New Age Of Summoners Chapter 35

31 Battle 2 In 1 Long Chapter

"Hey Ajax, what's with that face", seeing the shocked expression on Ajax's Edmond felt good.

" Nothing ", Ajax soon suppressed his shock and thought, 'What cultivation did he reach, he killed nearly 100 green furred wolves without using any techniques and also he is not completely tired'.

"Ajax, collect all the bodies of this wolves, they fetch us some good spirit stones", Edmond tossed a space ring at Ajax while sitting.

But before Ajax can collect the bodies in to space ring, Edmond stood up and came before Ajax while looking at a certain distance.

Soon, some silhouettes came from that distance.

A large green furred wolf, followed by 2 medium sized green furred wolves and more than dozen small sized green furred wolves followed behind them.

"An early rank 5 spirit beast, two medium rank 4 spirit beasts and 12 rank peak rank 1 spirit beasts", Edmond was shocked to see this lineup and quickly said to Ajax, " Run as far as possible quickly ".

With that he blasted a fire signal in to the sky for others to know that they were in danger.

" Do you think, you can live untill the reinforcement comes here?" the large early rank 5 spirit beast mocked Edmond.

"kill him", Seeing Ajax running away, it ordered rank 1 spirit beasts.

Soon more than a dozen rank 1 spirit wolves rushed after Ajax.

Seeing this Edmond worried and tried to stop them but even before he can move, two rank 4 spirit beasts blocked him

" Please be safe, Ajax ", with a shout he turned around to face that two rank 4 spirit beasts.

His body is completely covered in fire, as he face is full of rage.

With the body full of fire, he rushed at them.


Ajax ran into the direction of dense trees.

" I should find a safe hiding place quickly", with that thought, he ran towards dense trees with a plan in his head.

As soon as he entered the area of dense trees, he activated the pendent's skill:- 'Summon of the dead' and summoned two undead solidiers and made them run into two different directions, whereas he climbed a large tree and hid himself in one of the branches.

When wolves entered in to that area, they split and ran towards the direction in which two undead skeletons ran.

Seeing this, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and summoned Deatk elemental spirit:- Necros and asked, "At once, How many beasts can you confuse with your skill".

" Maximum four , but it will strain me. Instead I can easily confuse three wolves with ease and can control them for sometime", Necros answered respectfully.

"Good then, confuse the last 3 wolves and make them attack the wolves infront of them", Ajax ordered Necros.

Soon a black ray of light entered the heads of wolves from Necros making them confuse, ie.,making the wolves running infront of them as Ajax.

Wolves running in the front, didn't even know what was happening before they died from the claws of their own brethren.

Ajax soons ummoned the fire elemental spirit :- Volcanis and made him kill the confused wolves with his fire blast.


Successfully Killed a peak grade rank 1 Spirt beast, Green furred wolf

30 units of essence of nature absorbed.


Successfully Killed a peak grade rank 1 Spirt beast, Green furred wolf

30 units of essence of nature absorbed.






As soon as he killed them, he got 3 notifications from the system notifying about his kills.

When his looked at the Dead bodies found the wolves, an idea struck his mind.

He went to the bodies and activated summoned dead on them.

Soon 3 undead wolves stood up from the dead bodies.

"They look stronger than undead soldiers", Ajax thought when he saw the 3 undead wolves stood infront of him.

" I will go look the other direction now", with that he ran towards other direction. The two elemental spirits and 3 undead wolves and 1 undead soldier followed closely behind him.

By the time he went, the undead soldier already got destroyed into many pieces.

"Attack", Ajax ordered his small army to attack the 7 wolves standing infront of him.

Necros first used his skill to confuse them in attacking their own brethren, Volcanis used his fire blast. Then undead wolves and soldier attacked the remaining survived wolves.

Ajax also killed one green furred wolf.


Successfully Killed a peak grade rank 1 Spirt beast, Green furred wolf

30 units of essence of nature absorbed.


Successfully Killed a peak grade rank 1 Spirt beast, Green furred wolf

30 units of essence of nature absorbed..


Successfully Killed a peak grade rank 1 Spirt beast, Green furred wolf

30 units of essence of nature absorbed.


Successfully Killed a peak grade rank 1 Spirt beast, Green furred wolf

30 units of essence of nature absorbed..




Ajax soon got 7 systems notifications which increased his essence of nature by 210 units.

"phew", Ajax released a relaxed sigh when he killed all 7 wolves and checked his essence of nature.


Essence of nature :- 441 units.

" Finally, I can reach level 5 now", with that he used 400 units of essence of nature to reach level 5.


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-5)

need 500 units of essence of nature to reach level 2 body cultivation.

As soon as his level increased, he felts his muscles bulging a little.

"But, still I am not a match for these peak rank 1 spirit beasts",Ajax muttered.

Only with the help of his summons, he can kill peak rank 1spirit beast. So his determination increased even more after seeing how weak he was.

"I will check how captain Edmond his fairing with their Alpha wolf", Ajax didn't dare go near to them, only looking from afar.

Edmond battled with rank 5 green furred wolf fiercely. His body entirely covered in several wounds but that wolf was even more injured. Besides them two rank 4 green furred wolves lied lifelessly on the ground.

"Someone said something about killing me before arriving any reinforcements", Edmond mocked that wolf with a chuckle.

" Human, please spare my life, I will be your slave and follow anything you say", the rank 5 wolf said in a pitiful voice.

As soon as a spirit beast reaches rank 3 , they can learn how to speak. Having reached rank 5, it values it's life more, so it begged the human before it.

Edmond didn't say anything and looked at the direction in which Ajax ran.

As soon as his let down his gaurd, the rank 5 beast jumped at him only to get killed with Edmond's sword.

"I never believe a spirit beast which begs for survival", after killing it, Edmond ran towards the dense trees.

But even before he reached their, he saw Ajax without any life threatening wounds.

He was relaxed to see Ajax unharmed.

"Ajax, how did you escape from their pursuit? ", Edmond asked puzzledly.

" I managed to hide climbing a tree and the wolves didn't even see me and went into other direction ", Ajax said a story, he already prepared.

" Ok", although Edmond doubted the story, but soon believed him because it's impossible to kill even one peak rank 1 spirit beast, what's more, there were a dozen wolves in his pursuit earlier. So he didn't ask anymore about it.

Soon remaining squad members also arrived and joined them.

"Hey Edmond, you took all action leaving behind me", Udo keenaxe shouted at Edmond jokingly.

" I was just Lucky, that's all", Edmond said laughing as he continued ,"Everyone collect the bodies of all wolves, while I take a short break after that we will search for its den, which maybe nearby", Edmond said sat cross-legged to meditate.

Soon, they collected all the bodies into thier space rings and waited for Edmond to recover.

"We will continue our search, now", after recovering sometime, Edmond said to his squad members.

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