New Age Of Summoners Chapter 348

336 Black Kitty

He didn't wait for much time before he noticed the slowly changing infernal spirit's body.

'Finally, it's changing..Haha,' Ajax was happy as he doesn't want to waste any more mid-grade primitive stones on this spirit beast.


Another soul was happier and excited in Ajax. It was none other than the little kitty.

It only had one friend in its entire life before it meets Ajax and it was unable to leave the cave which made it depressed and due to his small intelligence, it was unable to find a proper solution until an old birdman came to their cave and said that with the help of a mid-grade primitive stone, they both could venture the outside world together.

So, it agreed to his exchange with that stone for attacking the Hawk tribe.

However, after seeing that Ajax had more than enough primitive stones, it decided to form a contract with Ajax and asked for a mid-grade primitive stone for its life partner.

'What the he..,'

Soon, the changes in the ferocious-looking infernal spirit stopped and Ajax was shocked by the changes in it even though he watched the entire process.

Previously, it was around 5-6 meters with blackish-red flames all over its body.

However, after its transformation, he was around 4 meters tall and the previous ferocious look on its flaming head was replaced with an intelligent look.

The most important change was that the blackish-red flames were turned completely black which were different from Kitty's flames that were completely red.


As he was checking the changes on its body, the infernal spirit rushed towards him and made him fall to the ground.

'What are you doing? Get off of me,' Ajax knew it was not trying to harm him, so he didn't attack it; instead, he asked the infernal spirit to get off.

However, it didn't move away from him and started licking its face.

"Hey, are you burning me to death," Although the flames from its body were not harming him, Ajax acted as though they were burning his face.

When the infernal spirit heard those words, it immediately moved away from him and worriedly looked at him.

'Finally, moved away...huh?' Ajax stood up from the ground and looked at its face which was filled with worry and shook his head.

"I am going now," He didn't want to waste any more time here and wanted to go back to the hawk tribe. So, he immediately turned around to walk away from the lava pool.

'Purr' 'purr'

Just as he was about to reach the cave entrance, he saw the two infernal spirit beasts behind him and stopped.

"Kitty, you can stay here and live with your life partner," Ajax said after thinking for a moment as he doesn't want to separate those two friends.

Even though he formed a spirit contract with, if he allowed the spirit beast to stay away from him, that doesn't go against the contract/ So, he decided to let Kitty stay with the other infernal spirit.

He jokingly added, "I will come once in a while to see you. So you don't dare to forget me."

'Roar' 'Roar'

Both the spirit beasts roared at the same time with serious looks on their faces.

"What? You want to come with me?" Ajax didn't understand the meaning behind the infernal spirit with black flames but he understood the meaning behind the other infernal spirit as it was his contracted spirit beast.


Both the spirit beasts nodded their heads with an exciting look making Ajax happy.

'Since you two are willing to follow me, then there is no problem with me,' Ajax doesn't have a problem with the two spirit beasts as he had sufficient place for them to stay in his inner world.

'Anyway, I don't need to supply my essence of nature to any of my spirit beasts since they get that from the inner world itself,' Ajax thought as he looked at the black Kitty and said, 'If you want we can form a contract.'

That's right he started calling it as a Black kitty and his first infernal spirit as red kitty according to their flames.

It would be an easy thing to enter the inner world if he formed a spirit contract with the infernal spirit. So he asked it.

Even though he asked the black kitty, he looked at the red kitty to do a translation for him.

'Roar' 'roar'

Black kitty understood his words through the contract and roared at the black kitty.

'Should I change their names to black tiger and red tiger?' While the red kitty was trying its best to explain his words to the black kitty, Ajax thought as he looked at the two infernal spirits.

Judging from the appearances, they looked like tigers and far from kittens. So he thought of changing their names but he quickly rejected after remembering the spirit consciousness form of the infernal spirit and nodded his head.


Soon, he heard the roar of the black kitty and was satisfied with it as he understood the meaning behind the roar.

Without wasting any time, he immediately tried to form a spirit contract with it and got the system notification making him raise the brows.


The Black infernal spirit's life and death are bounded by the fire elemental paradise. So, a spirit contract doesn't work on the spirit beast.


Ajax raised his brows and looked at the holographic screen before staring at the fire elemental paradise and thought, 'Why is it still bound to the elemental paradise?'

According to thered infernal spirit, just awakening the bloodline would sever the link between the spirit beast and the elemental paradise.

However, the system said the link is still there making himpuzzled.

"Spirus, check it," Immediately he asked Spirus to check the black infernal spirit to see what's wrong with it.

"Master, the threads that are linked to the black kitty are doubled and the previous thin threads have become much stronger and thicker," Spirus said with a worried face.

"What?" Ajax was shocked to hear her words as he didn't expect that older birdman fooled red kitty.

'Calm down. There is no use crying over a dead birdman. Since I was able to form a spirit contract with Ghost, then I can form a spirit contract with this black kitty also,' Ajax didn't feel shocked for more time and immediately tried to find a solution to form a spirit contract with it.

'Last time, it destroyed the giant corpse and formed the spirit contract with Ghost. Since the black kitty was bound to the fire elemental paradise, I will destroy it,' Looking at the lava pool in front of him, Ajax smiled with a cunning smile and walked towards it.

'System, can I store it? Or does it have use for my dual elemental paradise?' Ajax already knew the way to destroy; however, he wanted to confirm a thing with the system before destroying it.


The host can't store the naturally formed elemental paradise in the inner world.


However, the host can transfer the lava from the grade 1 elemental paradise to the fire-water dual elemental paradise.

"Okay then, transfer it," Ajax nodded his head and ordered the system to transfer the law.

However, the system replied with a notification that made his jaws drop.

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