Next Jeff keenaxe came forward.

" aaaaaaaahh", with a long shout, his entire body is covered with a layer of rock as he spoke, "This ability is called Rock hardening, which increases my attack and defense by a factor of two but the disadvantage is, my speed will be halved".

After cancelling his ability, Jeff went back to his position.

Now, it's paulin's turn to low his ability.

" My ability is same as Jeff, however the only difference is, when he used his ability, his body will be covered with rock, whereas mine will be covered with steel", with that his whole body is covered with steel.

Edmond and Udo nodded their heads after listening to Paulin's explanation of his ability.

Finally, everyone looked at Udo keenaxe.

"Hey brats, stop looking at me like that, I will also show my ability", when the young members of the squad looked at him like 'do it fast old man' Udo glared at them.

" My ability is called 'Anticipate', which helps me in understanding the next attacks of my opponent ", Udo keenaxe explained with a smile and continued, " But it consumption of essence of nature is very high, at present I can only use 'anticipate' not more than five minutes ", he stoped with a sigh.

" Stop with that look, Udo. It's an easy thing for you to defeat your enemy within that five minutes ", Edmond said with a pat on Udo's shoulder.

Udo just sighed but didn't said anything.

" Now, since everything is over now, we should get going", Edmond said to his squad members as they finished their ability's explaination.

"But before we go, let's destroy that ability tree. Lest anyone knew that we plucked that fruits, it may bring harm to us. Ajax, go and destroy that ability tree, we will walk slowly, join us after you finish it completely", Edmond stopped suddenly and said to Ajax to destroy the tree.

Ajax knew why, because if someone knows there is an ability tree and someone took the fruits, anyone can relate it to them as they were the only team to take this mission, so it's better to remove that tree.

But as soon as he touched the tree, he got a series of system notifications


Congratulations to the host, a new System feature is unlocked.



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