New Age Of Summoners Chapter 374

362 Time Managemen

As soon as he took out the swords, the lightning strike rushed towards him just like the previous lightning strikes.

However, before the lightning strike could hit him, he said to Kraiww and Krail, "Go and help Elder Qwerek."

Just as he completed his words, the lightning strike rushed into his body and his body was surrounded by many small lightning sparks.


"Brother don't need to worry about him. Since he had already said he will be ok, then he will be ok. Now let's help the tribe leader," Krail convinced his brother to move towards the tribe leader saying that Ajax would be fine.

Until now, Kraiww didn't observe Ajax's method of absorbing the lightning essence as he was busy dealing with his own lightning strike.

However, Krail absorbed the entire process when Ajax saved him from the lightning strike. So he was very confident in Ajax and followed his words to help Qwerek.

According to him, the lightning essence of nature from Ajax disappeared after a specific time and where that lightning essence had gone, no one knew and Krail didn't bother to ask about it either.

Kraiww's worry was right but what he didn't know was that from each lightning strike Ajax had only absorbed a tiny bit of essence of nature and a 90 percent of the essence of nature was transferred to the mini-thunder pool in his inner world after he stabilized it.

So, even after absorbing the three lightning strikes into his body, Ajax spirit consciousness was still not full and it needed a few more units to become full.


A weak lightning strike has entered into the host's body.

As soon as the lightning strike had entered into his body, a system notification came to his mind but since Ajax was focusing on stabilizing the lightning energy in his body, he wasn't bothered with the notification.


However, to his surprise, he was able to stabilize the lightning energy in only a couple of seconds before he got another system notification which he noticed as he completed stabilizing the energy in his body.


Please bear the pain for 10 seconds before the lightning essence of nature is transferred into the elemental paradise.

"Huh? Only 10 seconds?"

Ajax was once again surprised when he saw the reduced time on the system notification.

'Why is it only 10 seconds?' Ajax thought while the transferring process was going on and it didn't take much time before his eyes fell on the earlier system notification and understood the reason behind the reduced time.

'So the reason is that the lightning essence of nature was absorbed by Elder Kraiww and Elder Krail,'

In the system notification, it was said that 'A weak lighting strike'. So Ajax was able to relate it to decrease in the essence of nature in the lighting strike.

Not only that, but he also figured out the reason for his quick stabilizing the energy in his body.

Soon, 10 seconds were completed and he got the system notifications but he was disappointed when he saw them.

Because this time he didn't get any increment in the lightning resistance making him sad but he was already satisfied that his elemental paradise had reached the peak level in grade 2.

'The effectiveness of these lightning strikes has been decreasing each time,' Ajax noticed a small problem with the lightning strikes.

It was like if Ajax absorbed 1 percent of the first lightning strike and converted it into 500 units of the essence of nature and for the same 1 percent of the second lightning strike he had absorbed gave him only 300 units of the essence of nature and the third one gave him 250 units.

Compared to all the four lightning strikes he had absorbed, the last one only gave him 50 units of every one percent he had absorbed.

'No worries, as long as my mini- thunder pool reaches grade 3, it's enough,' Ajax shook his head and thought of the positive side of the absorption.

After absorbing the third lightning strike, the grade of the mini-thunder pool didn't increase by much and it only reached the peak mid-level of the grade 2 and it just needed another little push to enter into the peak level of the grade 2.

'System, remaining time,' Ajax thought in his head as he rushed towards Eica and the Hawk captain.


Remaining time:- 16 seconds,

'It's enough to absorb the last additional lightning strike,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief looking at the time and continued thinking, 'With the addition of other elders in blocking the fifth and sixth lightning strikes, Elder Qwerek can think of something else to escape the situation.'

Ajax knew he would be unable to help after the 'Special merge' skill came to an end as he would be in a weakened state for 5-10 minutes and concluded that Qwerek would find a way with the elders assisting him.

Previously, due to the pressure, Qwerek was unable to think of any plans to escape from the current predicament; however, it would change with other elders helping him and sharing some pressure with him.

Also, Ajax would have already rushed towards Qwerek after absorbing his first lightning strike but he thought about helping those who need more and now the skill 'Special merge' was coming to an end and he couldn't help him and left it to Qwerek.


With the help of the level 2 cloud steps, he was able to reach Eica and the Hawk captain in another 5 seconds leaving him 11 seconds before the skill deactivates.

"Captain Hawk, go and help Elder Qwerek. I will take care of this," Ajax didn't explain anything extra before asking both the elders tosummon back their evolved artifacts.

"Ajax, it's dang,"

"Eica, let's go. Tribe leader needs our help," The Hawk captain interrupted Eica from completing her sentence and dragged her along with him to help their tribe leader.

Since the Hawk captain already saw what Ajax was capable of, he didn't ask Ajax any questions and left the lightning strike to Ajax.

"Senior, isn't dangerous for him to continuously absorb that many lightning strikes without any rest?" While rushing towards Qwerek, Eica asked the Hawk captain about Ajax.

Among the upper echelon of the Hawk tribe, Eica was the youngest. So, she called the Hawk captain as senior and when they were in the presence of the first elder or the tribe leader, she would call him as Hawk captain.

"He is full of mystery. Just thinking about his tricks are making me dizzy," The Hawk captain forced a smile and shook his head.

Eica also didn't ask him any more questions and followed behind him.

After they left him, Ajax expressionlessly walked towards the lightning strike and allowed him to enter his body.


However, this lightning strike gave him a sharp pain which he didn't expect.

It lasted for a couple of seconds before he stabilized it and thought about the sudden pain.


The lightning essence of nature in the host's body is stabilized.


Please bear for 8 seconds and the transfer of the essence of nature into the elemental paradise will be completed.

Amidst his thinking, he got the usual system notifications but he didn't check them.

However, another system notification came right after them that made him anxious.


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