New Age Of Summoners Chapter 344

332 Master?

'System, what is this spirit point?'

Ajax asked the system about the reward he gained from killing Krico's spirit consciousness.


The host needs high cultivation to use it.

"Huh? Okay. But at least say its use," Ajax nodded his head and asked the system about its use.

However, there was no reply from the system making Ajax speechless.

'If you don't want to say about its use, then why reward it to me,' After saying that he didn't bother with the system and looked at Raweth, who was crying while looking at a small pendant in his hands.

As for what reason, he was crying no one knows.

'Sigh,' Ajax looked at him and walked towards him to console him.

But, before he could take a couple of steps, he stopped as he looked at Rawin, who had the same type of pendant in his hands.

"Brother, you didn't do anything wrong and don't feel guilty about killing him," His little brother Rawin patted his shoulder and continued, "The reason I asked you to kill him because I know about his true nature after you left the tribe for a couple of months."

Earlier, Raweth was unable to kill Krico as he was the one who trained him from his young age and made him powerful. Just when his thoughts were contradicting one another, he heard his little brother's voice in his head and said 'Brother, kill him'.

As soon as he heard his little brother'simmature voice that had a hint of hatred in it, he didn't hesitate a second in killing Krico.

Even though he killed Krico, Raweth felt sad since Krico was his idol.

When he saw Raweth's crying face, his brother Rawin said something while consoling him, "When you have disappeared for a few months, he came to see me regularly to curse me and what made me even more worried is he wanted to kill you and get your bloodline and talent. He thought I was unconscious and revealed all his plans in front of me," Rawin said with a sigh in his innocent voice.

Although Rawin looked like a 15-year old youth, his real age was less than 10 years. Due to various medicinal herbs and some unknown factors, his bloodline purity had already crossed the 50 percent mark. If he was not poisoned, he would be the suitable candidate for the fire crow tribe's childe.

"So, all the words, the uncle said are true," Raweth shouted out loud and his previous sadness disappeared.

Previously he didn't believe the masked birdman's words completely as his mind went crazy after learning some hidden things about his past and another thing was his mind told him to believe Krico as he used to follow Krico's orders from his childhood.

So, his mind unconsciously wanted to agree with Krico's words but his little brother's words overlapped those thoughts and killed Krico.

"...." The masked birdman was speechless.

"...." Grand Elder and other Elders were speechless.

"...." Even Ajax was speechless as he thought that since Raweth called the masked birdman as uncle respectfully then why didn't he believe his words?

'Whatever, all things went good,' Ajax didn't bother about those thoughts and said to Raweth, "Raweth, you stay here and take care of your tribe. I will go to the Hawk tribe"

Since he completed the mission, Ajax wanted to go back to the Hawk tribe and become the rank 4 alchemy master as soon as possible. After that, he could venture the five elemental world a little more before leaving for the human world.

"Young master, if you need me for anything, please order me through the spirit contract," Raweth kneeled on the single knee and bowed in front of Ajax.

He was extremely grateful to Ajax and understood the meaning behind his words.

Since the fire crow tribe was already destroyed by more than 50 percent, Ajax wanted Raweth to settle the things in the fire crow tribe.

"Sure, I am going now," Ajax nodded his head and walked out of the dark room.

"Raweth, why are you kneeling in front of a human?"

"We know, he saved you but you need not bow to him as you are the tribe leader now,"

"It is degrading our fire crows pride,"

After Ajax left the dark room, except for the Grand Elder and the masked birdman everyone shouted at Raweth for kneeling on one knee in front of Ajax.

"I forgot to mention, he is my master with whom I made a spirit contract," Raweth didn't feel angry towards the Elders as it was common teaching of every fire crow child to not to bow in front of others.

However, according to Raweth, Ajax helped him a lot so that he could not repay him even if he died protecting him.

From saving his life from the hands of the older birdman to saving his little brother's life from the five elemental poison and not to mention the fifty percent inheritance he received from him, he felt it was a small thing to bow in front of his master.


"You formed a contract with a human?"

"Damn, did you forget how cunning humans are?"

All the five elders anxiously shouted at Raweth when they heard his words about spirit contract.

"Did he force you to form a spirit contract with him. If so, then I have a way to break the spirit contract," Unlike other elders, the Grand Elder didn't become anxious; instead he calmly asked Raweth.

"Huh?" When they heard the Grand Elders' words, all the Elders became shocked as it was the first time they heard that a spirit contract could be broken.

Generally, it was impossible to break a spirit contract between a spirit beast and other beings. So they were shocked to hear Grand Elder's words and expectantly looked at Raweth.

"No, no...Grand Elder, I willingly became his contracted spirit beast," Raweth shook his head as he rejected the Grand Elder's offer to break the spirit contract.

Hearing his reply, not only elders but Grand Elder also looked disappointed in Raweth but he maintained his smile and said, "Raweth, take Rawin and test in one of the tribe leader's rooms."

"Yes, Elder," Raweth, also wanted to talk with his little brother alone for some time as it had been more than a couple of months since he last talked with his brother.

After that paying his respects to all the elders, he turned around to leave the dark room.

However, just when he was about to leave the room, the Grand Elder said, "Since you don't want to break the contract with that human, I and other elders don't allow you to become the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe."

"In the past, I wanted to become powerful only to save my little brother. Now, he is all cured and well. So, I don't want any power," Raweth nonchalantly replied while closing the door of the dark room.

What he said was really true. From a young age, he followed Krico's orders to become powerful, so that he could save his little brother. Now, he doesn't want any power or anything.

"Huh..One more thing, if the tribe needs any help, I will never hesitate to help it," Raweth came back and said before leaving the dark room for real this time.

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