New Age Of Summoners Chapter 342

330 Red Wooden Seal

"Krico, you already lost your body. So stop being an idiot and give the tribe leader seal to Raweth," The Grand Elder looked very calm but his voice was very serious.

The black shadow was none other than the fire crow tribe leader, Krico.

All the elders were easily able to recognize him due to his voice.

"Huh? So, you all knew about it," The black shadow unconsciously looked at Ajax and said, "So, you are the one...hehe."

Krico remembered Ajax from the Hawk tribe and eerily laughed while glancing at him.

"So what? If I lose a body, I still have my spirit and I can make another body myself," Krico scoffed at the Grand Elder and others.

"I know you found a demonic inheritance but I suggest you hand over the seal to Raweth, who has the highest level of purified bloodline," Grand Elder looked at the black shadow and said with a relaxed expression on his face.

From the masked birdman, the Grand Elder got updated that there was nothing to worry about outside of the tribe leader's house as there were only few spirit beasts and that was being taken care of by Raweth and other tribesmen.

So, the Grand Elder was in a relaxed mood and pressured Krico with his calmness.

'I think this old fool might have a way to deal with me,' When he saw the calmness on the Grand Elder's face, Krico felt uneasy.

However, he said, "I finally understood your worry...Haha," the black shadow started laughing and continued, "Since I can live forever with my demonic technique, you are fearing me and don't want me as a tribe leader."

Krico's words made everyone in the dark room raise their brows as though they didn't understand what he was saying.

"Don't act like you don't know about it, Old Elder," The black shadow became angry when it saw the expressions on all the elders.

"I know that you can create a body after your original body is destroyed and also know that you can continuously repeat that process, but I never feared about that," the Grand Elder shook his words and while sighing he said, "I am more worried about your ambition for which you will even destroy your own tribe for it. So, I am asking you for a final time, hand over the seal and get out of the Fire Crow tribe."

"Youu," When he heard those words, Krico became angry but suppressed it as he knew that he was presently in a very weak state and the Grand Elder could destroy his spirit if he was careless for even one second.

'What the hell!' Ajax was shocked to hear those words and his understanding about life had completely changed.

According to his previous knowledge, one could escape from his body in the spirit consciousness form only after that cultivator reached King realm in either body cultivation or spirit cultivation.

However, in front of him, Krico, who had not even reached King realm was able to escape with his spirit from his body which made his understanding about his previous knowledge in a disarray.

'It is said that Krico found a demonic inheritance in one of his adventures and gained a secret technique that can allow him to escape his true body in his spirit consciousness form and it also allows him to continuously create a new body for his spirit to reside,' Just as he was confused with Krico and Grand Elder's conversation, Ajax heard the masked birdman's voice in his head which explained about Krico's secret technique.

'Woah, that's a good technique to have,' Ajax replied to the masked birdman in the same voice transmission method.

'You still don't understand it properly. Let me explain it clearly, then say the same words you said to me just now,' the masked birdman shook his head and looked at Ajax while continuing, 'Every time he creates a body, he has to sacrifice his tribe members. For the first time, he needs to sacrifice 1000 members, for the second time he needs 2000 and it continues to increase with each time he creates a new body for himself. Now say me, is it a good technique?'

After saying about the demonic skill in detail, Ajax understood the Grand Elder's worry towards Krico and wanted him to leave the fire crow tribe.

'It's really a demonic technique,' Ajax shook his head and agreed with the masked birdman and looked at the Black shadow.

"Hahaha...Leave? Why will I leave the tribe when I am the one, who is leading it?" Krico laughed as he replied to the Grand Elder in a mocking tone.

"If you don't leave, then please don't mind that I will kill you,"

As Krico was one of his own tribe members, the Grand Elder didn't want to kill Krico's spirit consciousness form which barely had any strength.

"Haha...Please, Grand Elder, don't make me laugh with your jokes. I know that I am weak and can't fight against you but I still have the tribe leader seal and I am invincible in this house," Krico continued to laugh as he took out a red wooden seal that was much bigger than the Grand Elder's wooden seal.

"You still don't understand how that wooden seal works, Kid," the Grand Elder looked at the Black shadow and shook his head.

"What? Who are you calling a Kid...damn old bastard," Krico got angry when he heard the Grand Elder's words and immediately pointed his red wooden seal at the Grand Elder and said, "Die, now."

As soon as he said that, a beam of red light came out fo the red wooden seal and shot towards the Grand Elder.

However, just before the beam of light touched Grand Elder, he vanished into thin air.

"What?" Krico was shocked to see that his attack failed and what puzzled him the most was he still didn't know the reason why the attack failed on the Grand Elder.

"Let me clear your confusion," Grand Elder looked at the black shadow and smilingly said, "The moment, your body was destroyed, the tribe leader's seal in your hand lost half of its original power and with the power from other elder wooden seals and captain of the 15 crows' wooden seal, my wooden seal became much more powerful and the current tribe leader seal. Unless it is passed onto a suitable candidate, it will destroy in a few days and along with it, our tribe becomes a thing of the past."

In the fire crow tribe, every tribe member in the upper echelon had a wooden seal with them that were passed from the ancient times and along with the time, they forgot the uses of the wooden seals except for a few.

Nevertheless, all the upper echelon of the fire tribe was satisfied with their use but still, they never stopped researching about their own seals.

The Grand Elder was the oldest one among the present upper echelon of the fire tribe and most knowledgable about those seals, so he was pretty much confident after he learned about Krico's body.

"What?" The black shadow looked at the red wooden seal in its hand and threw it toward the Grand Elder and said, "I will leave the tribe then."


"Hehe," The Grand Elder cunningly laughed after catching the red-wooden seal which made Krico anxious.

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