New Age Of Summoners Chapter 350

338 New System Feature

Just as he took two steps, the ghostly figure rushed towards him and begged, "Please great one, if you don't return the fire orb, my soul will disperse into nature."

When he heard its words, Ajax stopped and turned back to look at it and asked, "Why should I give it to you?"

Even though he felt sad about the ghostly figure, he didn't want to return the fire orb.

If he did, then the black kitty would be linked to the fire elemental paradise which he doesn't want to see.

He had to destroy this fire elemental paradise to free the black kitty from the threads that were connected to its body.

Even if he returned the fire orb to the ghostly figure and destroyed the fire elemental paradise by removing the lava stones around it, it would not help in freeing the black kitty.

So, he shook his head at the ghostly figure without any expression in his face.

"Why? Please show some pity on this poor soul that was born just 100 years ago," The ghostly figure continued to pester Ajax with words as it doesn't have sufficient strength to fight against Ajax.

When he heard its words Ajax didn't know whether to cry or laugh. And said, "You already lived for 100 years, so now can peacefully die," Ajax started moving once again.

"Oh great one, I am only 100 years and how can I die at such a young age," the ghostly figure continued to follow Ajax while saying in a sad tone.

Volcanis and the two infernal spirits looked at their conversation curiously.

Since Ajax didn't order them to do anything and the ghostly figure was not trying to fight with Ajax they only looked as they moved out of the lava pool.

"If you pester me like this I will kill you before you can even disperse due to the lack of fire orb," Ajax was finally irritated by the pestering of the ghostly figure and warned it.

"Then kill me. It's better to die instead of slowly dispersing into nature," The ghostly figure came in front of Ajax and looked at them seriously.

"What?" Ajax was shocked at its words and didn't imagine it to say those words.

"Okay fine. Other than that fire orb, is there any way to save you?" Ajax shook his head and asked it.

Even though he didn't know it. If he had a way to save it, he wanted to try it; however, he decided to not give the fire orb back to it and asked about other ways to save it.

"Hmm," when it heard Ajax's words, the red-coloured ghostly figure began to think.

As it was thinking, Ajax noticed that its body started to disappear slowly like it was dispersing into the lava.

"System, do you have a way to say?" Ajax shook his head at the thinking boulder soul and asked the system.


Congratulations to the host for unlocking a new feature.


Please check the user interface to know more about it.

"What the heck!"

Ajax was shocked at first and became surprised after his initial shock and immediately checked his interface.

At the bottom of the user interface page, there was a new feature in the 'system features' section.

Without delaying a second, he focused on the new feature,


System feature:- 'Pay to know'

Description:- The host needs to pay a specific amount of the essence of nature or any item to know about a specific information. The higher the value of the information, the higher the host needs to pay the system.

Reason for the feature:- The system is fed up with the host's continuous questions. So from now on, pay and learn the information.

'Oh, so I just need to pay. Ok then I will pay,' the last thing he worried about now was the essence of nature, so he felt nothing and nodded his head at the system.

The reason he didn't care much about the essence of nature was because of his level 2 heaven and earth refining technique. With it, he was able to fill his spirit consciousness in just a single day if the essence of nature was pure enough just as pure as the essence of nature in the five elemental world.

"What? You are irritated by me? Damn you, system," Ajax shouted when he saw the last line on the holographic screen.

Previously, he only saw up to the description, so he didn't care much about it. But, when he noticed the reason for the feature, he was angered by the system.


Host, place your hand on your and say that you never irritated me with your silly questions even when you know the answer to that question

'Okay fine I agree,' Ajax embarrassed a little before nodding his head as though he agreed with the system.

There were times, where he casually asked some questions to the system which he already knew the answers to. But just to confirm his answers, he asked the system.

Looking at the still thinking red-coloured ghostly figure, Ajax shook his head and immediately opened the 'Pay to Know' system feature.

As soon as he opened it, the usual holographic screen appeared in front of him; however, it only had two boxes on it.

In one box, there was a word 'QUESTION' and in another box 'ANSWER'. Between the two boxes, there was a small gap that was separating them.

Since he wanted to know how to save the ghostly figure in front of him, he immediately asked the question.

'How to save this soul?' He asked while looking at the holographic screen.

As soon as he asked that, the same words appeared in the 'QUESTION' box

After the question appeared in the top box, a system notification appeared at the empty space between the boxes informing about the price for the answer.

'What? Why don't directly take all the essence of nature from my spirit consciousness?' Ajax was shocked at the price and yelled at the system inside his heart.

But the system didn't reply and he suppressed his anger and looked at the system notification which appeared at the space between the boxes once again.


Pay 3000 units of the essence of nature to know how to save the boulder soul without returning the fire orb.

"Okay, take it," Ajax looked at the notification and painfully paid the 50 percent of his essence of nature from the spirit consciousness.

Even though he didn't care much about his essence of nature, he felt sad to give the 50 percent of his essence of nature for a simple question.

'No problem, I can get it back with one round of meditation,' Ajax consoled himself and looked at the bottom box to find the costly answer.


Form a contract with the boulder's soul and make it a guardian of the inner world.

'What? A contract? A guardian?' Ajax felt shocked at the system notification that appeared in the answer box.

'I can form a contract with it?' Ajax thought to himself as he didn't want to ask the system about it.

'Don't resist,'

He simply placed his hand on the boulder's soul and tried to form a contract with it.

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