New Age Of Summoners Chapter 366

354 A Special One

The owner of the voice was none other than the first elder, Cretual who was supposed to control the bottom barrier.

Since the bottom barrier was destroyed, he became free and came out of the tribe leader's house.

The reason Ajax was surprised because the first elder's face looked completely tired and there were bloodstains on his robes.

"What happened to you, Elder Cretual?" Ajax asked him keeping his earlier question aside.

"Huh? Nothing. It's just that I am not as talented as tribe leader Qwerek when it comes to arrays," Cretual shook his head with a small smile on his face.

"First elder, what are the chances ofour tribe leader crossing the tribulations?" Kriaww and other elders asked Cretual.

Since he was the most knowledgeable person next to the tribe leader Qwerek, all the elders asked him about Qwerek's chances with the tribulations.

"We have successfully blocked four lightning strikes and just need one more. I think the tribe leader had successfully stabilized more than 60 percent of his cultivation," Cretual smiled at all the elders who were worried about Qwerek and continued, "According to me he has more than 80 percent chances."

"80 percent?"

All the elders were puzzled and soon their faces were filled with worried expressions.

The reason was they thought the tribe leader would have 95 percent but all of a sudden it was decreased to 80 percent made them worried.


When he saw the expressions on all the elder's faces, the first elder became speechless and slapped Kriaww and Krail who were standing nearer to him.

"You really didn't understand anything about lightning tribulations?" Cretual shook his head and continued, "It is already considered good. So, don't worry and have some faith in our tribe leader."


All the elders nodded their heads and resumed their cultivation as they finally felt their confidence come back when they heard Cretual's words.

After his explanation, Cretual looked at Snow, who was immersed in her cultivation and answered Ajax's earlier question.

"Generally, when a spirit beast initiates the re-cultivation process to evolve into a humanoid form, there is a certain of obtained an artifact from that was made up of their own spirit beast body," Cretual answered as he pointed at a ring on his finger.

"This ring is the one that I had got after evolving from the spirit beast form. I don't even remember how many years have passed since then," Cretual had a smile on his face as he thought about his past.

"Oh," Ajax nodded his head as he understood the meaning behind his words.

Only a few spirit beasts could obtain an artifact when they evolve and most of them would evolve without one.

So, Ajax was excited as his Snow was one of those who had obtained an artifact.

"But, your artifact is at the peak level of the heaven grade whereas my Snow has only low-level heaven grade,"

Even though Ajax didn't want to ask this question, he felt that his Snow should be the most special one since she had the highest purity of bloodline combined with the absorbed inheritance of the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor.

With these two things, she should have formed a Legendary grade artifact but she had formed a low-level heaven grade one which was even low compared to Cretual.

He was not saying that Cretual doesn't have the highest purity of bloodline but Snow had the inheritance along with the bloodline. So, he thought his luck must have been bad.

"Hahaha...I already guessed you will ask this question," Cretual laughed and replied to Ajax with a question, "Do you know what my artifact grade was when I obtained it?"

"What?" Ajax was shocked to hear that question and something suddenly a thought came to his head and continued, "Are you saying that your artifact evolved from a low grade one?"

"That's right. When I obtained it was at low-level earth grade and along with my cultivation, it's grade also increased" Cretaul nodded his head and smilingly explained while looking at the tribulation cloud which was preparing its final lightning strike.

"Really? I know it my Snow is really a special one," Ajax was excited as the thought in his head was matched with Cretual's words and looked at the young beautiful girl in a white gown that looked like an angel with wings.

"Of course she is a special one. Do you know that artifact on her had the potential to reach mythical grade? So better take care of her and help her reach higher realms,"

When he looked at Snow, he automatically wanted to worship her due to her high bloodline purity. So, he asked Ajax to help her in reaching higher realms.

Not only the first elders, all the other elders and tribe members were suppressed by her bloodline purity.

"Mythical grade? Even if she doesn't have an artifact, I would help her," Ajax just wanted his Snow to be a special one from the other lightning hawks.

In reality, he would help all his spirit beasts to become as strong as possible.

"It's good to hear," The first elder was satisfied with Ajax's character and sat on the ground to heal his internal injuries.

"By the way, I forgot to ask. Did she absorb the complete inheritance of the lightning dragon hawk emperor?" Just before he was closing his eyes, the first elder remembered something and immediately opened his eyes and curiously asked Ajax.

"Yes, just a few moments earlier she has woken up from her slumber after absorbing the inheritance," Ajax smilingly nodded his head as he explained about Snow.

"SO, that was the reason for her to obtain a similar artifact as Lighting Dragon Hawk Emperor," Cretual nodded his head while he talked to himself making Ajax confused.

"Huh? What does that mean, first elder?" Ajax asked curiously as he wanted to know more about their ancestor.

"I think the reason she was able to obtain a white feather gown must be related to the inheritance. Because our ancestor had a white feather shirt as his artifact. So, there must be some information about how to form the artifact in that inheritance," Cretual said his assumption to Ajax before closing his eyes as though he wanted to heal his wounds first before explaining any of Ajax's questions.

"Excellent," Ajax's excitement had no boundaries at all after hearing Cretual's words.

It was not an easy thing to reach the realm that the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor had reached and he still didn't even know what realm that emperor had ascended to.

However, it was not a realm that everyone could reach. So, when he thought that Snow had that chance, his excitement had no limits at all.

"This re-cultivation process seems to be a good thing. I should try to make all the spirit beasts in my arsenal to go through this process if they like," Ajax thought about extending this re-cultivation process to his other spirit beasts.

Re-cultivation helps the spirit beasts become more powerful than the cultivators in the same realm. So, he wanted to make all his spirit beasts into evolved ones.

'However, I don't know how to make them go through this process,'

Ajax thought about the problem with the re-cultivation process but he soon shook his head as he left that matter to the future.

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