New Age Of Summoners Chapter 357

345 Void Breakers First Effec

"Do you need something, Ajax?" Qwerek asked as he looked at the returning Ajax.

"Yes...I totally forget about an important thing," Ajax facepalmed as he looked at the three elders.

"Huh? What is it?" Seeing his facepalming, they all asked the elders at the same time with an interest.

Since Ajax said it was an important thing, they became curious.

"It's about the first effect of the small purple coin you asked me to appraise earlier," Ajax removed his palm from his face as he said.

"Yes, even I forgot about it...Hahaha," Qwerek laughed remembering about the effect of the mythical grade coin.

"Me too...Haha," the first elder, Cretual, also laughed along with Qwerek.

"What effect?" The captain of the 12 hawk guardians was the only one who didn't understand what Ajax was saying and why the tribe leader and the first elder became excited all of a sudden.

"Captain Hawk, it's about this coin. This is a mythicalQwerek took out the small purple coin from his space ring and explained its history and Ajax's appraisal about it.

"What? This is our tribe's mythical level artifact? Why can't I sense anything from it?" The Hawk Captain became shocked and took the small coin into his hand and observed it very carefully.

"Impossible... there is not even single rune or symbol I could recognize and can't even relate it to the standard artifact symbols," He became more and more shocked checking the coin and said about his views on it.

"I know you are quasi-rank 5 Artificer, but this coin is way above that standard," Qwerek consoled the Hawk Captian while patting his shoulder.

Just like Qwerek, who was adept in arrays, the Hawk captain was adept in artifact making and even reached the quasi-rank 5. A rank that was almost reaching the rank 5 artificer.

Even he was unable to believe that the coin was an artifact and what was even more shocking was that it was a mythical grade artifact.

'Looks like he is not a regular human like tribe leader said,'

The Hawk Captain nodded his head and agreed and looked at Ajax in a new light.

"By the way, why did you not give me this coin earlier, I would have studied more about it in my lab," The Hawk captain looked at the elders and asked angrily.

He was angry because they didn't ask him, a quasi-rank 5 artificer to research it from all these years.

"Huh? We didn't know it was an artifact until Ajax appraised it. Also, don't you dare say that we didn't ask you to study the coin? At the time, you said that you were creating some artifact or whatever and asked us to not disturb you for a few years," Qwerek scoffed at the Hawk captain.

"..." The Hawk Captain became speechless and rubbed the back of his head with an embarrassed smile.

"You continue Ajax," After explaining about the small coin to the Hawk captain, Elder Qwerek asked Ajax to continue.

"Sure," Ajax smiled at Qwerek's scoffing at the hawk captain and nodded his head before continuing, "The first effect of the small coin is to create a void that helps us to travel to other worlds."

"What?" Qwerek and two other elders stood up as soon as they heard Ajax's words and asked him.

"It's true. The coin's first effect was to help us to travel to other worlds," Ajax smilingly nodded his head.

"Ajax, don't joke with us," Qwerek said to Ajax with an unbelievable expression on his face.

"Yes, please don't joke with us," Similarly, the other two elders nodded their heads in agreement with Qwerek.

"I am not joking. If you want to believe then believe if you don't want to, then don't," Ajax shrugged his hands and turned back to leave the meeting hall.

"Ajax, wait. Sorry for our earlier responses," Qwerek stopped Ajax and apologized along with the two elders.

"Ok, no problem," Ajax shook his head and accepted their apology as he had also not believed when he first saw those words; however these words came from the system itself.

So he didn't have any doubt in the system's appraisal.

Soon, the previous unbelievable expressions on their faces had turned into excited expressions.

"Do you know how to use it?" The Hawk captain looked even more excited than Qwerek and Cretual as he asked Ajax a question.

"I don't know but I can only find it out after my cultivation has increased," Ajax shook his head but he made it clear that he could find its way of operation after he became powerful.

Ajax doesn't want to waste any more time with the mythical grade coin as it would suck all his essence of nature from his spirit consciousness and make him sleep for another half a day.

"Thanks, Ajax, we will wait for you to become powerful,"

Even though they wanted to know its method of using it, they didn't force Ajax as they knew it was very hard for a commander realm cultivator to even appraise a mythical grade artifact; however, Ajax managed to appraise one of the effects of the coin.

So, they thought with time, they could use that mythical grade artifact and decided to wait for Ajax to become powerful.

"Okay then. I will help you when the time comes," Ajax nodded his head and left the meeting hall.

The reason Ajax decided to help them was that he could also use that artifact to travel between worlds.

'When that time comes, I can also venture other worlds with my friends, both new and old,' Ajax thought as he slowly moved towards his room.

Even though he didn't know how his old friends were, he only thought positively about them and didn't dare to imagine they were alive.


"This Ajax kid seems to have a more complicated background than we thought," Qwerek felt happy that his tribe was lucky to meet such a person that saved them a couple of times and would continue to help them in the future.

"Do you think he is the one that was mentioned in the prophecy that brings our tribe to the glory?" The Hawk Captain asked while thinking about something.


The tribe leader, Qwerek and the first elder, Cretual both said at the same time making the Hawk captain surprisedly look at them.

"You are just a maniac that dedicated your life to the artifacts and never bothered about the tribe's internal matters, so you don't know," Cretual also looked at the Hawk captain and chided him.

"Did you even remember the tribe's teachings or have you already forgotten them?" Qwerek also shook his head at the Hawk captain.

"Please, don't say like that uncle. I know that I dedicated my life to the artifact but did I ever hide or not come to protect the tribe when it was in danger?" The Hawk captain looked at Qwerek and seriously said.

"I know but have you ever tried to check the tribe's history or prophecies other than that artifact related stuff? Also, don't call me uncle. Have you forgotten who are you now?" Qwerek mercilessly scolded the Hawk captain with his words.

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