New Age Of Summoners Chapter 375

363 Lightning Copy


The skill 'Special Merge' will be deactivated in 6 seconds. Prepare to bear the pain of the lightning essence of nature in your body for 2 seconds.


Ajax became really anxious with the new system notification as he didn't know it was difficult for him to endure that pain.

Moreover, the pain was not his worry, but without 76 percent lightning resistance, it was impossible for him to heal his internal injuries before his organs were burned.

'Let's try it. Anyway, I don't have a chance now,'

Since he already absorbed the lightning strike, he didn't have any chance and decided to face it; instead of fearing it.

'I just need to endure the pain for two seconds, 8...7...6..' Ajax started counting the time and mentally prepared for the pair and at the same time fully concentrated on healing his injuries quickly.

'Come on, circulate quickly,' While he counted he forced his main cultivation to its maximum and tried to absorb as much lightning essence of nature as possible within the six seconds.


Ajax continued his counting once again as he circulated his cultivation technique.

However, he was unable to count after 3 as he fell to the ground while clutching his head in his hands.


'Special Merge' is deactivated and the host's elemental spirit needs an hour rest before he is summoned once again.

Ajax doesn't have the luxury to check the system notification as he was feeling that his whole body was burning.

As soon as the skill deactivated, Ajax and Cerauno were separated.

Ajax was still on the ground whereas Cerauno was disappeared into Ajax's inner world.

After being separated, Ajax's cultivation returned to the level 5 of the commander realm and other than the 2x boost in his strength from the bloodline he now had nothing.

'Why the hell is this 2 seconds so long?' Ajax felt that these two seconds were forever.

Just as he was about to faint due to the burning of his internal organs completely, a white silhouette appeared behind Ajax and entered into his body.


As soon as the white silhouette entered into his body, Ajax felt all the burning sensation disappear without any trace and heaved a sigh of relief.


The transfer of energy to the mini-thunder pool is successful.

Just as he was breathing, the pleasant system notification came making my heartbeat calm down.

"What did just enter into me?"

After checking the notification, Ajax stood up from the ground and felt even more powerful than when he was merged with the Cerauno and asked himself.

'Master, it's me. Snow,' As Ajax was pondering about a reason for his sudden rise in the strength, he heard a familiar voice in his head.

"What? Snow? What is it? Where are you?" Ajax became shocked all of a sudden and immediately looked at his surroundings for Snow.

'Here with you, Master,' Snow's voice once again rang in his head.

'Where are you, Snow?' Ajax asked as he was feeling something was amiss.

'I used one of my new skills and merged with you, ' Snow explained in a detailed manner and made Ajax understand what had really happened.

That's right. The white silhouette that entered into Ajax's body was none other than Snow.

From the beginning, she didn't follow Ajax in absorbing the lightning strikes; instead, he flew into the air with her angelic wings and started checking her new skills that she had awakened after absorbing the Lightning dragon Hawk Emperor's inheritance.

Just as he finished checking all her new skills, with the help of the spirit contract, she noticed that Ajax was in some kind of trouble and used her new skill 'Lightning step' and appeared behind Ajax.

Seeing that Ajax was in so much pain, she then used her another new skill 'Lightning copy' to copy Cerauno's 'Special merge' which she had observed when Ajax merged with Ceranuo and combined with Ajax.

'Thank you, Snow,' Ajax thanked her when she briefly explained about her new skill.

After thanking her, Ajax didn't ask her anything and directly checked her information.


Spirit beast name:- Lightning Dragon Hawk (Evolved being)

Cultivation:- Peak rank 4

Skills:- Lightning Copy, Lightning step, Lightning claw, Thunderstorm, Lightning speed (Passive), Steel wing.

Special skill:-Dominate.

Bloodline purity:- 100 percent.

Bloodline effect:- Increased cultivation speed by three times (Passive).

"Huh? The bloodline purity is reached to the fullest as expected," Ajax didn't feel any shock as it was in his expectations that the bloodline purity would be reached 100 percent.

What shocked him the most was the special skill 'Dominate'. He had the idea about all the skills but the skill 'Dominate' made him feel that it was something special and without wasting any time, he checked it.


Special skill:- Dominate

Effect:- When the skill is used, all the bird-type spirit beasts will be shuddered in the presence of this Lightning dragon hawk.

Note:- There is a 50 percent chance that the dominated spirit beasts will accept the owner of the skill as their master and stay loyal to the evolved spirit beast forever.

Skill Description:- A very rare skill that was awakened when a spirit beast was evolved into a humanoid form by using the recultivation process. The higher the cultivation of the user, the higher the chance of taming the spirit beast with just a simple move.

"This is truly powerful," Ajax felt that it would be one of the top-level skills he had seen and decided to use it when it was necessary.

'Let's see other skills but before that, I should help Elder Qwerek and others,' Ajax looked at the group of elders helping tribe leader blocking the lightning strikes and decided to help them first before checking other skills and rushed towards them using his movement technique.

'I think, it's better to check about this lightning copy skill,' While rushing, Ajax slowed down his speed a little and thought in his head.


Skill name:- Lightning Copy

Effects:- Can copy any lightning/ thunder elemental skills.

Cooldown:- One hour

Skill Description:- When any lightning elemental skills are used in the surroundings of the user, he/she could copy the skill without much difficulty.

"This skill also has a one hour cool down. I think I should better complete my part here soon,"

Even when he checked the system notification, Ajax didn't stop running and thought that his merging with Snow would last for only 5 minutes.

Hence, he decided to finish his role in helping the elders.

"Everyone, don't you dare touch the fifth lightning strike and only attack the sixth one. I will take care of the fifth lightning strike," As soon as he reached the group of elders, Ajax heard Qwerek's angry shout and made him look at them with more carefulness.

He noticed that all the four elders and the Hawk captain attacked the sixth lightning strike and didn't even dare to touch the fight one as they already faced the consequences of what would happen if they touched it.

So, this time they were very careful and handled the sixth lightning strike and reduced its pressure from the tribe leader Qwerek.

"Elders, I am here," Ajax looked at all the elders and announced his own entry.

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