New Age Of Summoners Chapter 361

349 Blood Cleansing Pill

'Blood cleansing pill, you are the one,' Ajax selected the easiest pill recipe that was very easy to refine in the rank 1 and started reading the refining process.

The Blood cleansing pill required only three ingredients. They were blood cleansing flowers, blood cumin and fluxweed.

Among the three ingredients, the main ingredient, blood cleaning flowers was the rarest but it's not difficult to find in the five elemental world.

After taking out 30 sets of ingredients from the space ring, Ajax stood up from his bed and sat on the floor as it was comfortable for him to refine the pills there.

He placed all the 30 sets of ingredients around him and closed his eyes as he concentrated on the recently gained knowledge about the rank 1 alchemy.

'So, what I received from the system this time was how to refine the various ingredients,' within a few minutes, he glimpsed through the knowledge about the refinement of these three ingredients.

Previously, he got to know about the information about the herbs and how to identify them from the alchemy kings.

Now, the system guide gave him the information about the refinement of each herb which gave him even more confidence and started refining the ingredients.

That's right, the refinement of each ingredient was different and it's done differently. So with this knowledge, he gained most of the knowledge he needed about rank 1 alchemists.

What he needed now the most was practice and that's what the system was trying with the help of the missions.

As for the book he bought from Mason, it could be used to learn the tips and techniques about refinement.

'I will study those after I complete this mission,' Ajax muttered as he looked at the book on the bed and resumed his refining.

As soon as he started refining the herbs, an orange coloured flame came out of his hand and covered the Blood cumin and the fluxweed.

The control of the flame was very fluent as though it was an extension of his hand as it slowly swallowed the ingredients.

However, they were not burned; instead, a shining liquid came out of them before the ingredients turned to dust.

'Phew..next comes the most difficult part,' Ajax released a breath before taking the red colour flower that had only 3 petals.

As he stabilized the essence of the first two ingredients with the flame refining technique, his other hand started refining the blood cleansing flower.

The reason he refined blood cumin and fluxweed at the same time was that they need the same temperature for refinement whereas the blood cleaning flower needs a temperature less than them and have to be a little careful when refining it.

Nevertheless, he was able to remove the essence of the blood cleansing flower that was completely red.

After refining it, he slowly closed the distance between his hands and tried to combine all the three essences.

The three essences in his hands combined without any problem and turned into a single blood-red essence.

Without wasting any time, he skillfully controlled the fire into a cauldron and threw the combined essence into it before closing with a lid that was made up of fire.

As soon as he closed the cauldron, the intensity of the flames increased.

From the ingredient refinement to the increment in the intensity of the flames, Ajax remained focused at each step and skillfully managed the fire that came with the basic fire refinement control technique.


After a few minutes, Ajax heard a sound that made him excited but he suppressed that excitement and didn't open the lid to the fire cauldron; instead, he decreased the intensity of the flames slowly.

Only after the intensity of the flames was at its minutes, Ajax slowly retracted the flames into his body.

What left after retracting the flames were 10 shining blood-red coloured pills.


Pill refinement is successful.

10 high-level blood cleansing pills are successfully refined.


When he got the system notification he felt good however when he saw the high-level blood cleansing pills on the holographic screen he was excited.

Generally, the refined pills were classified into three levels. Low, Medium and High.

The main difference between the three levels of pills was the level of impurities.

Low-level pills have more than 70 percent impurities in it, medium-level pills have more than 50 perent impurities and as for the high-level pills, they have less than 20 percent impurities.

So, when he saw that, Ajax was excited and felt proud of his refinement and continued to repeat the same process once again.

However, he was not as lucky as the first time and failed when he was refining the blood cleansing flower.

Even then, he was not disappointed as he understood it was common to fail sometimes and he knew he was still learning.

With the same initial confidence he once again tried and this time he had successfully refined another batch of pills which were all high-level ones.


In the main room of the tribe leader's house,

As Ajax was refining one batch of pills after another, Qwerek took out the water gourd from his space ring and excitedly looked at it.

'Cretual, will take care of the tribe and Hawk captain will protect the tribe along with his unit. Now, I can peacefully cultivate without any worry and breakthrough to the Demi-King realm,' Qwerek thought in his head looking at the gourd in his hand.

This was his own room that was installed with many arrays and an ideal place to cultivate as the essence of nature here was richer than outside and no noise could be heard from outside.

Before coming to his room, he settled all the things about the tribe and ordered everyone about their own roles during his secluded cultivation.

The only thing he had to do now was to consume the thunder realm's water and break through the Demi-king realm as soon as possible so that he could venture into the regions outside the Shixato wilds.

Without wasting any time, he quickly opened the gourd and drank all the water before closing his eyes and started using his cultivation technique to refine the energy from the thunder realm's water.

As soon as he started cultivating, his body was surrounded by lightning sparks and with each passing second that lightning around him increased.

At the same time, his aura started increasing.

However, it was stopped all of a sudden at a particular time as though something was obstructing him from entering the demi-king realm.

Nevertheless,he continued to force his way towards that barrier that was making him impossible to enter that realm.


After forcing for around 30 minutes, finally, a crisp sound came from his body that made his previous tired expression into a smiling one and he continued to deliver the energy he got from the thunder realm's water towards the cracked barrier.

'Rumble' 'Rumble'

As Qwerek was trying to force his way into the demi-king's realm with the help of the water, heavy clouds started to form above his house and rumbled making all the working Hawk tribesmen look at the sky.

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