New Age Of Summoners Chapter 379

367 Cunning System


As soon as he was transported into the inner world, he started checking all his elemental spirits and spirit beasts.

'I can't use on them either,'

After observing all the beings in the inner world, he shook his head as he could not use the essence of nature on them to increase their strength.

As for why he could not use them for level increment was because all the beings in the inner world had already crossed or reached the commander realm or rank 3 strength.

When the system was upgraded, it changed the breakthrough conditions for commander realm and above realms and limited the breakthrough only through the energy orbs that was given from completing the higher danger rating system missions.

His latest contracted elemental spirits also had reached the elemental spirit commander realm and excitedly looked at Ajax as though they wanted him to summon them out of the inner world for a while.

'Sorry guys, this is not the right time,' Ajax smilingly shook his head.

'Ok summoning master,' Both Nite and Dabrus looked dejected and they didn't dare to ask him once again.

'Don't worry I will summon you soon. We have a mission to complete, so just wait,'

When he saw the dejected look on his official contracted elemental spirits, he promised them to summon very soon.

Next, he surveyed the remaining places in the inner world and his eyes landed on a small bear cub that was playing with Red.

'This little fellow's cultivation is really terrifying,' Ajax eyes widened when he observed the little bear cub's strength.

The little bear cub was none other than the child of the furball, the golden bear king that Ajax had saved in the cursed wilderness.

Even the small golden bear king cub also reached the rank 3 strength despite being born only a few days ago which gave Ajax quite a shock at the cultivation speed.

'Sigh...then I can use the essence of nature on only that one,' After completing his observation of the inner world, Ajax sighed as he went for his next plan to spend some essence of nature from his spirit consciousness.

Although he could not use the essence of nature to increase his summons' strength, he could give them until their spirit consciousness was filled; however, Ajax didn't want to use the extra essence of nature for that use as he already had a better choice than that.

'I can use it on the 'pay to know' tab and empty my essence of nature,' Ajax cunningly laughed as he finally decided to use the essence of nature on the 'pay to know' and know some information from the system regarding its details or its motive for all the mission it was giving him from the beginning of its activation.

'System, I want to use the pay to know feature, open the tab for me,' Ajax felt that pain was intensifying and decided not to waste any more time and ordered the system.


Sorry host, the 'Pay to know' system feature is still on cooldown from the host's previous usage of the feature.

"What? You didn't mention anything about it when I checked the information on the 'Pay to Know' tab. Why are you saying it's on the cooldown?"

When he checked the details of the feature when it was unlocked for the first time, he didn't notice any cooldown or whatever the system was saying now and felt that all his plans were once again destroyed by the system.


Please check the information about the 'Pay to Know' system feature more clearly.

To his surprise, the system replied for his cursing and immediately opened his interface and checked about the feature.

'There was nothing new in here and I already read everything about it,'

However, when he checked on the holographic screen, he didn't find anything about the cooldown and all the information was just the same as he read before.


'Huh?' As he was about to ask the system about it, at the bottom of the holographic screen he found a small line that was barely visible.

After concentrating on those small lines, Ajax finally saw what was written on it.

Note:- The host can only spend 5000 units of the essence of nature for every 12 hours.

'What the heck! This line is barely visible and now my plan has failed just because of this small line,' Ajax felt that this note thing was added by the system when he thought of asking the system about the origins of the system and cursed it.

'It's definitely has something to do with those questions,'

Ajax was unable to believe that he missed those small words when he checked about the 'Pay to Know' feature for the first time.

Even though those words were very small, he should not have failed to notice it as he was not in a hurry at that time.

'Whatever, I already know that you are like this...hehe,' A cunning smile appeared on his face and all of a sudden the aura around Ajax changed as he turned into a different person.

After the change in his aura, he teleported back to his spirit consciousness and looked at the young girl that was cultivating in one corner of his spirit consciousness.

The young girl was none other than Snow who had evolved into a humanoid form and even reached the peak elite commander realm.

It was her spirit consciousness form that looked almost similar to her real body, unlike Ajax's spirit consciousness that was only 70-80 percent similar to his real body.

On her white jade-like face, there was a painful expression that made her white skin turn red; however, along with that painful expression, there was a resolute expression as though she didn't want to give up on something.

'Although I can simply move away from the sixth lightning strike and stop absorbing the lightning essence of nature, it will ruin my other plan. I will just be cruel to myself,' Looking at the distant Snow, Ajax thought in his head as he became even more resolute after seeing the resolute expression on her face.

His other plan was to let Snow reach the general realm and if possible he wanted it to reach the peak general realm from absorbing the rich lightning essence of nature form the sixth lightning strike that was very beneficial for cultivation.

So, Ajax didn't want to move away from the lightning strike and instead wanted to move closer to it so that she could absorb more essence of nature for her breakthrough into the general realm.

'Looks like my completely filled spirit consciousness is also affecting her,' He guessed that the reason for her painful expression on her face must be due to his spirit consciousness.

One might not understand how it was related to his spirit consciousness but Ajax knew it since Snow was not only contracted to him but he even combined with her, so he was able to guess and moved towards the center of his spirit consciousness.

'Just bear the pain for a little while longer, Snow. We can do it,' While moving towards the center, Ajax gently transmitted his voice to Snow before closing his eyes.

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