New Age Of Summoners Chapter 371

359 Lightning Tempering

Ajax, who was now merged with Cerauno, looked even more handsome and on his face, there was a devilish smile that made him look as though he was about to do something evil.

'Summoning master, how is it?' As Ajax walked towards the heavy shield, he heard Cerauno's voice and replied, "It freaking good."

Ajax never felt this strong before as his current strength in this form had reached level 5 of the elite commander realm but in actual, he could easily kill the peak elite commander realm cultivators.

So, he was excited and decided to temper his body with the lightning strike that was blocked by the heavy shield summoned by the Hawk captain.

"Let's do it," Ajax muttered as he rushed toward the lightning strike.

"Ajax, what are you doing? It's dangerous," The Hawk captain was late to stop Ajax from rushing towards the lightning strike.

As soon as Ajax crossed the heavy shield, the lightning strike changed its direction and buzzed towards Ajax.



The lightning strike landed on Ajax. Due to the sudden strike, he felt a sharp pain along with a slight burning sensation all over his body.


The Hawk Captain, who saw the scene of the lightning strike hitting Ajax shouted as he rushed towards Ajax to save him.

Nonetheless, he stopped halfway as he was shocked to see that the lightning strike didn't turn him into ashes instead it was surrounding Ajax's body with lightning speed.

'What kind of trick is he using?' After stopping, the Hawk captain thought in his head and observed Ajax for a while before rushing towards Eica.

The reason he rushed towards her was that she was nearer to him and the weakest among all the elders.

'Damn it. This pain is just.,' As for Ajax, he was still in the pain with the lightning strike that entered into his body.

He was unable to even describe the pain as his mind was in a totally disarray.

When the lightning strike entered his body the tissues, tendons were burnt. Except for bones, all of his body parts were giving him acute pain.

'I can do it,' Ajax gritted his teeth and rotated his level 2 main cultivation, Heaven and Earth refining technique.

As for what reason he circulated that technique was to absorb the rich lightning essence of nature that came from the lightning strike.

Although the lightning strike gave him unbearable pain, due to his years of enduring various pains, he got accustomed to them.

Nevertheless, he still felt the pain was becoming more and more painful with each passing second. So, he decided to use his main cultivation to absorb the essence of nature and at the same time, he wanted to decrease that rich lightning essence of nature in his body.

According to him, that rich essence of nature was the reason he was feeling the unbearable pain, so he wanted the essence of nature to be decreased as much as possible.

'I good thing is the pain is not as sharp as it was in the beginning,' While absorbing the essence of nature from his body into his spirit consciousness, Ajax thought about the pain from the lightning strike.

At the same time, his body was continuously tempered by the powerful lightning essence from the strike.

The wounded tissues and body organs were constantly healed by the life essence of nature that was specific to his own body.

Generally, if one had an elemental affinity with a life element, then they could heal their own body depending upon the purity of the essence of nature. Unless they learn the separate healing skills or abilities they couldn't heal other people.

Since Ajax's universal essence could be converted into any essence of nature, he used the life-elemental essence of nature to heal his injured tissues and tendons.

Every time, they were injured and healed they would become strong by a little and the process was repeated continuously for a few minutes before Ajax was finally able to relax a little with the lightning essence of nature in his body.

However, that doesn't mean he had completely absorbed the essence in his body. He just absorbed some energy into his spirit consciousness and he barely stabilized the energy in his body.

'Phew.I finally stabilized it. But I can't move before absorbing some more energy into my spirit consciousness,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that the lightning essence of nature in his body was stabilized and it was not harming his tissues or tendons.

Nonetheless, it was not enough for him to save others.


The system detected the rich stabilised lightning essence of nature in the host's body.


Do you want to transfer it to the lightning elemental paradise?

Yes / No?

'Is this a system gift?'

Seeing the two system notifications, Ajax felt they were like a gift to him from the system and without any hesitation, he accepted.


Please bear with the pain.

'What? Bear the pai..'


Before Ajax could even know what was happening, he felt a feeling of someone sucking in all his energy from his body.

'Damn it damn it,' Enduring the pain, Ajax could not help but curse the system for not informing about the pain before he accepted the transfer of the essence of nature.


Transfer started. Please bear the pain for another minute.

As he was cursing the system, as though he was consoling Ajax, the system sent another notification which made Ajax calm down a little.

The reason for him cursing the system was because he was not prepared mentally and thesudden pain made his mind go blank before he recovered from the state of shock.

Soon, a minute passed by and the lightning sparks that were surrounding his body also disappeared without a trace.


Congratulations to the host, the lightning resistance for the special merge has been increased a single percent.

"Only a single percent?" Ajax was neither happy nor sad with the increment with that system notification.

According to him, it was not worth celebrating for a single percent increment in the lightning resistance neither it was not a bad thing for that increment as he didn't expect that.

Overall, he was happy that he was finally able to utilize a single lightning strike to temper his body. That's not all he got. He also increased the purity of the lightning elemental essence in the mini-thunder pool by a little which left him satisfied.

Even though it was not upgraded to grade 3, its purity was increased and reached mid-grade 2 elemental paradise.


Ajax stood up from the ground and he observed his own body and felt that he became stronger and sturdier than earlier.

'So, that's why the ancient cultivators use the lightning tribulation to temper their bodies,' Ajax, who now felt that he could kill a rank 4 spirit beast with a single punch though about cultivators from the past.

In the past, all the body cultivators used their own lightning tribulations to temper their body that made them even stronger and their bodies were able to withstand any types of attacks after continuous tempering from the lightning strikes.


Just as he thought about the ancient cultivator, he heard the painful cry from a distance.

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