New Age Of Summoners Chapter 345

333 Demi King Realm Essence Gem

"This kid..sigh," Grand Elder shook his head at Raweth's words and looked at the other elders before saying, "Don't try your tricks on him and let him stay as he wishes."

"Yes, Grand Elder," All the Elders nodded their heads in reply.

The reason the Grand Elder ordered them was that he knew how these elders were and what they would do for the sake of the tribe. So, he asked them to not try anything.

Next, he looked at the masked birdman and asked, "Do you know about that human kid?"

"I just met him a few minutes ago before coming here," The masked birdman shook his head and continued, "But, he is a summoner and at the same time he doesn't belong to the summoners' group."

"Huh? A summoner?" Grand Elder surprised for a moment and nodded his head, he continued, "Maybe it's a good thing for Raweth to venture to other worlds."

"Okay, you heard him. He is not a regular human, so don't do anything funny lest you get exiled by the tribe," After saying that he looked at the five elders and chuckled.

"Yes, Grand Elder," This time, all the elders seriously replied to him.

Previously, they wanted to do something to Ajax for making his tribe's childe a contracted spirit beast. However, after learning that he might have a great background they didn't want to do anything funny and heaved a sigh of relief.

"All the elders, we have a lot of work to do now. Let's go," After seeing their expressions the Grand Elder stored the tribe leader seal along with his seal into his space ring and slowly said before rushing out.

The meaning behind a lot of work means, they have to restructure the fire crow tribe once again and compensate the warriors you had fallen fighting the spirit beasts. So he didn't waste any time and rushed out.

The rest of the elders also followed him with sad faces thinking how many tribesmen had lost their lives in this spirit beast horde.

'This idiot Krico was never interested in the tribe related things which made us escape from him,'

While they were walking out of the tribe leader's house, the Grand Elder thought and shook his head.

Actually what the Grand Elder said to Krico about the red wooden seal was not entirely true. Due to the power from all the elders' seals, he was barely about to escape the red wooden seal's attack and with his quick wits, he was able to trick him.

If he even thought about attacking once again, all the elders would have lost their lives in the hands of Krico.

Most importantly the reason for Krico's confidence in coming in his spirit consciousness form was also because of that red wooden seal. So, when he heard the Grand Elder's words and along with his calmness, he wanted to trade his life for the red wooden seal.

However, that cost him his life.

If he knew that he was tricked by the Grand Elder, he would definitely cry in his afterlife.

"Grand Elder, I want to check for my family and team members, so I won't be able to follow you," The Grand Elder was awakened from his thoughts by the masked birdman's voice.

"Ok, go ahead." The Grand Elder nodded his head at him before looking at the elders and said, "All the elders, split and gather all the fire crow tribesmen here."

"Yes, Grand Elder," All the elders and the masked birdman disappeared from their places leaving him alone.


At the entrance of the fire crow tribe,

"Do you want to stay outside or inside the inner world?" Ajax looked at his three-four elemental spirits and asked for their opinion.

"I want to stay out,"

All four elemental spirits, Volcanis, Spirus, Slait and Bane wanted to stay out as they wanted to relax while observing the five elemental world.

"Sure," Ajax doesn't have a problem with them since everyone could transform into human forms.

"Twilight, come out," Ajax just wanted to fly to the Hawk tribe directly; instead of travelling on the ground.

As soon as said that a huge purple coloured dragon appeared out of nowhere and landed in front of Ajax and his elemental spirits.


Without wasting any time, the dragon caught Ajax with its claws and threw him into the air.


Ajax was unable to react in time and shouted while spinning in the air.

'Catch me...someone catch me,' Ajax wanted to say this but he was unable to say due to his spinning.

However, he was not much time in the air and fell towards the ground with incredible speed.

Just before he hit the ground, he was caught by Twilight.

"Twilight...please don't do it like this next time...okay?" Ajax said in a weak voice before he was once again thrown into the air.

But this time, he landed on twilight's back, so he didn't say anything and rested on its back.

The rest of the elemental spirits looked at each other before mounting Twilight.

'Twilight, go to this place,' After everyone mounted, Ajax transmitted an image of the location to it through the spirit contract.


Twilight roared as though it understood and flew into the air.

The image he shared with the dragon was the location of the infernal spirit's home which was shared to him through the same method.

The reason he shared it was because he promised the infernal spirit to save its life partner by improving its bloodline purity using the mid-grade primitive stone.

So, before going to the Hawk tribe, he wanted to fulfil his promise and save it.

"Bythe way, I have a lot of new rewards and things to check. Since I don't have anything to do now, I will check them," After sharing the location with the dragon, Ajax wanted to check the things he recently gained from the system for completing the missions and other things.

'Let's start with the older birdman's killing rewards,' The first thing he chose to check were the items he gained from killing the older birdman.

"System, show me the details of the items I gained from killing the older birdman," He asked the system while looking at the blue sky.

As for his elemental spirits, they were also enjoying the surrounding sceneries from Twilight's back.


Item name:- Demi King realm essence gem.

Use:- When consumed it can help break through the major cultivation realms (Minor realms also).

Note:- 1) Can only be used by spirit beasts of the fire element.

2) Strength needed to be peak rank 5

Description:- The essence gem of the being that almost touched the King realm but due to the five elemental word's restrictions, he could not enter the King realm; however, his strength is much greater than any peak level 10 elite general cultivators.

"It's a good item but the restrictions are great," Although the essence of the demi King realm spirit beast (Evolved) looked great, it needed time for him to use it on one of his spirit beasts.


Do you want to open a special reward box?

Soon another reward for killing the older birdman appeared in front him.

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