New Age Of Summoners Chapter 376

364 Large Energy Orb

As they heard Ajax's voice, all the elders unconsciously felt some relief in their hearts.

According to them, as long as Ajax was there, any obstacle was nothing and automatically their bodies relaxed after noticing Ajax.

"Everyone, don't relax yet. All of you, work together and absorb the sixth lightning strike," Just as the Elder was about to relax, they heard Qwerek's scolding voice and their body returned to full focus.

"The sixth lightning strike is different from the other lighting strike. It has a much more purified essence of nature compared to the elemental paradise in the greater worlds. So don't waste a single bit of it," Qwerek finished his last words and became serious before resuming his fight with the fifth lightning strike.


Ajax also felt something different when he sensed the sixth lighting strike from a close distance.

Unlike the previous five lightning strikes, Ajax noticed a few purple colour lines in the white lightning strikes which made him think that it was really helpful for others to increase their cultivation at a rapid speed.

'Cerauno can't be summoned for an hour...sigh. I guess, only Snow and I can have this delicious meal,' Ajax sighed thinking about his lightning elemental spirit who would be missing a great opportunity in increasing his strength.

'Snow, what do you think about it?' Even though he got a rough idea about the sixth lightning strike, Ajax asked Snow's opinion as he knew that Snow's understanding of lightning would be greater than him because of the inheritance.

'Master, I think, it's better to coordinate with other elders and weaken it a little then we can absorb it without any worry,' Snow explained her idea regarding the sixth lightning strike.

'My thoughts are exactly the same,' Ajax nodded his head and decided to safely try his chance against the light purple coloured lightning strike.

Previously, he was in a hurry to absorb all the five lightning strikes that attacked the elders, so he rushed at every lightning strike without thinking much.

Moreover, those five lightning strikes he had absorbed were much weaker than the first lightning strike of the lightning tribulation.

However, the sixth lightning strike looked as powerful as the fifth lightning strike. So, Ajax made his mind work fastly than his body.

"All the Elders, let's use all our evolved artifacts or weapons to block the attack and then absorb the lightning essence of nature from it slowly," The second elder, Erek, who was not leading the group of elders suggested as he summoned a white mirror from his spirit consciousness.

"Yes, second elder," All the remaining elders and the Hawk captain nodded their heads agreeing to Erek's suggestion and summoned their own evolved artifacts.

Evolved artifacts were the artifacts that were obtained by the spirit beasts when they re-cultivate into the humanoid form.

Almost all people would gain an artifact or weapon but only a few people like Snow or Cretual would get some high-ranking artifacts or weapons.

Those artifacts and weapons would be upgraded with the cultivation of the evolved spirit beast.

As soon as they agreed, all the elders summoned their own evolved artifacts and weapons from their spirit consciousness.

Krail and Kraiww had summoned two swords as their evolved weapons that looked exactly the same.

Eica threw a white feather at the sixth lightning strike.

Although it was only a few centimetres when it was summoned, it had increased to a few meters in size by the time it reached the sixth lightning strike.

As for the Hawk captain, he summoned his heavy shield and moved it towards the lightning strike.

They were very careful while attacking the sixth lightning strike.

They didn't ask any help from Ajax as they had sufficient confidence in winning against the lightning strike and if by any chance something goes wrong, they thought Ajax would take care of it.

So, they rested Ajax while attacking the sixth lightning strike.

Ajax slowly walked towards the sixth lightning strike in an attempt to absorb the free rich lightning essence from the lightning strike; however, he suddenly thought of something and halted all of a sudden before moving some distance away from the elders.

'System, use all the energy orbs in my body,' After maintaining some distance from the group of elders, Ajax asked the system to break the two energy orbs in his body.

At present, he had two energy orbs in his spirit consciousness.

Among them, one energy orb could help him break through a single minor realm whereas the other one would help him break through a freaking five minor realms.

So, in total, with the help of these two energy orbs, he could finally enter the elite commander realm without much difficulty.

As for the reason why he decided to break the energy orbs were to help Snow's cultivation reach the rank 5 stage.

Due to him being a commander realm cultivator, his contracted beast could not have the cultivation of more than two major realms.

Since there was so much rich and pure lightning essence of nature around him, Ajax felt that he should utilize as much as possible to improve his spirit beast strength.


Do you want to break a small energy orb?

Yes / No

As soon as he ordered the system, he got the notification asking for him.

'Yes break it,'

Just as he said that the small energy orb in his spirit consciousness broke and the energy in it rushed towards all his body parts.

Unlike previous times, this time Ajax didn't feel a thing in his body as his cultivation was raised by a single minor realm within a few seconds.

'Looks like fire tempering and lightning tempering helped me a lot,' Ajax thought as a smile appeared on his face unconsciously.

Before coming to the five elemental world, his body strength was only able to injure a level 1 of the elite commander realm cultivator but now he could easily kill a level 5 of the elite commander realm cultivator with just his brute strength.


Congratulations to the host for reaching level 6 of the commander realm.

As soon as the energy from the energy orb was dissipated, Ajax got a system notification informing him about his breakthrough.

'Break another energy orb,' Ajax didn't waste any time as he knew that each second he wasted here, he would be missing a great amount of the rich lightning essence of nature.


Do you want to break a large energy orb?

Yes / No


For the usual system notification, Ajax gave his usual answer.

'Kacha' 'Kacha'

As soon as he accepted, the large energy orb in his spirit consciousness cracked and slowly released the rich and powerful energy was released out of it towards all the body parts.

The energy reached every corner of his body before making him cry in pain.


Ajax tried to suppress his painful noises as much as possible in order not to disturb other elders.

However, he was unable to completely suppress the pain as this energy was stronger than the energy he had absorbed from the lightning strike earlier.

'Damn it...this is more painful than I thought,' Ajax gritted his teeth as he thought in his head.

As he was gritting his teeth and barrel able to maintain his consciousness, a system notification came to his mind making him puzzled.


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