New Age Of Summoners Chapter 36

32 Ability Tree

After searching for sometime, they finally found the green furred wolves den which is protected by one rank 4 wolves, more than two rank 3 wolves, more than 10 rank 2 wolves and dozens of rank 1 beasts.

Edmond and Udo, who are strongest in the squad, started fighting rank 2, rank 3 and rank 4 beasts whereas Paulin and Lewis hunted rank 1 beasts.

As for Ajax he attacked the many wounded beasts and killed them, earning him, many units of essence of nature which made him smile nonstop.

Within two hours, they completely killed all wolves and collected their bodies in space rings and entered the den.

The den looked small from outside but once they entered inside, it's very spacious.

In the den, they saw many spirit stones, which, they thought, may be they were collected by the wolves from the killing the passing merchants.

"This 'B' danger rating mission is giving us more spirit stones than a regular 'A' rating mission", Edmond said nodding his head in content.

" hah, what is this?? ", among the spirit stones, Edmond found a weird stone tablet with mysterious markings on it.

After sensing that there is no energy coming from it and he simply threw it aside and casted his gaze at the corner of the den.

In the corner, he saw a small tree which is two meters height with three light red coloured fruits hanging on it.

" oh, it's an ability tree, but it's a pity, it only has three fruits otherwise we would have exchanged it with others for something more valuable", Edmond sighed in pity.

"Ability tree??ability fruit??What is it?? ", Ajax asked Lewis who is beside him.

" Ability fruit is an invaluable treasure which helps Cultivators to awaken an ability in their body. The ability tree randomly bears 1-10 fruits every hundred years, as it only beared 3 fruits, captain Edmond shook his head in pity ", Lewis continued about ability fruit, " But it has only 10 percent chance to awaken an ability and only one fruit can be eaten per person in their whole life".

"I think, it will take 2-3 days untill the fruit fully ripens, you three young ones can take one fruit each and eat it when they ripe", Edmond paused for a second and continued don't keep your hopes high though, it very rare to awake an ability", Edmond said when he saw their sparkling eyes.

" Yes, captain Edmond ", all three youths nodded their heads vigorously.

" But Captain Edmond, don't you need it?? ", Ajax asked after some hesitation.

" You don't need to worry, I have already consumed one when I was your age and my luck was pretty good,as I awakened an ability".

" What?? ", Ajax got shocked when he heard Edmond's words.

" As expected of captain Edmond ", Lewis and Paulin, as usual praised their idol with awe.

" What ability, captain Edmond ", Ajax asked captain Edmond after recovering from his shock.

" It's called firestorm. When I use my ability, my whole body will be covered in bright red fire and my body stats will be increased 3 times of my original stats for sometimes, but it costs me a lot of essence of nature", Edmond explained proudly about his ability.

"wow, it's very powerful",

" it's cool",

"awesome", Lewis, paulin and Ajax interest increased even more now in this ability fruits.

" What about you, sir Udo ", Ajax asked respectfully to the other middle aged man in the squad.

" Not all of them are as lucky as that old Edmond, I didn't it get a chance to eat an ability fruit", Udo keenaxe replied with a sigh.

"Then, why don't you try eating it now", Ajax asked slowly.

" You, young fellows can have it, it will be wasted on me if I ate it now anyway" Udo said smilingly.

"Udo, I think your luck is good, Just see there", Edmond shouted at Udo while separating the branches of the ability tree.

When Udo saw the fruit which is hidden among the branches, he just smiled but not very excited.

" Alright, Everyone just find some place in the den and relax. We will wait here, untill the ability fruit fully ripens and then we shall return back", Without waiting for their response, Edmond found a clean place and sat down.

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