New Age Of Summoners Chapter 359

347 Halo

'Huh? Alchemy ingredients came quicker than I thought,' Ajax became excited and immediately rushed to open the door.

"Hello, sir Ajax. Our tribe leader asked us to give you these ingredients,"

Outside his room, two hawk tribesmen politely bowed to him before one of them took out three space rings and gave it to Ajax.

"Huh? Three?" Ajax was surprised and took the three space rings and checked the space inside the three space rings.

"Each space is completely filled with ingredients of different ranks," the tribesmen briefly explained to Ajax looking at the surprise on Ajax's face.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and kept the space rings away before saying, "You can leave now."

"If you need anything just tap on his talisman and I will be at your service, Sir Ajax," the tribesman said before giving a colourless talisman.

"Okay," Ajax took the talisman and closed the door before returning to his bed.

As for the tribesmen, both of them left only after closing the door.

After sitting on his bed, Ajax took out a space ring that contained only rank 1 herbs and wore on one of his fingers.

"Before checking the book, I will use the system guidance to reach Rank 4 alchemy master. I wonder how it will work. Also, I should use another reward for the same mission," Ajax thought about his rewards from the taming mission.

From the taming mission, he got additional rewards to spin the roulette for an elemental spirit. So, he decided to use it before focusing on refining the pills.

'System, open the lottery tab and use the special spin for the elemental spirit,' he ordered the system without any delay.


Do you want to spin the special chance in the lottery tab?

Yes / No

Soon, a holographic screen appeared asking for his confirmation.

"Yes, Please use it," Ajax nodded his head and said 'Yes'.

As soon as he agreed, a roulette appeared in front of him with 10 sections with different colours on it.

He thought that each colour represented a specific element of the elemental spirit.

'But, why are these two sections empty? Does this mean if I get them, I will not get an elemental spirit?' Ajax was able to recognize also the colours on the roulette but two sections were empty making him feel anxious.

Within a few seconds, the roulette started to spin slowly and eventually spun fastly before becoming slow.

'Please, no empty spot. No empty spot,' Ajax continuously prayed not to get an empty spot on the roulette.

'Damn it...there are 8 other sections why did you stop on this empty section,'

Soon, the roulette stopped on a section that Ajax prayed not to stop and made him cry.


Congratulations to the host for getting an elemental spirit. Please check more information about it in the user interface.

As he was lamenting at his own bad luck, he got a system notification that shocked him


He didn't expect that he would get an elemental spirit for a colourless section on the roulette and soon felt happy.

Without wasting any time, he quickly opened his user interface and checked the elemental spirits section. In that, he found a new name and immediately focused on it.


Elemental spirit name:- Halo

Element type:- None

Cultivation:- Unavailable

Skills:- Unavailable

Description:- An elemental spirit that was born without any element. Without time and availability of the elements that were within its reach, the elemental spirit gradually adapted to that type of elemental spirit. Until then its skills and cultivation will be unavailable.

Note:- The host can choose the element for the elemental spirit from Fire, Water, Wind and Land and it can change into that element immediately. If the host wants auxiliary elements then it has to meet special conditions.

"Hahaha," As soon as he read the complete data on the holographic screen he became excited and laughed out loud and thought, 'This one is cooler than other random elemental spirits. Now, I can choose the element I want for this Halo guy.'

He was excited because he could now make this elemental spirit into an auxiliary elemental spirit that would be always stronger than a regular elemental spirit.

As he was checking the information on the new elemental spirit that he gained from the special lottery, he felt something in his spirit consciousness move.

'So, you are here,' Ajax checked his spirit consciousness and found that the new elemental spirit was in the centre of his spirit consciousness.

It was devoid of any colour and its shape was also irregular as though it was waiting for something.

The most important thing was that a small layer of energy barrier was surrounding its body that was stopping the elemental spirit to absorb the essence of nature from his spirit consciousness.

'Just wait for some time, Halo. I will give you a good element so that you will be stronger than other elemental spirits,' Ajax doesn't know whether it could understand his words or not. Nevertheless, he transmitted his thoughts to it.


However, to his surprise, he got a reply in a very low voice that he wouldn't have noticed if he was not paying attention to it.

'Good boy,' Ajax praised it before coming out of his spirit consciousness and asked the system, 'System, what are the special conditions for Halo to gain an auxiliary element.'

Since the system said that it needed to meet special conditions, he asked about them.


Please use the 'Pay to Know' tab to know any information.

"Okay okay, use it," Ajax knew it was his own fault for making system introduce this new feature that was sucking his essence of nature for every information/

However, he wanted to know about it. So, he didn't hesitate or waste any time as he asked the system to use the new feature.

Soon, the regular process of the 'Pay to Know' continued and after the question formed it asked for the price to pay.


The host needs to pay 1000 units of the essence of nature to know about the special conditions.

"Consume it," Ajax felt it was a reasonable price and asked the system to consume the essence of nature.


The special conditions differ for each element. However, the host needs to find a source of rich essence of nature of that element and allow the element less elemental spirit to cultivate in it.


The rest depends on the elemental spirit.

Thanks for using the'Pay to Know' tab.

"That's it? You literally said nothing about the special conditions," Ajax read the two system notifications and still waited for more notifications to come.

As he waited for a few seconds, the system ended its explanation about the special conditions with thanks.

'This is not a reasonable price. From now on, I will use this tab only if I needed something very important,' Ajax felt that the system scammed him once again and decided to not use this scamming system feature unless he needed it urgently or for only important things.

"The only auxiliary elemental paradises I have in the inner world are poison and lightning. But I don't want to make this one into either of those elements. I guess I should wait for some time," Ajax shook his head and decided to wait until he found a good element source.

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