New Age Of Summoners Chapter 349

337 Fire Orb


The host to remove the fire orb of the fire elemental paradise from the depth of the lava pool. Only then, the host can transfer the lava into the dual elemental paradise.

"Fire orb?" Ajax didn't understand but he could guess that it must be the core of the elemental paradise.

But what made him puzzle was the elemental paradise in his inner world doesn't have any orb or whatsoever.


All the elemental paradises are connected to the host's inner world which acts as their core.

"Oh" Ajax nodded his head and looked at the lava pool where bubbles were popping out.

'System, are you sure nothing will happen to me? Why don't I send Volcanis or red kitty to pick it,' Ajax was hesitating to jump into the lava pool and asked the system.


Only by transferring the fire orb into the inner world, the host can transfer the rich fire elemental lava into the dual elemental paradise.


As soon as the fire orb is removed from its place, it has to be placed into the inner world; otherwise, it will dissipate.

When he saw the first notification, Ajax wanted to ask something but it was cleared by the second notification and understood the reason behind why he should be the one to pick it.

If Ajax removes the fire orb he could store it into the inner world, so he could not allow Volcanis or others to pick it.

"Okay," Ajax nodded his head and slowly dipped his finger in the lava pool to check the heat.

To his surprise, he didn't feel the heat; instead, he felt warm.

'Huh? Why is it only warm?' Ajax didn't understand but when he looked at the red kitty, he remembered something.


Due to the host's body being tempered by the same kind of flame, he won't feel the heat from the lava.

Just as he remembered the body tempering, he got a system notification explaining the reason along with a red energy layer that surrounded him out of nowhere.

'Maybe it's related to the body tempering from the red kitty's flames,' Thinking that he slowly entered into the lava pool.

He thought that the red energy layer was protection for him which he had obtained from the body tempering after entering the lava pool.

Behind him, Volcanis and the two infernal spirits also followed him, just as he entered the lava pool.


Inside the lava pool, Ajax saw a beautiful scenery that made him marvel at it and thought, "Does every elemental paradise' inside looks like this?."

Although from the surface, the lava pool looked small it was way bigger than he imagined and decided to check his own elemental paradise later.

Everywhere he went the lava was making a way for him which he related to the red energy layer around him.

Soon, he reached the bottom of the lava pool.

At the bottom, there were a bunch of large red boulders and amidst them, a small red pellet was placed neatly.

"Is that the fire orb? But it looked like a pill," Ajax was once again shocked by the size as he thought it was very smaller than he expected.

Without any hesitation, he moved towards it to pick it.

As he moved towards it, he sensed the boulders around the small fire pellet shining with a red glow and along with it the initial warm feeling just into hot.

'Huh? So you are its protectors?' Ajax smirked at the boulders that were trying to stop him from taking the fire orb.

Although his body was feeling the heat from them, it was still less than the heat he felt from the red kitty's flames.

However, he didn't want to waste time with this boulder and looked at Volcanis, who was just behind him.

'Volcanis, why don't you try your new skill,' Ajax communicated with Volcanis through the spirit contract.

Recently, Volcanis had a breakthrough into the elite spirit commander realm and awakened a new skill, which Ajax wanted to check its power.

'Sure, summoning master,' Volcanis also excited to show his new skill to Ajax and walked towards the boulders.

Seeing the fire elemental spirits towards them, the boulders started shining even more and Ajax felt the increased heat is almost the same as the heat he felt from body tempering.

Without any hesitation, he took a few steps back and waited for Volcanis to show his new skill.

Even after the increment in the heat, Volcanis continued to walk towards the boulder making them shine even more which in return increased the heat they released even more.

"Ok.. you guys are good," Within a few second, Volcanis reached them and placed his hands on them and rubbing them, he smilingly continued, "But, the play is over."


As soon as he said that, the boulders that were shining brightly exploded into tiny pieces making Ajax surprised and made him check the skill with the system.


Skill name:- Energy accumulate(level 1).

Description:- An active skill, when used by the elemental spirit absorbs the energy from the opponents' attacks and stacked inside his body and when the elemental spirit touches the opponent, the stored energy inside his body will be transferred into the opponent's body with double power. The most important thing is that transferred energy acts as a bomb.

Note:- At level 1 only fire energy can be accumulated.

"Good skill, but the only disadvantage is it can be effective on only fire elemental attacks," Ajax was satisfied with the skill.

Since Volcanis already had high attack power, he had no problem with one attack that could only be used on fire attacks.

'But, if the level increased, he might have accumulated other energies,' Ajax eagerness for Volcanis new skill increased and slowly walked towards the destroyed boulders.

'Now, it's easy to transfer the lava,' Ajax smilingly picked the small fire orb that had an inch radius.

As soon as he picked it up, he got the system notification informing about its details.


Item name:- Fire orb (grade 1)

Use:- An orb that is formed after years of accumulation of the fire energy source and after it formed, the fire energy source is turned into a fire elemental paradise.

"Huh? So, it is a normal lava pool which has transformed into a fire elemental paradise," Ajax looked at the small fire pellet in his hands and then looked at the lava pool and praised it before saying, "But, sorry I have to destroy you."

Ajax shook his head and immediately threw the fire orb into the fire and water dual elemental paradise.

As soon as he stored the fire orb, the crushed boulder pieces near his feet shook before a transparent red figure that looked more like a ghost than an elemental spirit appeared in front of him.

"Huh?" Ajax didn't feel afraid as he didn't sense any ill-intentions from the ghostly figure and asked, "Who are you?"

"I am the soul birthed by the boulder after years of guarding the fire orb," the ghostly figure sadly said to Ajax about it and continued, "I request this great one to return the fire orb back to me?"

"Huh?" Ajax looked at it and said calmly, "I will not return."

After saying those words, he immediately turned back to leave the lava pool.

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