New Age Of Summoners Chapter 356

344 Regions Of Five Elemental World

Ajax was satisfied with his words and continued, "I want herbs ranging from Rank 1 to Rank 4. As for the quantity, 'the more the better'."


All the three elders were shocked for a moment and heaved a sigh of relief with Ajax's request.

Although Qwerek said that he could do his best for Ajax's request, his heart was beating very fast thinking about what Ajax would request; however hearing Ajax's words, his heartbeat became normal.

"Rank 1 to Rank 3 herbs are not a problem. I can even arrange them right now. However, there are only a few types of Rank 4 herbs on me and in the tribe," Qwerek replied to Ajax's request and continued, "If you don't mind I can arrange the rank 4 herbs in two days. What do you say?"

Qwerek looked at Ajax after finishing his words and waiting for his reply.

'Since I need 2-3 days to become rank 3 alchemy master anyway, I can wait for the rank 4 herbs,' Ajax felt it was not a problem and nodded his head.

"Okay," Ajax agreed as he extended his hand towards Qwerek.

"Thanks Ajax. I will send all the rank 1 to rank 3 herbs to your room right now," Qwerek took the water gourd from Ajax's hand and stored it in his space ring while thanking him.

The two other elders looked at Qwerek and shook their heads and thought, 'You are a tribe leader for god sake. Can't you maintain proper demeanour?'

At that moment, Qwerek acted like a small child that just got his favourite candy and totally forgot that he was the tribe leader of the Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe.

It's not entirely Qwerek's fault though. It was because that the thunder realm's water could make him one of the peak existences of the Five elemental world.

With that power, he could venture outside the Shixato Wilds without worry and even take some of the young elite with him to broaden their horizons.

Overall it would help the Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe towards the path of glory in the entire Five elemental world. So he behaved like an excited child when he took the water gourd from Ajax's hand.

'It seems like this water is really helpful for the Hawk tribe members,' Ajax also thought just like the two other elders looking at the excited Qwerek.

After giving the water to Qwerek, Ajax and others continued to talk about some more things about other regions in the Five elemental world.

Although Ajax didn't understand many things he was able to get a glimpse of the other regions in the five elemental world.

Shixato wilds was one of the regions that was neither very powerful nor very weak. It had an adequate amount of resources that could help the three bird tribes and other spirit beasts to reach high-level cultivation with time.

Other than this Shixato wilds there are some regions in the five elemental world. But Qwerek and the other two elders mostly talked about a few regions so he got a glimpse of the regions.

There were regions like Western fox lands, Mountain lion woods, Ancient locust woods and many more.

Western fox lands was the region that shared the same boundary with the Shixato wilds and it was ruled by the different fox tribes and Mountain lion woods was ruled by the various lion tribes.

As for the Ancient evergreen woods, unlike the other regions which were ruled by the evolved spirit beasts (Humanoid spirit beasts), they were ruled by elves.

Also, it was the most powerful region among all the regions in the five elemental world.

When he learned about these regions, Ajax's adventure heart wanted him to venture those regions but according to Qwerek and other elders' words, he understood it's difficult to venture freely in those regions.

"Elder Qwerek, why is it difficult to venture in other regions?" Ajax asked them as he wanted to try venturing those regions in the future.

"The other regions are not like Shixato wilds. They will not allow the beings from other race or region into their territory," Qwerek paused for a second before continuing, "Unless you have their permission to enter their region, they will hunt you down."

"Oh," Ajax nodded his head and understood that these evolved spirit beasts were still maintaining their bestial nature even after they evolved.

In general, every spirit beast had a territorial feeling, so they wouldn't like others to enter their territory without their permission.

"So, the Shixato wilds also have the same rule, right?" Ajax looked at Qwerek and asked while thinking back to his first time in the five elemental world.

Due to his contracted spirit beast, Snow, he was on good terms with the Lightning Hawk tribe and with their help he masked his presence and met the other bird tribes in the Ancient ruins.

So, he was unable to sense the true territorial feeling of these Shixato wilds residents.

"Yes, if not for you bringing our tribe's childe we would have attacked you first without much thinking," The first elder, Cretual said without thinking much agreed that they would have attacked Ajax.

'I guess I am lucky to have Snow with me then,' Ajax bitterly smiled as he heard Cretual's words and thought in his head.

"But, if we have sufficient strength then we can travel to other regions without much hassle," Qwerek said after Cretual completed his words and continued, "So, when I become a demi-king realm cultivator, I can take some of the young tribesmen with me which will help broaden their horizons."

When he said those words, Qwerek was smiling continuously from ear to ear.

"I hope you can successfully reach that realm and venture to other regions," Ajax was also happy to see Elder Qwerek become powerful and then he could take his help in venturing to other regions.

'However, I need to eliminate the assassin sect before that,' Ajax didn't forget his true purpose to become powerful and thought in his heart.

"Okay then, we shall conclude our meeting here," Qwerek stood up and decided to conclude the meeting as it's been more than few hours they were gathered here and he looked at Ajax and said,

"Ajax, you can go to your room and I will ask someone to deliver the alchemy ingredients from rank 1 to rank 3 to your room."

"Okay Elder Qwerek. I will go to my room now," Ajax also wanted to start his refining of the pills to increase his alchemy master rank as soon as possible.

So, he stood up and walked towards the door of the meeting hall.

"I will start my secluded cultivation from tonight. First elder, you will take the role of acting-tribe leader and can only disturb me if there is only a major problem. As for you Hawk captain, order your team to refine some artifacts for our elite tribe members. Do you understand?" As Ajax was walking toward the exit, he heard Qwerek's words and abruptly stopped walking as he turned around and walked towards them.



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