New Age Of Summoners Chapter 340

328 Guardian Beas


At the entrance of the fire crow tribe, a large fire crow injured hundreds of spirit beasts while killing tens of spirit beasts with a simple attack. It didn't stop there but continued its killing spree.

"Look, is it our guardian spirit beast?" One of the fire crow tribesmen asked others while pointing at the large fire crow in the distance.

"I heard our tribe had a guardian spirit beast in the past but it didn't show itself for many years and all our elders thought it was dead but looks like they were wrong," another tribesman spoke what he knew about the guardian spirit beast.

"But, I feel familiar with the large fire crow,"

"Yeah, me too. It looks just like Raweth's spirit beast form but this one is much bigger than him,"

"We will talk about it after our tribe successfully passes the current predicament,"

The conversation between the two fire crow tribesmen stopped as they focused on killing the spirit beast once again.

The same type of conversations was taking place at every corner of the fire crow tribe after they saw the large fire crow.

The large fire crow was none other than Raweth. After his breakthrough to the general realm using inheritance, all his previous skills along with new skills that he managed to awaken became much more powerful.

However, most of them misunderstood his large spirit beast form for a guardian beast.

Guardian beasts, as the name implies were the protectors of the tribe.

Generally, a few hundred or even thousands of years back, every tribe had one guardian spirit beast that protected the tribe from catastrophe. But along with the time, the appearances of the guardian beasts became less and less that made all the tribesmen to think that they might have died due to old age and gradually forgotten about them.

Nevertheless, a few tribesmen still believed that the guardian spirit beasts were hibernating and they would wake up if anything happens to the tribe.

So, when they saw that large fire crow, they immediately thought it was their tribe's guardian spirit beast and their battle spirit increased all of sudden.

"Let's kill these unevolved beasts,"

"Yes, kill them,"

"Our guardian spirit beast is with us,"

Soon, all the fire crow tribesmen rushed towards the incoming spirit beasts while shouting and motivating themselves.


"Damn you birdmen, can't you fight without shouting," Ajax, who was trying to sleep for some time, was awakened due to the loud shouts of the fire crow tribesmen and cursed them.

He stood up from the ground and looked at the unconscious Rawin and Spirus and the chubby Slait, who slept beside while snoring.

'You are lucky to be able to sleep even in these shouts, Slait,' Ajax envied Slait's ability to sleep even at a situation like this and shook his head before heading out of the earth shield.

"Spirus, take care of him," After leaving the earth shield, Ajax said to Spirus and rushed towards the masked birdman, who seemed to have some trouble with spirit beasts in his way.

Since the earth shield could withstand the attacks of the rank 5 spirit beast without any difficulty, Ajax didn't think much about Spirus' safety and left them alone.

"Hey, old guy. Need any help?" Ajax killed a spirit beast and asked the masked birdman.

"Yes, and why the hell are you calling me old?" the masked birdman nodded his head and shouted at Ajax for calling him an old guy.

"Because I don't know your name," Ajax chuckled as he replied to the masked birdman.

"Since you are Raweth's friend, call me Senior or uncle just like him," The masked birdman scoffed as he said to Ajax.

Even though they were having a conversation, they continuously killed the spirit beasts and moved in a specific direction.

"Sure, but where are we going?" Ajax noticed that the masked birdman was not changing the specific direction and curiously asked.

"To kill Krico," the masked birdman slowly said to Ajax and moved to the tribe leader's house.

"Huh?" Ajax still felt it was unbelievable for Krico to remain alive but he didn't ask anything to the masked birdman as he silently followed him.

"By the way Ajax, are you from the summoners' group?" The masked birdman asked after some thought about Ajax's background.


"Summoners' group?" Ajax puzzledly looked at him after killing a couple of spirit beasts.

"Huh?" The masked birdman was visibly surprised by Ajax's confused expression on his face and continued, "So, you are not one of them."

He shook his head after learning that Ajax doesn't belong to the summoners' group.

"What is it?" Ajax's interest piqued at the name of the group.

Since it had summoners in that name, he thought that he could know more about elemental spirits and summoners.

Although Elder Boron explained about them, he only explained on the surface and when he asked any in-depth questions, he scolded him by saying, 'You should learn that by yourself after you awaken your first elemental spirit'.

So, he was curious about the Summoners' group and asked more about it.

"Summoners' group, just like its name suggests it is a group that only consists of summoners as its members. They are strong and all the five elemental world's inhabitants respect them. Not for their strength but for the good deeds they had done for them," While the masked birdman explained about them, Ajax noticed the birdman's eyes were shining as they had a lot of respect for that Summoners' group.

"So, they are good people," Ajax's heart was excited when he learned about them.

As for excitement, it was because it was his first time hearing about summoners being praised by all. So, if it's possible, he wanted to meet them in the future or even join them.

'Let's see about it after I take revenge on the assassin sect,' Ajax rejected the idea of joining them instantly as his plate was already full with revenge and he doesn't want to drag anyone into it.

"I think you can join it," The masked birdman stopped all of a sudden and looked at Ajax's expression after saying his words.

"Let's see," Ajax casually replied without any excitement which made the masked birdman raisehis brows in surprise.

'Ths kid is not normal,'

This was the only thought in his mind after observing Ajax's expression for a while.

He also thought about all the possibilities of Ajax's background just like Qwerek before misunderstanding his identity for a member of the summoners' group.

'A human with various elemental spirits in the five elemental world, is not a normal thing. I should be careful with him behind my back,' After thinking about Ajax's background, the masked birdman raised his guard to the fullest and killed the last spirit beast that was in front of him before rushing into the tribe leader's house.

"Hey Uncle, wait for me," Ajax was able to guess where the masked birdman was rushing to, so he ran behind him without any hesitation.

According to the masked birdman's previous words, Ajax guessed that he was rushing to kill Krico, who might be hiding in the tribe leader's house.

Soon, they entered the house and reached the main hall and looked at the surrounding rooms.

However, before they could search for any rooms, they fell into a trap before disappearing from the main hall.

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