New Age Of Summoners Chapter 368

356 Attacking The Lightning Strike

The reason for their shock was they didn't expect that another lightning strike would come out of the tribulation cloud.

According to their knowledge from the tribe's records, when one of the Hawk tribe members crosses the lightning tribulations, only five lightning strikes would be used to test that cultivator.

So, when they saw the unexpected lightning strike all the onlookers became shocked and started worrying.

Qwerek, who was using all his strength in blocking the fifth lightning strike was entirely focusing on it and didn't notice it until the sixth lightning strike landed on his umbrella.

As soon as the sixth lightning strike had landed on the umbrella, Qwerek's already tired face became even more tired and pale.

However, the good thing was the umbrella was still intact even after two lightning strikes had landed on it making all the onlookers marvelled at the umbrella.


Just as everyonewas thinking that the umbrella was very strong, unexpectedly a small crack formed on it and along with it, the umbrella started shaking as though he would be destroyed anytime now.

Qwerek gritted his teeth and muttered something and as soon as he did that the umbrella which was shaking earlier had become stiff and even forced back the two lightning strikes.

"Hurray...the tribe leader still has his tricks,"

"Yes yes. He always has a backup plan for emergencies,"

"Do you forget, how tribe leader managed to kill 10000 spirit beasts without even taking a step out of his house,"

"How can I forget his magnificent planning,"

All the worried Hawk tribe members once again became excited when Qwerek used some trick to enhance his artifact's strength and made it equally strong with the two lightning strikes and thought about Qwerek's past achievements that he had won just by using his intelligence.

"What a strong artifact!" Ajax's interest in those artifacts that would be obtained from evolving was increased to another level and exclaimed while looking at the umbrella in Qwerek's hands.

'I should definitely find a way to make my spirit beasts re-cultivate into humanoid forms and it is better than the temporary human transformation that was obtained after reaching a certain realm,' Ajax thought about the benefits of the re-cultivation process once again.

Normally, all the spirit beasts could transform into human forms after reaching a certain realm but it was only temporary and it wouldn't last more than a few days.

Compared to that transformation, Ajax preferred the humanoid form which would not only increase the battle prowess for that spirit beast but there was also a chance that they would also obtain an artifact.

However, the stable umbrella in Qwerek's hand started shaking once again and his face also became more and more pale.

'All Elders, now move to the next step of the plan,' Qwerek didn't waste any time and ordered all the elders while gritting his teeth.

As soon as the tribe leader Qwerek finished his words, the first elder Cretual opened his eyes immediately and took out five small array plates and threw them at the five elders.

"Now, everyone, move to your places and activate the formation,"

Cretual didn't wait for their reply and moved a little bit closer towards the tribe leader's house and sat on the ground before injecting his essence of nature into it.

The rest of the elders also didn't dare to delay any longer. As soon as they caught the array plates they dispersed into different directions and surrounded the tribe leader's house.

After surrounding, just like the first elder, they sat on the ground and started injecting their essence of nature into the array plates.

"Everyone, now activate the formation," The first elder shouted as though he already knew that all the elders were in their positions.

'Woah. Looks like this is not their first time using this type of formations,' Ajax remembered the 1-5-12 formation from the earlier and their exact coordination with each other, Ajax excitedly looked at the new formation.

As soon as the first elder finished his words, five beams of light came out from the five array plates that were surrounding the tribe leader's house and attacked the sixth lightning strike.

"So, they are trying to attack the lightning strike. But it will make the tribulation clouds even angrier, right?" Ajax muttered as he observed their process of fighting the lightning strikes.

According to him, whenever anyone tries to help a cultivator in crossing the tribulation, the tribulation cloud would make things difficult for that cultivator. So, no one was willing to take such a risk in asking help from others while going through the lightning tribulations.

However, what Ajax found weird was that tribe leader Qwerek was taking help from the beginning of his lightning tribulation.

As a result, the tribulation cloud sent a sixth lightning strike at him.

"Then, why is he taking even more help from the elders?" Ajax continued to mutter himself and felt something was amiss.

"Oh...our tribe's child had finally evolved. This is great..this is great," As he was talking to himself, he heard a familiar voice from a distance and turned to look at the owner of the voice.

"Huh? Why are you so excited, Hawk captain," Ajax asked with a frown on his face.

He felt that this Hawk captain was excited a little bit more than elders that made Ajax raise his brows.

"Oh..no no, don't take me in the wrong way. I am just excited to see a high bloodline purity fellow tribe member. I hope it will help our tribe in one way or another...Haha," The Hawk captain noticed Ajax's frown and explained the reason for his excitement.

"One way or another way? Please be more specific," Ajax stood in front of Snow and looked at the Hawk captain and asked him to be more specific.

"Because she has the possibility of reaching the same realm as that of the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor. So before she leaves to the greater worlds, she can leave behind some type of inheritance for the younger generations in order to motivate them in cultivating," The Hawk captain shook his head at Ajax's over-protectiveness towards Snow.

"Oh...Ok," Ajax nodded his head after understanding the Hawk captain's words; however, he still kept his guard towards the Hawk captain.

"Snow, Say hello to grandpa Hawk captain," Ajax smiled inside his heart as he asked Snow to greet the Hawk Captain.

"Hello grandpa Hawk captain," Snow smiled beautifully while greeting him.

"Who are you calling Grandpa. Do I look that old to you?" The Hawk captain shouted at Ajax before looking at Snow and asked her in a gentle tone, "Just call me Uncle but don't call me that in front of other elders or tribe leader, ok?"

Even though the Hawk captain said in a gentle tone, Snow looked at Ajax as though it was asking him what she should call him.


The Hawk captain became speechless and looked at Ajax with a pitiful face making Ajax laugh and nodded at Snow.

"Hello Uncle," Snow greeted him just like before but this time she used Uncle while greeting him.

"Hmm," He nodded his head at Snow and looked at Ajax before asking, "Do you want to know why they are attacking the tribulation lightning?"

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