New Age Of Summoners Chapter 353

341 Ajaxs Irritation

"Everyone, work fast," A middle-aged hawk birdman ordered other tribe members in constructing the houses.

"Yes, sir," The group of tribesmen replied as they started working with determination.

Similar groups were doing the same work all over the hawk tribe constructing the broken-down houses and helped each other as they followed the orders of a supervisor.

"They look excited," Ajax was shocked at the sight of the excited hawk tribesmen who were constructing the houses and slowly muttered.

However, he didn't bother with them as he continued to walk towards the tribe leader's house.

Ajax knew no one from the tribe, so he didn't talk with them and slowly walked while observing their skills in building the houses.

"Huh? Isn't he our tribe's saviour?"

As Ajax was walking past agroup of hawk tribesmen, someone noticed Ajax and shouted with an even more excited tone giving Ajax a sudden shock.


"Thanks for helping our tribe, saviour,"

Before Ajax even realize what was happening, all the working tribesmen bowed in front of him while thanking him for saving them a couple of time.

"Huh? It's nothing," It was Ajax's first time seeing that many unfamiliar people bowing in front of him and hurriedly asked them to stand up.

"How can it be nothing? The tribe leader and other elders said everything about how much you have helped our tribe. What we are doing right now is not even 1 percent enough for what you did to the tribe," One of the middle-aged birdmen came forward and said with deep respect in his tone.

'Huh? All the elders and tribe leader are elevating him,' Ajax shook his head thinking about the upper echelon of the hawk tribe. However, he smiled in front of the tribesmen and said, "I accept your sincere thanks. All of you need to build those houses soon, right?"

He didn't reject their thanks and slowly diverted their attention to the half-constructed houses.

"Yes, sorry saviour. The whole tribe will celebrate a feast after we construct all the houses," the middle-aged birdman that looked like a leader of the group nodded his head at Ajax before going back to his work with his fellow tribesmen.


Ajax heaved a sigh and continued his walk; however just like before another group of tribesmen bowed to him.

After 30 minutes,

'Damn it! Where did this many hawk tribesmen come from?' Ajax thought back to how many birdmen he met on his way towards the tribe leader's house and cursed.

Within the last 30 minutes, he met more than 15 groups of tribesmen that consisted of at least 15-20 birdmen in each group.

Just from the construction units, he met nearly 225- 300 birdmen and wondered about still, how many birdmen were there in the Hawk tribe.

Until now, Ajax had assumed that the Lightning Hawk tribe had only 200-300 evolved tribesmen; however, his view changed after seeing that many tribesmen from a single construction unit.

Apart from the construction unit, there were security units, who mainly patrol the hawk tribe.

Other than these two units, there were normal evolved people and their children who were by birth evolved just like Raweth and Rawin.

Although it was not an uncommon thing, at the same time it was not common for the child to be born in a humanoid figure.

"Whatever, finally, I crossed them. Before any other tribesmen bow to me, I should enter my room," Ajax talked to himself as he looked at the majestic house in front of him and opened the huge door.

As soon as he opened the door, in the common hall of the tribe leader's house, Ajax saw it was completely filled with the Hawk tribe members.

'Oh shit,' The first thought that came to his mind was to escape from there.

"Hey Ajax, come inside. We are just talking about you," As he was trying to escape from the entrance, Elder Kriaww and Erek asked him to enter the common hall.

Without much choice, he entered the common hall with a wary expression on his face while thinking, 'How did I end up like this.'

He could guess what would happen next and he doesn't like people to bow in front of him again and again.

Ajax, who was already annoyed by the continuous bows from the tribesmen outside, felt irritated.

Nevertheless, he didn't show it on his face as he knew it was not their fault to express their gratitude but the timing was not right.

What he wanted right now was a shower to clean off the foul smell that was emitting from his body; however, it was continuously delayed by the tribesmen.

"Everyone, let's show our gratitude to the saviour," Kriaww, the third elder shouted out loud looking at Ajax, who was slowly walking towards him.

As soon as the tribesmen in the common hall heard his words, they kneeled on the ground at the same time before saying, "Oh great saviour. We, the tribesmen of the Lightning Hawk tribe, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

With their words, the common hall shook for a moment before calming down.

"What are you doing Elder Kraiww?" Ajax asked while sighing to himself.

"It's just our tribe members wanted to thank you...Haha," Elder Kriaww and Elder Erek said at the same time as though they were programmed to say the same thing.

"Please ask them to stand up, Elders," Ajax bitterly said to the Elders while looking at the kneeled hawk tribe members.

"You heard him," Kraiww said to them in a loud voice before looking at a door that was opened all of a sudden.

Hearing Kriaww's words, the kneeled tribe members stood up and looked at Ajax with reverence in their eyes.

"Ajax, tribe leader Qwerek is waiting for you in the meeting hall," After they stood up, Kriaww pointed at the opened door and asked Ajax to go in.

Without any hesitation, he immediately rushed into the meeting room.

In his view, it was better to enter the meeting hall as soon as possible. So, he didn't think much about it.

The reason he wanted to leave was that all the tribe members looked at him with deep reverence making him uncomfortable since it was his first time to be respected by 100s of people.

'I think, I should make this uncomfortable thing into a comfortable thing,' Ajax mocked himself when he walked towards the meeting hall.

When one experiences reverence from a group of unfamiliar people and when it was at the peak level for the first time, no one could enjoy it just like Ajax.

Coupled with the fact that Ajax was already irritated before entering the common hall.

Also, he could not openly scold them when they were trying to sincerely thank him. So, the best thing he could do in a situation like this was a 'nod' and 'Leave'.

"Okay, everyone. Now go back to your assigned tasks and completed them as soon as possible,"

Just as he was about to enter the meeting hall, Ajax heard Kriaww's loud words to the tribe members.

He didn't think much about them andentered the meeting hall.

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