New Age Of Summoners Chapter 367

355 Legendary Grade Artifac

'I still didn't check her new skills or bloodline purity,' Ajax thought in his head as he looked at Snow and tried to know the information of her skills.

'Buzz' 'Buzz'

The fifth lightning that was almost as thick as a meter wide buzzed towards the tribe leader's house with an incredible speed which made Ajax turn his focus towards it.

Except for Cretual, all the other elders had opened their eyes as they were unable to cultivate peacefully while their tribe leader was going through the lightning tribulations.

As for Cretual, he was entirely focused on healing his internal injuries from the fourth lightning strike. It looked like he was not worried about Qwerek and remained motionless as he greedily absorbed all the rich lightning essence of nature surround him.

Whereas the tribe members were entirely focused on their cultivations.

It was not because they never cared about their tribe leader but it was the opposite. They had enough confidence in him that he could successfully cross the lightning tribulation, so they were not worried about him and focused on improving their strengths.

'You can do it Uncle Qwerek. I have faith in you,'

From the distance, the Hawk captain looked at Qwerek and confidently looked in the direction of the tribe leader's house.

Although he acted carefree in front of the tribe leader, in actuality, he cared about the tribe more than anybody and that was the reason he started studying about artifacts.

According to him,if there was a suitable artifact, then he could bring the tribe to glory.

However, he didn't cultivate less and allocated the equal timings to both his cultivation and artifact making.


Soon, the fifth lightning strike landed on the tribe leader's house and the house was blasted into pieces but this the lightning strike didn't stop as it rushed towards the meditating Qwerek as though it doesn't want Qwerek to live anymore.

After the tribe leader's house was destroyed, Ajax and other elders were able to see Qwerek who looked much younger than before and almost looked like a middle-aged birdman.

However, no one bothered about his appearance as there was more important matter than it.

Just when the lightning strike was about to land on Qwerek, he took out an umbrella that had a mixed colour of blue with White and smiled as though he was having the confidence in blocking this attack.

"It's tribe leader's artifact from evolving into his humanoid form," Eica exclaimed at the sight of the umbrella.

"I heard that it had almost reached the legendary grade. Is it real, brother?" Krail asked his brother.

"I think only the first elder knows about it but he is still healing. So let's wait and see," Kraiww concluded their conversation and expectantly looked at the artifact in Qwerek's hand.

The umbrella was the artifact that tribe leader Qwerek had obtained after his evolution just like Snow's white gown and Cretaul's ring.

'Huh?' Ajax's curious nature came out when he heard their conversations and tried to appraise the artifact with the system.


The host needs to be in contact with the artifact to know its information.

"So, I need to be in contact with it," Ajax nodded his head as he understood.

Since he was the master of the Snow, he was able to know the details of Snow's white gown without coming into contact with it.

Whereas for the artifacts of others, he needs to touch it to know about it.



The lightning strike landed on the umbrella and the umbrella was barely able to block the attack but still, the lightning strike didn't disappear; instead, it continued to force its way into the umbrella.

"What the heck," Ajax was shocked and excited at the same time at the umbrella in Qwerek's hands which was maintaining its stand against the powerful lightning strike.

'I think it must have already reached the legendary grade just like elders had discussed,' Ajax thought in his head as he confirmed the grade of the artifact.

When the system said to touch the artifact to know about the artifact details, he assumed that the artifact had reached the legendary grade as he knew he could appraise most of the artifacts in the Heaven grade and coupled with his standing against the lightning strike, Ajax concluded it as a legendary grade artifact.


As Ajax and elders were busy watching the fighting between the lightning strike and the umbrella, they heard a loud noise and looked at Snow, whose strength had already reached the peak level 10 of the elite commander realm in a few minutes causing a shock to all the onlookers.

"What am I seeing?"

"Is it for real?"

"When I re-cultivated, it took me 10 days to reach my past cultivation. What is happening here?"

"Where should I cry when I took 30 days to go back to my peak cultivation after re-cultivating,"

All the elders were utterly shocked at Snow's monstrously cultivation speed and recalled their own cultivation speed when they re-cultivated.

At that time, they already thought that they were the geniuses with highest cultivation speed in their tribe; however, they soon shook their heads as they thought they could not even hold a candle in front of Snow's cultivation speed.


Suppressing the host's evolved spirit beast to the peak rank 4 stage due to his current low cultivation.

Ajax's mind was still in disarray when he got a system notification that made him bitterly shake his head.

'I should complete more 'A' danger rating missions,'

He felt guilty that he was the one limiting Snow's potential and swore that he should increase his cultivation as soon as possible to not limit any of his spirit beasts strength for much longer.

'However, the problem is that I only have one 'A' danger rating mission and it will surely take more time. I hope the system gives some reasonable 'A' danger rating mission soon,'

He thought about his problem and that was the lack of 'A' danger rating system missions and hoped to get more missions to increase his strength.

Although Ajax now had 5 minor realm boost from the energy orb that was stored in his spirit consciousness, it was not enough to reach the next major realm. So, he waited for one more energy orb before using all them in one go and reaching the elite commander realm.

As he was wandering in his thoughts, Snow gracefully walked towards him and stood beside him without taking anything and observed the fifth lightning strike that was pressing Qwerek's umbrella towards the ground.

Ajax also didn't ask her about anything and also not checked her new skills for the time being and waited for the lightning tribulations to be over soon. Then he could take his own time in checking her skills.

From time to time, Snow looked at the Elders who were looking at her and politely smiled.

When they saw that, all the Elders felt happy for some unknown reason and watched tribe leader Qwerek along with Ajax and Snow.

As time passed, the attack power of the lightning strike also started to dissipate and started becoming weaker.

'Buzz' 'Buzz'

Unexpectedly, at the same time, another lighting strike came out of the tribulation clouds making all who were observing Qwereek shocked.

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