New Age Of Summoners Chapter 363

351 True Use Of Barriers

"I hope this goes as planned," Erek looked at the barriers and then the tribulation clouds above the barriers as he thought in his head.

"Don't worry,"

Kraiww and others also thought the same but they confidently said to the second elder.

"Yes and if everything goes well, our tribe's overall strength might rise greatly," Erek smiled at the other elders who were younger than him trying to give confidence to him.

"That's for sure,"

All the three elders nodded their heads and expectantly looked at the lightning clouds.

'Will that really help the whole tribe raise their strengths?' Ajax thought in his head as he didn't know about this type of information regarding the tribulation clouds.



As he was thinking about this, a blue coloured lightning bolt suddenly came from the tribulation clouds and landed on the top layer of the barrier and a loud explosion resounded all over the Hawk tribe.

"This is more powerful than I thought," Ajax looked at the first lightning bolt that disappeared as soon as it landed on the barrier and felt shocked.

Although he knew about these tribulations and he felt that he greatly underestimated the lightning tribulations.

Since he never saw them with his true eyes and only heard from Elder Boron's stories, he felt excited and shocked to see a real one now.

'The first lightning strike is already this powerful, I wonder how powerful the next lightning strikes will be?' Ajax muttered as he was eager to see how powerful the strikes could become and at the same time, he prayed for Qwerek to successfully cross this tribulation.


As Ajax was eagerly waiting for the next lightning strike he sensed the lightning essence of nature around him becoming richer and purer than before leaving him in a surprise.

'Th..this..essence purity is almost as rich and pure as the grade 1 elemental paradise's essence of nature,' Ajax was very sensitive towards the essence of nature from a young age and he was able to compare the purity of the essence of nature in his surroundings.

"What is happening?"

"The lightning essence of nature is richer than before,"

"Yeah. I am about to break through to commander realm,"

"Me too. I am stuck in the commander realm for who knows how many years and finally I am about to enter the elite commander realm,"


All the hawk tribesmen that were watching the lightning tribulation felt that the essence of nature around them became pure and along with it, they sensed that their stagnant cultivation also started rising.

With that, they started shouting excitedly and sat on the ground to cultivate with a serious expression on their faces.

"This must be because of the barrier, right?" Ajax knew the working of lightning tribulation and it doesn't have that kind of ability to increase the purity of the essence in the surrounding except for the area it landed.

However, the problem was if it was observed by one person directly, he would die before he could use that much lightning essence for his cultivation.

So, Ajax was easily thought that the barrier must be the one that was helping in increasing the purity of the essence in the Hawk tribe.

"That's right. The two barriers can store the energy from lightning strikes and evenly disperse that energy in the area covered by the barrier," Erek helped Ajax understand the purpose of the barriers.

Ajax nodded his head in understanding as he already guessed it.

"However there is another use from these barriers, it will help tribe leader Qwerek preserve his strength and at the same time, he can stabilize his cultivation with the enhanced essence of nature from the barrier," Kraiww explained the true purpose of the barriers they were currently using.

"It's awesome," Ajax was truly surprised now as he hadn't thought about this possibility.

The lightning tribulation increases the power of the lightning strikes with each round so that the cultivator that was going through the tribulations must be in his peak condition to be able to block them.

Since a recently broke though cultivator would be in an unstabilized condition it was very dangerous for him to face the lightning tribulations; however, if he wants the strength then he must cross those tribulations.

Now, with the help of the barriers, not only all the Hawk tribesmen's cultivation increased but at the same time, there was enough time for Qwerek to stabilize his cultivation of the Demi-King realm.

"Before the tribe leader went into seclusion, he gave control over the bottom layer of the barrier whereas the top layer was activated by the tribe leader himself," Kraiww briefly said about Qwerek's planning about his breakthrough.

"So, Elder Qwerek planned it all along," Ajax was awed by Qwerek's foresight about his tribe and his cultivation.

"Hahaha...he is known for his intelligence in all the three tribes for nothing. When it comes to the tribe he thinks a lot and only if he had enough confidence he would not try it," Erek said as he looked at Ajax's awed expression.

'Then why were you worried earlier,' Ajax's awed expression replaced by a little mocked expression as he muttered under his breath.

"Next time, think in your mind," Erek raised his brows and continued, " There are some cases, tribe leaders failed and this is the first time that one of us is going through a lightning tribulation. So, of course, we are worried."

"Oh. Sorry elder," Ajax looked at the seriousness in Erek's face and immediately apologized.

However, in his mind, he thought, 'Did I really mutter that loud?'


All the three elders looked at Ajax and Erek as they started laughing which lessened their worry.

It's exactly as Elder Erek said, there was no guarantee when it comes to playing with the lightning tribulation. So, there was a tiny bit of worry in them whether their plan would be successful or not.

'If the lightning essence of nature becomes richer and purer than the grade 2 elemental paradise then I will summon my auxiliary thunder elemental spirit,' Ajax thought in his mind and looked at the second lightning strike that came out of the tribulation clouds.


Just like the first lightning strike, the second lighting strike was also blocked by the top barrier and dispersed the energy from it into the barrier making the essence of nature in the Hawk tribe to a grade 1 elemental paradise level.

It was more powerful than the first lightning strike but still, it was blocked by the barrier without a problem.


Ajax felt that his spirit consciousness was filling faster and excited.

It was like getting benefitted for doing nothing.

Not only him but the elders beside him also looked surprised and sat on the ground and started cultivating.

Among all the onlookers, the one who was most excited was none other than the Hawk tribesman as they felt their stagnated cultivations breakthrough and it was not stopped there but continued to increase, one minor realm after another.

Looking at them, Ajax also sat on the ground but he didn't start cultivating; instead, he waited for the third lightning strike which would be even more powerful than the second strike.

'Here it comes,' Ajax muttered as he looked at the third lighting strike.

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