New Age Of Summoners Chapter 370

358 Ceraunos New Skill

"Buzz" "Buzz"

Soon, five more lightning strikes released from the tribulation cloud.

These five lightning strikes looked much weaker than the first lightning strike but they were enough to kill the elders with its power if they were not careful even for a second.

'What in the world is happening here?' The Hawk captain anxiously took out a few pills from his space ring and threw it towards the four Elders and at the same time, a heavy shield appeared out of nowhere as it covered Ajax and the Hawk captain.

At the same time, he also threw a pill into his mouth.

The four elders who already noticed the lightning strikes that were coming towards them immediately caught a red pill that came towards them and swallowed it without hesitation.

As soon as they swallowed all of their cultivation breakthroughs to level 5 of the elite general realm and their previous tired expression turned into an excited one.

'What are those pills that made them that powerful within a second,'Ajax thought in his head for a second before a lightning strike came towards his direction from the tribulation cloud.

However, before it could reach them, the lightning strike hit that heavy shield that was controlled by the Hawk captain.

Similarly, the four elders also summoned their respective weapons to block the lightning strikes that came towards him.


Since their focus was diverted towards the new lightning strikes, the pressure pressing down on Qwerek had increased that made him cry painfully.

"Ajax, do you have any way to help the tribe leader?" The Hawk captain, who was blocking the lightning strike asked Ajax thinking that he might have a few tricks under his sleeves.

"What should I do?" Ajax didn't know what he should do in a situation like this, so he hurriedly asked back to the Hawk Captain.

"Although I am not sure, Snow might be able to save them if she attracts the lightning strike towards her for a couple of seconds," The Hawk captain looked at Snow and explained the idea in his mind.

"No way, I will allow Snow to risk her life," When he heard the Hawk captain's words, Ajax became serious all of sudden and rejected his idea without a second of hesitation.

How could he put Snow in a dangerous situation when he was already used his 'Absolute darkness' skill on her and make her scared for nothing.

At that time, Ajax had promised her that he would never put her in danger if it's possible for him. So, he rejected in a flat tone before thinking about something else.


A new notification from the 'pay to know' tab.


There is a way for the host to save them. Do you want to know, How?

As he was thinking, a couple of system notifications came to his head which made him see a small hope.

'Yes, I agree. Be quick,'

Without any delay in time, he silently agreed to the system notifications.


According to the system, the cost of the information is 5000 essence of nature.


Do you want to pay for it?

Yes / No

'Yes,' Ajax agreed as his spirit consciousness was completely by the essence of nature from the earlier rich lightning essence. So, he decided to pay for the information that could possibly save the tribe leader and other elders.

Although he was shocked by the price of the information, he thought 5000 units of the essence of nature was nothing if he saved Qwerek and others.

'Anyway, this essence of nature came because of Elder Qwerek. So nothing wrong in using this for them,' Ajax felt nothing while spending that much to know about the information and eagerly waited for the next system notification.


Consumed 5000 units of the essence of nature from the host's spirit consciousness.


The host can temper his body from the lightning strikes and absorb the energy from them. Then that particular lightning strike will be dissipated.

'System, you must be kidding, right?' Ajax's eyes popped out of his sockets when he saw the information on saving the elders and Qwerek.


There are only two ways to make lightning strikes disappear.

The host needs to absorb the lightning essence into his body while tempering his body with it.

Let Elders allow the lightning strikes to land on them.

Note:- Although Elders might not die by that, they will suffer some serious injuries.

"Is there no other chance to help them?" Ajax felt that tempering was not a good option as the lightning strikes that were blocked by the Heavy shield terrified him with its appearance alone and the system was suggesting him to temper his body with it.


There is another way?

'What is it,' Ajax excitedly asked while looking at the holographic screen in front of him.


The host needs to have at least a peak elite general realm strength.

'...' Ajax was speechless at the system notification and immediately stopped asking it any more questions.

From the last system notification, he was able to guess that the system would not say any more ways to help them and thought about the first solution that system had suggested.

'Although the first solution seemed good, it was not safe,' Ajax looked at the ferocious lightning strikes and felt a bad premonition.

It was a general fact that if a lightning strike lands on you and if you are not strong enough then you would die for sure. So, Ajax was thinking about that idea of tempering his body with each single lightning strike.

"Summoning master, I think, my new skill will be able to help you," Cerauno, who was in front of Ajax turned back and said to Ajax about some new skill.


Ajax was both surprised and excited at the same time and immediately checked Cerauno's skill that was supposed to help him.


Skill Description:- Special Merge

Effects:- 1) 75 percent lightning resistance

2) One major realm increment in the summoner's strength.

Cooldown:- 1 hour

Description:-A special merge that can allow the elemental spirit to merge with the summoner and the combined power will be exactly one major realm higher than the summoner's current strength.

"It will do," Ajax didn't delay any longer as he knew that Qwerek and other might not last more than a few minutes with thier present conditions and asked Cerauno, "Activate the skill."

"Activate Abyssal Beast god bloodline,"

However, before Cerauno could activate his skill, Ajax activated his bloodline to increase the powers of Cerauna, Snow by two and three times respectively.

It was nearly 24 hours since he had activated the bloodline, so he used it once again as he would not face any serious effects from it.

As soon as he used his bloodline, along with his own strength, his spirit beast Snow and his elemental spirit Cerauno's cultivation had increased along with his confidence.

Cerauno didn't waste any time as he activated his new skill.


Just as he activated the skill, he turned into a lightning spark and entered into Ajax before both of them became one.

As soon as they combined, Ajax's height increased a little along with his facial appearance changed a little and slowly walked towards the lightning strike.

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