New Age Of Summoners Chapter 364

352 Snow Wakes Up

'Buzz' 'Buzz'

The lightning bolt that came out from the tribulation cloud was much larger than the earlier strikes.

'I think, the barrier can't stop this one,' Ajax felt a bad premonition in his heart as soon as he saw how big that strike was.


Within seconds, the lightning strike touched the top barrier; however, unlike previous lightning strikes, it did not disappear after touching the top barrier.

Instead, it penetrated into the top barrier and destroyed the barrier before touching the bottom barrier.

As soon as it touched the bottom barrier, it shook for a while before the lightning strike disappeared.

'Uff.that was a close one,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief as the bottom layer was able to block the lightning strike.

'I think, it's impossible to block the next one,' Ajax thought about the next lightning strike that was being prepared by the tribulation cloud.

"Everyone, use this essence of nature to break through as soon as possible that barrier might not last that next strike," As Ajax was thinking about the fourth lighting strike, he heard Erek's loud words to the Hawk tribe members.

All the elders had already noticed what had happened with the top barrier and urged others to breakthrough as much as possible.

After the third lightning strike, the lightning essence of nature in the Hawk tribe had become even richer than a grade 2 elemental paradise. So, Erek urged them to cultivate before the bottom layer was destroyed.

'This essence is richer than grade 2 elemental paradise. I shouldn't waste this essence,' With that thought in his mind, he quickly summoned Cerauno from his inner world.

"Woah he has an auxiliary elemental spirit?" Eica exclaimed as she looked at the thunder elemental spirit in front of Ajax.

"He has two rare elemental affinities. Truly a genius," Other elders were also surprised as they looked at Cerauno.

But they didn't bother about those things as they were used to Ajax's surprises.

'Utilize as much as the essence of nature you can. Do you understand?' Ajax didn't wait for his reply or didn't bother with the elders' words and sat on the ground and started cultivating.

Cerauno, after staying in the mini-thunder pool for a while he had successfully reached level 8 in the elite spirit soldier realm. There were no changes to his transparent form and he still looked the same.

Cerauno also didn't give any reply to Ajax as he was excited to see such rich lighting essence of nature and immediately sat beside Ajaxand started cultivating.

Similarly, the elders also returned back to their cultivation as the rich essence of nature around them could help them break through one or two minor realms.

As everyone was busy in cultivation, Elder Qwerek in his room watched the broken array plate in his hand and shook his head.

'I can still make it out of this tribulation,'

However, there was no worry in his face as he felt that he could still successfully cross the lightning tribulation.

Because, from the time he activated the top barrier, he focused on stabilizing his cultivation and he stabilized over 50 percent of it before the barrier was destroyed which made him stop his cultivation.

'I hope he will stay strong,' After saying this, he once again closed his eyes and resumed his stabilizing process.

It was already great that he had stabilized more than 50 percent of his newly gained strength but he wanted to have 100 percent, so that he didn't need to worry about the tribulation.


In one of the rooms of the tribe leader's house,

"Damn, that their lightning strike just touched the barrier and I already felt shaken from it," The birdman who looked around 40 years of age gritted his teeth as he muttered.

In his hands, there was a similar-looking array plate that was just destroyed in the Qwerek's hands.

The birdman was none other than first elder Cretual, who was appointed as an acting tribe leader until Qwerek came out of his seclusion.

When the tribulation started, the entire tribe was covered by two barriers. While one of the barriers was operated by Qwerek, the other one was operated by Cretual on the orders of Qwerek.

Since he was not as proficient as Qwerek in arrays and array plates, he felt his inners were shaken when the third lightning strike had touched the bottom barrier.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from not leaving the array plate in his hand as he focused even more after that third lightning strike and waited for the fourth lightning strike.

'I can do this. I just need to block this from reaching Qwerek and the last tribulation will be taken care of by Qwerek himself,' He thought as he injected more essence of nature into the array plate.


Outside the tribe leader's house,

All the Hawk tribesmen and Ajax along with elemental spirit absorbed the rich lightning elemental essence of nature without wasting any time.

Ajax was just filling his spirit consciousness which was expended when he refined the pills earlier.

Among all members who were outside the tribe leader's house, Cerauno was the one with highest cultivation speed as he crazily absorbed the essence of nature and broke through a couple of minor realms already and reached the peak of the elite spirit soldier realm.

As for the elders, since their cultivations were already very high to begin with, so their cultivation speed was almost negligible

Rest of the tribe members were also breaking through at their own pace.

Among the tribe members, the young elite ones were having an easy time breaking through as their talent was good enough and along with the rich essence of nature.

The slowest ones were the ones that had average to no talent in cultivation but still, they were able to make good progress.

As everyone was busy with their cultivation, there was something happening in Ajax's inner world which made him stop rotating his level 2 heaven and earth refining technique and look into the inner world.


When he looked into the inner world, Ajax was shocked and soon it was replaced by a happy expression.

It was because of Snow, the lightning dragon hawk finally woke up from its slumber after absorbing the inheritance of the lightning dragon hawk emperor.

The first thing it did after awakening from its slumber was to communicate with Ajax.

"Master, I sense a pure lightning elemental essence of nature. Can you let me out," a little girl's soft voice was heard in his head that shocked him.

'Snow, you can speak now?' Ajax asked with a happy expression on his face and carefully observed the changes in her.

The current Snow's height had become much smaller than before as it now only had the height of only 1 meter.

However, its beak and talons had become sharper and they were shining.

"Okay come on out," Ajax didn't think much before summoning Snow and allowed it to absorb the rich essence of nature around them.

"It only reached the strength of peak rank 4 stage?" Ajax puzzled at the strength of the Lightning Hawk after absorbing the inheritance.

However, before he could think any further, he got a system notification that made him raise his brows.

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