New Age Of Summoners Chapter 37

33 Continuous Awakening

For the next two days, everyone cultivated with their spirit stones.

As for Ajax, he cultivated with a speed of 1 spirit stone per hour. He only stopped when his spirit consciousness was full.

"Should I use the medium grade spirit jade now?", Ajax immediately rejected the idea to use spirit jade and simply waited for the ability fruits to ripen.

Soon half a day passed.

" They are ripe, the ability fruits are ripe", Lewis immediately shouted to notify others about the ability fruits.

"Yes, they are indeed ripe", Edmond nodded his head confirming the ripening of fruits and continued, " Ajax will pick the fruit first, next lewis, third Jeff, fourth Paulin and Udo will eat last", Edmond ordered them to eat, one after other and not all at once.

Because when many members eat ability fruits, it will disturb the surrounding essence of nature and the success of awakening is reduced, so it's better to try eating ability fruits one at a time.

"ok", seeing no one objected to what captain Edmond said, Ajax went to pick, one bright red coloured fruit which looked juicy and delicious.

As soon as he picked an ability fruit, he got the system notification in the air infront of him (i e., Holographic screen) .


Item name :- Ability fruit

Type :- Consumable

Use :- 10 percent chance to awaken any random ability.

Tip :- More units of essence of nature can be used when eating to increase the chance of success and improve the ability rating.

Condition :- only one fruit can be eaten per person.

Rating :- Very good item

Ajax already knew the use of the ability fruit but what he didn't know was, about the tip.

So he carefully read it and understood it.

"So, I can increase the success rate by using essence of nature", Ajax silently amazed in his head and continued thinking, " it's also says that this ability fruit is a very good item, I think it's the first item to get that rating by the system ".

Soon, Ajax sat cross-legged and ate the fruit completely within 3-4 bites, and closed his eyes.

As he thought he got the notification


Consumed an ability fruit


Do you want to increase the chances of awakening an ability???

"Yes", He accepted with a thought in his head.


How many units do wish to use?

" 999", Ajax has total 1000 units of essence of nature, so he wanted to use all his essence of nature to increase the chance of success and the level of his awakened ability.


Consumed 999 units of essence of nature,


Increased the ability awakening to 100 percent.


Increased the awakening ability to highest level.

Soon, essence of nature surrounding Ajax increased to an astonishing level shocking all the squad members.

"What a thick essence of nature", Edmond looked at Ajax in awe.

" but, how is he doing that? ", Udo asked Edmond.

" Don't know, but don't ask him. Everyone has their own secrets", Edmond replied to Udo and told not to ask Ajax anything about his secrets.

"Ok, ok", Udo nodded his head bitterly.

After a few moments, the essence of nature surrounding Ajax disappeared and Ajax open his eyes only to see the shocked expressions of Lewis and other young squad members.

" Ajax, it's success, right? ", Edmond asked confidently. As he knew, when surrounding essence of nature is that rich, it's impossible to fail the awakening.

" Yes, it's success ", Ajax said with a being smile

" What is that ability, explain it, Ajax? Lewis being enthusiastic asked him about his ability.

Before Ajax said anything, Edmond said with a knock on his head, "Hey brat, go and eat first, then you can discuss all you want when will travel",

" Ok, ok, I am going captain Edmond ", Lewis didn't waste any time and went to pick the fruit.

When he was about to eat, he heard Ajax's voice, " after eating the fruit, use as much as, essence of nature in your spirit consciousness to surround you, it will increase the chances".

Nodding his head, Lewis ate the fruit and surrounded himself with his own essence of nature. But the essence of nature is not as rich as Ajax.

To everyone's surprise, he actually awakened an ability, but before he could brag about it, he was knocked out by Edmond.

Soon, others followed the same technique Ajax said and all awakened the abilities.

"Ok, since everyone awakened their abilities, now it's time to explain your abilities", Edmond interest piqued and he asked everyone to explain about their awakened ability.

" Ajax, let's start with you", Edmond said as he pointed his finger at Ajax.

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