New Age Of Summoners Chapter 373

361 Ereks Shock

"What are you doing, Ajax. Stop it,"

Seeing that Ajax was trying to remove his evolved artifact that was blocking the lightning strike, Elder Erek anxiously asked Ajax to stop playing with his artifact.

As for Ajax, he didn't bother to pay any attention to Elder Erek and threw the mirror artifact at Elder Erek.

As soon as the mirror artifact was removed, the lightning strike changed its direction and rushed at Ajax to turn him into ashes.

Just like earlier, the lightning strike entered into his body and at the exact time, he looked at the system notifications to check for the remaining time for his skill 'Special merge'.


Time left:- 69 seconds

Only after seeing that, Ajax was able to heave a sigh of relief; however, in the next second the familiar pain occurred in his body.

The same process of destruction and healing was done quickly and he stabilized the energy in a few seconds before he got the system notification.


Please bear the pain for 30 seconds. The transfer of the stabilized essence of nature will be completed.

"What? only 30 seconds?" Ajax was shocked but his face was excited with the new system notification.

'Is it because I absorbed the previous two lightning strikes that the time was reduced to half?' Ajax was still able to think calmly with the sharp pain all over his body.

Since the time was reduced by half, Ajax related it to the only possibility and felt excited.

'The pain is reduced by a lot. Looks like I should temper my body more,'

Not onlythe time but the pain that was caused due to the lightning essence on his body also reduced making him think that he should continue to temper his body with the other lightning strikes.

Due to his previous two times absorbing the powerful lightning essence from the lightning strike, his body was able to absorb the lightning essence and heal the injured tissues and other inner parts of his body automatically without him doing nothing.

With this, he was able to think about many without bothering to heal the injured parts.

'This 'Special merge' skill is definitely very useful when I fight against the lightning tribulations,' Ajax still had a few seconds remaining in transferring the lightning essence of nature to the inner world. So he thought about the usefulness of the 'Special merge' skill and planned something for his future lightning tribulations.

It would have an impossible thing to absorb if not for the skill.

The reason he was able to absorb and transfer the lightning essence of nature into his body and the inner world was because of the first effect of the skill which is a 75 percent of lightning resistance.

After absorbing the second lightning strike, it increased to 76 percent and Ajax expected that it would increase by another one percent after absorbing the current lightning strike.

Without that effect. Ajax knew that he would not have any chance if he did what he did with the merge.

Even the elders with high cultivation were unable to absorb the essence of nature directly and could only absorb slowly while blocking it with their evolved artifacts. So, without a doubt, Ajax would have reduced to ashes if he tried directly.


The transfer of the lightning essence of nature has completed.


Lightning resistance from the special merge has been increased by 1 percent.

"Phew...As expected," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and thought that his assumptions were right when he saw the system notification about the increment in the lightning resistance.

The first thing he did after taking a breath was to look at the remaining time for the 'Special merge'


Remaining time:- 28 seconds.

'Cloud steps'


Ajax didn't want to waste any time as he rushed towards the nearby Krail and Kraiww.

To save time, he even used his level 2 cloud steps that made him reach them in only 5-6 seconds.

Although they were in an advantageous position, Ajax rushed towards them instead of rushing towards Eica and the Hawk captain and the reason was they were closer to him and the distant team.

'What am I seeing? Is it all real? A commander realm human kid absorbed the lightning strike in not more than a minute. To be exact it only took him around 30 seconds,' Elder Erek's thoughts were in a mess when he saw Ajax's actions.

From his point of view, Ajax came like a wind, removed the mirror, absorbed the lighting strike and left him.

Amongst all the tricks he had seen from Ajax, it would be one of the tricks that made him feel shocked.

In general, for the lightning strike Ajax had absorbed earlier, one needs to have at least elite general realm cultivation to absorb it without any problem. Even then it was a risk and had to absorb slowly; otherwise, it might burn the internal body parts.

So, Elder Erek was unable to come out of the shock that easily.

"Elder Erek, go and help tribe leader Qwerek,"

Before rushing towards the brother, he left a few words to Elder Erek that made him come out of his shock.

As soon as he heard Ajax's words, he immediately rushed towards Qwerek to help him.

Even though tribe leader Qwerek had lost the support of elders in blocking the fifth and sixth lightning strikes, he was able to maintain his ground against them.

As for the reason he was still fine even after that much pressure was due to the pills that the Hawk captain had thrown towards him earlier.

'Elder Kraiww and Elder Krail, help Elder Eica,' As soon as he reached the brothers, he hurriedly asked them to leave the lightning strike to him and asked to help the last team.

"Ajax, we are fine. You need to take rest," Elder Kraiww replied to Ajax and asked him to rest.

Kraiww noticed that Ajax was tired from continuously absorbing the lightning strikes and adding to his running from here and there, he asked him to rest.

He also had another thought in his mind that if Ajax absorbed anymore lightning strikes, he would explode with the powerful lightning essence of nature from the lightning strikes.

Similar to his brother Krail, he doesn't want Ajax to risk his life for their tribe as he had already done more than enough and they could not even repay him for his kind deeds.

There was nothing wrong in Kraiww's thinking as it was impossible to store that essence of nature from the lightning strikes and what's more, Ajax had already absorbed three lightning strikes.

Since they were in an advantageous position, he didn't want Ajax to risk his life for their tribe.

"Elder Kraiww, there is no need to worry about me. I can block it easily," Ajax didn't pay any heed to Elder Kraiww's words as he knew the time was ticking and he wanted to finish absorbing another lightning strike after this.

After saying his words, he didn't wait for Kraiww's reply and caught the two evolved swords that were blocking the lightning strike and threw them at Kraiww and Krail respectively.

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