New Age Of Summoners Chapter 346

334 Lava Stone

When he killed the older birdman, he got three rewards.

The first reward was 10000 units of the essence of nature which he transferred to the inner world to increase its richness in the essence of nature.

The second reward was the demi king realm essence gem, which he just checked.

The final reward was an additional reward for killing a Demi King realm cultivator and it was a special reward box.

'Should I open it or store it for an emergency case?' When he saw the system notification, Ajaxa's first thought was whether to open it or not?

Since it was known that a special reward box would give a required item that would help him for his present situation. So, after thinking for a moment, he decided to not use it.

'Instead, I will open the two mysterious reward boxes from the missions,' He quickly shifted the boxes from special to mysterious rewards box which would give a random item.

At present, he had two mysterious reward boxes in his inventory, which he gained from completing the two missions, 'Save Rawin' and 'Upgrade first four elemental spirits'.


Do you want to open the mysterious reward box?


"Yes," Ajax nodded his head and soon the transparent gift box in front of him opened and a small pill came out of it. On the pill, there was a demon face that looked just like Zaglanath's face.


The host received a Demon transformation pill that allows the host to transform into a demon for an hour and even Demon kings will find it hard to recognize your true form.

"Huh? It is good but I don't have a way to enter the demon world. I think this pill also goes into inventory for future use," Ajax was neither happy nor sad at the Demon transformation pill as he already had no expectations from the mysterious rewards box.

"Open another one," Throwing the demon transformation pill into the inventory, he opened another mysterious reward box.


The host received a 10 million low-level spirit stones

"What?" Ajax, who was resting on his back, stood up immediately and rubbed his eyes to check the words on the holographic screen in front of him.

"It's real...real," Ajax was excited as his face was filled with smiles.

One would be most excited when they least expect something. So, Ajax, who was least expectant of the mysterious reward box was excited to see the ten million spirit stones.

"With these, I can go to the dimension crevice and buy primitive stones and other things,"

Ajax talked to himself while all the elemental spirit watched him curiously.

Although Ajax got many things from the system, they were all random and he didn't want to depend on the system too much when he faced a desperate situation.

So, with this many spirit stones, he could buy some high-level items that could help in that difficult crisis.

"What are you watching? Just enjoy the sceneries," when he saw the curious elemental spirits, he tried to cover his embarrassment and ordered them to observe the sceneries.

All the elemental spirits, except for Slait resumed their previous work after Ajax's order.

"Big brother, why are you so excited?" Slait asked him with a cute smile on his face.

"Nothing, Big brother just struck a lottery," Ajax briefly said before resting.

"Ok, at least, this mysterious reward box gave some good reward," Ajax muttered as he looked at the other things he gained recently.

'I can use the alchemy guide by the system after reaching the hawk tribe. So, I can use the lottery tab now,' He finally came to the lottery tab.

In the lottery tab, he had some chances to spin the roulette and he didn't even recognize where he got that many.

'Does it matter? As long as I get some good items, it's enough,' Ajax didn't bother about where he got the lottery chances.

There were three normal chances and one special one which he got from the recent mission.

'I will use the special one then,' Ajax thought in his mind and he was about to ask the system about it.

However, Twilight landed on the ground abruptly which made his plans halt for a moment.

'Oh..we are here?' Ajax didn't need to ask why it landed on the ground as they reached the location Ajax wanted to reach.

"Kitty, come out" Without any delay, he summoned the infernal spirit.


As soon as it came out, the infernal spirit roared at Ajax before rushing towards a nearby cave.

'Huh? Wait, Kitty,' Ajax also rushed behind it.

'Swoosh' 'Swoosh'

The elemental spirits, without any choice also, followed Ajax into the cave.

Soon, they entered the cave.

"It's hot all of a sudden," Ajax felt the change in the temperature all of sudden and noticed a lava pool in the middle of the cave.

"An elemental paradise?" Ajax was shocked by the lava pool in front of him as it was his first time seeing the elemental paradise in the real world.

All the elemental paradises he had on him were rewarded to him by the system, so his interest was piqued by the fire elemental paradise in front of him and moved towards it.

As he reached closer to it, he felt the increment in heat and his body was completely covered in the sweat within a few seconds after entering the cave.

Nevertheless, he didn't feel uncomfortable with the heat as his body was already tempered by the infernal spirit's flames.

Behind his, only one elemental spirit, Volcanic followed him since he was fire elemental spirit, so he felt ecstasy with each step he took towards the elemental paradise.

As for the other elemental spirits they stopped at the entrance of the cave with the destructive dragon as they felt uncomfortable with the heat in the cave.

"Hey, Kitty," Soon, Ajax saw the infernal spirit jump into the lava pool and shouted at it.


However, it didn't listen to him and swam across the lava pool and suddenly stopped swimming and roared at him before completely immersed into the lava pool.

"Volcanis, follow it," Even though his body was tempered with the infernal spirit's flames, he didn't want to jump into the lava pool as it would incinerate before he could temper his body with it and asked Volcanis to follow the infernal spirit.

"Yes, summoning master," Volcanic nodded his head and ran towards the lava pool and jumped into it.

After sending Volcanis, Ajax carefully observed the cave and the area around the lava pool.

The lava pool was surrounded by black stones that looked stronger than normal rock.

'Let's see,' with just a glance, Ajax was able to tell there was something special about the stones and picked a black stone.


Item name:- Lava stone.

Type:- Consumable

Use:-Increases the fire attack power of the weapon.

Description:- A stone used while creating weapons to add special effects or property of the weapon.

"Huh? A stone used in weapon-making?" Ajax was excited as he looked at the stone in his hand.

'I think, I can exchange this stone in the dimensional crevice for other items,' Ajax thought in his head while he started picking the black stones slowly.

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