New Age Of Summoners Chapter 360

348 Series Missions

The actual reason Ajax wanted to wait for some time for giving the element-less elemental spirit a good element instead of choosing poison and thunder element was because it was only elemental spirit he had the choice to give an element.

So, he wanted to give it an element that was as rarest and powerful as possible.

After keeping his thoughts aside, he looked at the book beside him and came back to his alchemy master plans.

'System, activate the system guide on reaching the rank 4 alchemy master,' Ajax asked the system about his reward as he took the book beside him into his hands.


Activating the system guide for helping the host to reach the rank 4 alchemy master in the shortest time possible.


Current rank:- Rank 1 alchemy master.

As soon as he activated the system guide, the system gave a brief explanation about the guide and his current rank.

After displaying that, floods of new information entered into his head about alchemy and herbs.


Along with the foreign information, a sharp sting of pain started in his head that made him cry in pain.

Although it was not as painful as the pains that he had endured in the past, it came all of sudden and he also did not expect the pain. So, he cried at the beginning but eventually, he felt used to that sharp pain.

'Phew.finally its over,'

The floods of information stopped in a few minutes making him heave a sigh of relief.


The information regarding the alchemy until rank 4 has been sent into the host's mind.

Note:- Learning alchemy is a never-ending process. So, the host still needs to learn more about it.


A series of missions are generated in the quest tab with the accordance of the system guide to make the host encourage to reach the rank 4 alchemy master as soon as possible.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at the system notifications carefully and thought in his head.

'Looks like I guessed right. This system will make me refine pills,'

Ajax already knew that the system would try to make him refine various pills, so that's the reason why he asked Qwerek about various ingredients while exchanging the thunder pool's water.

But what he didn't expect was that it would encourage him with the Quest tab.

When one gets free rewards for the work he wanted to do, he would do it even more interestedly. So he was excited to see what the missions generated in the quest tab were.

'Also, that note in the notifications seems to be telling me to read more about the alchemy. I guess, I still have some need for this book,' Ajax looked at the book in his hand and felt good.

After the system flooded his mind with the alchemy knowledge, he thought he wasted his spirit stones while bidding for this book.

However, with that note, he could still use that book and finally felt his previously sighing heart good.

After thinking that, he opened the quest tab to check the new missions.


Series mission 1/3

Mission name:- Starting the true journey of alchemy.

Target:- Complete 100 rank 1 pill refinements within a day.

Progress:- 0/ 100

Reward:- Unseal the knowledge of the rank 2 alchemy master.

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised by the reward and immediately checked the new information in his mind; however, he was able to gain access to only rank 1 alchemy whereas other knowledge was blocking him from checking the data regarding rank 2 or higher.

"100 refinements in 1 day? Okay, it's doable," Ajax didn't worry about the 100 refinements as he had the confidence in completing the mission without much trouble.

As for his confidence, it was because he had a basic fire refinement technique that helps him to refine the pills with any distraction.

'What's more, I have the title 'Alchemy maniac' that can increase the success rate by 25 percent...Haha,' Ajax didn't forget the effect of his title and laughed which really made him look like a maniac.

The title was a reward he got from completing his first alchemy mission and he knew how tired he was when he completed that mission. However, it rewarded him with an additional reward that made his hard work paid off.

'I can complete the mission within 6 hours,' Ajax thought in his head and asked the system, 'Any rank 1 pills will be counted for this mission, right?'


Yes. As long as the refined pill is a rank 1, it counts.


Series mission 1/3is updated.

The host needs to refine five different types of rank 1 pills with each type being 20 successful refinements.

"What the hell! The system, this is cheating," Ajax cursed when he saw the change in the system mission.

Ajax felt that his previous boasting made the system offended and it increased the difficulty of the mission.

However, the system doesn't give any reply to his cursing as it doesn't want to bother with him at all.

'Sigh I can't even boast myself to encourage myself,' Ajax sighed as he thought and without any other way, he looked at the pill recipes in his arsenal.

However, the problem was he only had one rank 1 pill recipe on him.

'Where do I get other pill recipes? Looks like I should ask Qwerek or other elders,' Ajax thought to ask the Hawk tribe but didn't want to ask the system for its help.

Just as he was thinking about a way to get pill recipes, his eyes landed on the opened book in his hand and his eyes sparkled all of a sudden.

Because it was the contents page of that book and in the top lines there were two words with bold words 'Pill recipes'.

He immediately opened that section of the book and got shocked by what he had seen.

There were around 10-12 pill recipes in the rank 1 pill recipes sections that made him excited.

What's more exciting was that there were other higher rank pill recipes but the number of pill recipes decreased with the increase in their ranks.

However, Ajax finally felt that the price he paid for the book was already balanced with these many pill recipes.

Although all of the recipes in that book were the most common ones even in the Zrocheseter province, there were 1 or 2 pill recipes in each rank that was not common in Zrochester province.

"Let's select the five easiest pill recipes and refine it," Ajax first searched the rank 1 ingredients he had in his space ring and then looked at the rank 1 pill recipes that required the least number of ingredients and cross-checked whether he had those ingredients or not with him.

In the past, he gained knowledge about most of the ingredients below rank 5 with the help of the Alchemy king's handbook. So, he didn't have any problem while identifying the ingredients.

After thoroughly checking all the pill recipes for nearly half an hour, he finally found 4 easiest pill recipes and 1 avg pill recipe that required more ingredients.

'First, I will complete refining these 4 pill recipes and later bother about the pill recipe with more ingredients,' Ajax thought as he selected one pill recipe.

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