New Age Of Summoners Chapter 355

343 Demi King Realm

"Because you are a summoner and you already summoned your elemental spirits," Qwerek said to Ajax while giving him a smile.

"Huh?" Ajax was confused at the tribe leader's words.

"We don't know much about their methods, but there is a saying that, they can sense a fellow summoner if he or she summons their elemental spirits," The captain of the 12 Hawk guardians replied to Ajax when he saw the confusion on his face.

"Really? Are they that powerful?" Although he assumed that they were strong from the masked birdman's words, he didn't expect them to be that strong.

The older birdman he killed earlier was already in the Demi king realm and he was not even able to find Ajax in the Shixato wilds without wasting much time.

So, when he heard that the summoners' group could find him even when they were in some other region. That made him want to join them even more.

'Looks like I can learn a lot from them,' Ajax thought in his head as he was making plans to join their group.

The most important reason he wanted to join them was that he wanted to know more about the elemental spirits.

"But the chance of them finding you is very less as they have not visited the five elemental worlds for a few years now," Qwerek said with a sigh.

"Why? Is there any reason for that?" Ajax became curious and asked the elders.

"We don't know exactly but we heard some unbelievable rumours about them," Qwerek looked at the two other elders beside him and continued, "It was said that they killed someone from the greater world and eventually hunted by the faction behind him."

"Huh? But you said they were good people and powerful?" Ajax thought back to the information he had on them and asked Qwerek.

"Sigh...they are good and it was their weakness," Qwerek sighed as he started explaining something new about the summoners' group, "They are powerful and always helped the weak to get justice."

"According to me, the rumours I heard about them might be true. Since they help everyone, it was not an impossible thing to get into trouble," Qwerek stopped as he said his views about the rumours.

"Even though they are strong here, that doesn't mean they are powerful everywhere," Qwerek didn't give any time for Ajax to ask any questions as he continued.

Ajax nodded his head as he understood the meaning behind his words.

The greater worlds as the name suggest they were greater and larger than the regular worlds.

The five elemental world belongs to the regular world category.

As for the greater world category, there were Demon worlds and many others that were not known to the general beings.

Ajax didn't know about these worlds in the beginning but when he received the blessing of the Summoner King in his first inheritance ground, he got to know about them.

However, he didn't think much about them as his strength was still low at the time. Even now, his strength was not enough to travel to the greater worlds unless the system helps him create a direct portal to the greater world.

'I think, the system will not give any missions relating to the greater world anytime soon,' Ajax thought that the system still needed more time to give missions of that level.

According to his understanding of the system, he thought he would not get any missions relating to the greater world. At most he would get the mission relating to his revenge.

"Do you still believe they are alive?" Ajax asked after thinking for a moment.

"Although they might not be as powerful as the powerhouses from the greater worlds, they have many trump cards to escape. So, I still strongly believe that they are alive somewhere, " Qwerek said with confidence.

When they heard his words, the two elders beside him also nodded their heads.

Ajax doesn't know how much that so-called summoners' group helped the inhabitants of the five elemental world. But he could guess one thing for sure, they did help the residents of the five elemental world a lot.

"Let's stop about them and ask him about another important matter," Qwerek immediately changed the topic about the summoners' group and asked Ajax, "Ajax, do you still have the thunder realm water?"

While he asked about the thunder realm's water, Qwerek observed the facial expressions of Ajax.

'What should I say? Since there was no loss in giving them some water, will they change their attitudes and force me to bring out more water?' Ajax was thinking about what to do.

Since an invaluable treasure could change the personality of a being entirely and Ajax doesn't want that to happen and pondered about the possibilities.

"We don't need much. Just a liter of the thunder realm's water is enough for me to break through to the Demi-King realm" Qwerek hurriedly explained about the quantity of the water he needed to break through to the Demi-King realm when he saw the serious expression on Ajax's face.

He was old enough to know what Ajax was thinking and hurriedly explained.

"What? Breakthrough to the Demi-King realm?" Ajax looked at Qwerek and immediately asked, "After the elite general realm is the King realm, right? What is this Demi-King realm?"

This doubt was there in his mind for some time so he asked about it immediately.

When he killed the older birdman, the system said he was a Demi-King realm expert that surpassed the elite general realm but didn't reach the King realm.

However, due to him being in a hurry, he didn't bother about it much. Since the topic came out once again, Ajax wanted to have clarity about it.

"In a regular world, once can't reach the King realm due to the suppression by the regular world; however, there is an intermediary realm that is more powerful than the Elite general realm but less powerful than the King realm which was acceptable by the five elemental world," Qwerek explained about the suppression of the five elemental world making Ajax understand a little more about the five elemental world.

"Okay Elder Qwerek. Thanks for explaining. Here is the one liter of the thunder realm's water," Ajax smilingly took out the water and gave it to Qwerek.

Qwerek was shocked to see that Ajax took out the water without making them beg for it which made his impression on him increase even more.

"Thank you Ajax, thank you very much," Qwerek was excited and tried to take the water from Ajax's hands.

However, before Qwerek could take, Ajax pulled back his hand and said, "But I need one thing in return."

"What is it? I can give you anything as long as I have it," Qwerek smiling replied and continued, "Even if I don't have it on me, I will use the tribe's help to find what you will ask in exchange for the item."

Qwerek knew how important that water was to him and he didn't want to leave this opportunity and even said that he would use the help of the tribe for his request.

"Really? then it's good," Ajax nodded his head and was satisfied with Qwerek's determination.

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