New Age Of Summoners Chapter 369

357 Unexpected Events

"Yes. Did they forget that attacking the lightning strikes and even taking the help of others will make the tribulation clouds angry?" Ajax asked the Hawk captain as he looked at the stalemate between the lightning strikes and Elders.

"According to tribe leader Qwerek's calculations, there is a loophole in the lightning tribulations of five elemental world," The Hawk captain sat on the ground and watched all the elders using array plates to fight the lightning strike.

"What? A loophole?" Ajax was shocked to find a loophole in the tribulations and curiously asked him.

"The loophole is as long as you don't attack the regular lightning strikes from the tribulation cloud. There will be no lightning strikes from it," The Hawk captain explained as he looked at the surrounding Hawk tribe members who were still immersed in their cultivation.

"Huh?" Ajax raised his brows hearing his words before asking, "So, you are saying as long as the elders attack the sixth lightning strike, then there will be no more additional strikes?"

"Yes," The Hawk captain simply nodded his head at Ajax's words.

"Also, the reason he made use of that initial two barriers was for the sake of the Hawk tribe?" Ajax finally started to understand how far the tribe leader had thought before breaking through into the demi-king realm.

Just from the rich lightning essence of nature from the four lightning strikes, more than half of the tribe members had reached the commander realm and some even reached the elite commander realm.

This must be what it was called 'Turning a disaster into a blessing'.

Originally, all cultivators have some fear towards the lightning tribulations which make some of them even drop the idea of breaking through to the Demi-king realm.

However, Tribe leader Qwerek had successfully managed to make the most profitable deal from the lightning tribulation.

This might seem too easy for him but the result of harnessing the lightning essence of nature gave them a little more trouble which they had already planned.

If any of the elders or Qwerek were careless for even a single moment, then it would have resulted in Qwerek's death.

But still, the fruits of their labour were yet to be enjoyed, so none of the Hawk tribe members was unable to enjoy their increment in the cultivation since their tribe leader still didn't cross the lightning tribulations.

'This is riskier than I thought,' Ajax thought in his head as he continued watching the tribulation.

The reason he felt it was a risky move was that if by any chance Qwerek dies in the process of crossing lightning tribulations, then the other tribes would try to invade the Hawk tribe.

"Yes, but at the same, it is to give time for the tribe leader to stabilize his cultivation," The Hawk captain added another reason for the use of the barriers.


Ajax nodded his head while looking at the tribe leaders.

'A tribe needs a good tribe leader,' Ajax suddenly thought about Krico and the fire crow tribe.

According to Ajax, Krico was not even suited for the tribe leader position for his ego. So, he thought that a tribe needs a good tribe leader for at least the tribe to remain alive.


As he was thinking about tribe leaders, Ajax heard a painful voice and immediately looked into that direction only to see the first elder cough a mouthful of blood.

'His earlier injuries must have been acting up again,'

Since Elder Cretual was closer to them, Ajax and the Hawk Captain were the first to notice and all other elders were busy with the lightning strike.

"Ajax, can you replace him?" Before Ajax could think anything, the Hawk captain forced him to replace Elder Cretaul and gave him the array plate.

Ajax didn't waste any time before injecting his essence of nature into the array plate; however, to his shock, the array plate didn't absorb it making him quite puzzled.

"Captain, but I don't know what to do?" Ajax asked the Hawk captain immediately when he sensed that his essence of nature was not absorbed by the array plate.

"Elder Cretual has already readied everything with the formation. you just need to inject some essence of nature into it and it will stabilize the formation," The Hawk captain hurriedly said to Ajax while putting a healing pill into his mouth.

When Elder Cretual had coughed a mouthful of blood, the formation didn't disappear; instead, it became shaky. So, Hawk captain didn't waste any time to force Ajax into the first elder's place to make the formation stable.

Due to that shakiness, the pressure on tribe leader Qwerek and other elders increased and made it difficult for them to hold on much longer and at any moment the lightning strike might hit Qwerek and turned him into ashes.

"Captain, but this array plate is not taking my essence of nature," Ajax hurriedly informed about his problem with the array plate to the Hawk captain.


The Hawk captain was shocked and immediately checked the array plate.

"No, no no...why is this happening?" The Hawk captain became anxious as he looked at the blood on the array plate.

"What happened Captain," Ajax felt a bad premonition in his heart as he looked at the Hawk captain's anxiousness.

"This array plate's can be used by anyone other than the first elder...sigh," The Hawk captain sighed as he bitterly shook his head while happening to Ajax.

Since the array plate had absorbed the first elder's blood, it could not be used by any other person, so now they had no chance to stabilize the formation.

"What?" Ajax felt bad as he looked at Qwerek and other elders as he knew they wouldn't last much longer.

'I need to do something to help them otherwise, it will be a problem for me in venturing to other regions of the five elemental world,' Ajax's mind started thinking about a plan to help Qwerek with the lightning strikes.

Ajax knew that if the formation was not stabilized in the next minute, the tribe leader would die without a doubt whereas every elder would receive heavy to moderate injuries for sure.

So, he started thinking to not spoil his ventures.

'Buzz' 'Buzz'

As he was thinking of a plan, Cerauno, who was absorbing the essence of nature, woke up from his meditation and walked towards Ajax before standing in front of him.

A few seconds after Cerauno stood in front of Ajax, a lightning attack came from the sixth lightning strike towards Ajax and struck Cerauno.

"What the hell!" Ajax shivered when he saw the attack from the sixth lightning strike.

As soon as the lightning attack landed on Cerauno, a hole formed in his transparent body but it soon healed within a few seconds.

"Cerauno, thank you," Even though Ajax was shocked he recovered from it quickly and thanked Cerauno for taking that attack for him.

At the same time, the four energy beams from the four elders that were still attacking the sixth lightning strike without any stability unexpectedly landed on the fifth lightning strike.

'Rumble' 'Rumble'

As soon as one of the energy beams touched the fifth lightning strike, rumbling sounds came from the tribulation clouds making everyone even more worried.

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