New Age Of Summoners Chapter 339

327 Mission Completed

'Why is this 'B' danger rating mission is tougher than the other 'A' danger rating missions I had taken previously?' Ajax thought while clutching his head as he was unable to find a proper idea to accomplish the mission.

"Wait! What is his other skill?" Ajax immediately thought about Bane's new skill amidst his various thoughts in his head.


Skill name:- Poison Domain.

Skill description:- An area type of skill when used by the elemental spirit covers the 10-meter radius around him (for level 1 of the elite spirit commander realm) and it is increased with the cultivation level of the elemental spirit. Inside the poison domain, the elemental spirit's all skills will be increased by a single level.


Ajax slapped himself for neglecting to check this skill and immediately asked Bane, "Bane, use Poison domain before using poison control."


Bane nodded his head and activated the Poison domain before placing his hands on Rawin's dantian.

Although Bane knew that he had the skill 'Poison domain', he didn't know much about it as he awakened it a few moments ago. So he thought, he would not win against the five elemental poison.

As soon as he activated the poison domain, except for Ajax, Raweth and the masked birdman felt an uncomfortable feeling inside them but he managed it and watched Bane.

'Idiot..idiot...idiot,' Ajax scolded himself for rushing things earlier and for not paying attention to the Poison domain skill thinking that had not much use in saving Rawin; however, now it was helping Bane to fight the five elemental poison in Rawin's body.

Just after a few moments, Bane's face was radiating with a confident look as though he had the five elemental poison under his control.

'Yes..' Ajax shouted inside his heart when he saw the confident look on Bane's face and thought that Poison Domain was truly helping the Poison control skill.

After a few minutes, Bane started to move his hands from dantian towards Rawin's mouth. Before anyone could know what was happening Bane took out a five coloured liquid from Rawin's mouth.

"Raweth, quickly use that water and Spirus use your Blessing on him," As soon as he took out the five elemental poison from Rawin's body, Bane shouted at the dazed Raweth and Spirus.

Raweth was dazed at the sight of his little brother's muttering; however, he soon came out of his daze and helped Rawin drink the thunder pool's water.

Whereas Spirus, due to her passive inherent skill 'Daughter of the Nature' all the previous tiredness was disappeared from her face.

As soon as she heard Bane's voice, she immediately used her blessing on Rawin healing the after-effects of the five elemental poison.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded at Bane and didn't ask for an explanation for his actions as he knew that Rawin was now in an extremely weak state and needed as much healing as possible.

'Summoning master, can I keep it as a weapon?' Bane slowly stood up and walked towards Ajax and asked him while showing the five elemental poison in his hand.

"Since you helped me a lot today, you can do whatever you want with it," Ajax didn't bother much about the five elemental poison as he knew that its true ability would be fully displayed in Bane's hands.

Because Bane was enlightened in the 'Way of the poison', which helps him make any least potent poison to become a highly potent one. And if he used an already highly potent poison in the battle and with the help of the 'Way of the Poison', even opponents with high cultivations also fear him. So, Ajax didn't mind about Bane using the five elemental poison as a weapon.

Just after a few moments of heals from Spirus and Raweth, Rawin's previously sickly face became lively as redness came to his face.

However, Rawin still didn't open his eyes which made Ajax worry which only lasted for a second before it disappeared.

Because he got a system notification telling him about the mission accomplishment.


Mission:- Save Raweth's little brother is completed successfully.

Reward:- A mysterious reward box is stored in the host's inventory.

Additional reward:- A small energy orb which allows the host to break through a single minor realm.

'Huh? An additional reward?' Even though he got an additional system reward, Ajax did not feel happy; instead, he looked tired as he thought, 'After going through everything I got these rewards...sigh.'

Ajax sighed looking at the rewards he gained from the mission.

Because the mysterious reward box was not great as it rarely gives any good items whereas the small energy orb that only allows him to break through a single minor realm.

'I even lost my two minor realms after coming to the five elemental world,' Ajax felt that this mission was the least rewarding mission for him when he thought back to the anxiousness he felt from the moment he came to the five elemental world.

'Whatever at least I got three spirit beasts,' He consoled himself and looked at some unread system notifications.


Mission:- Upgrade the first four elemental spirits to the commander realm is successfully completed.

Reward:- A mysterious rewards box is stored in the host's inventory.

'Huh? I totally forgot about this mission,' Ajax's previous dejected expression became a little better when he saw those notifications.

This mission was generated in the quest tab when he came to the five elemental world for his first time.

When he received this mission, Ajax didn't bother much about it as he knew that he could finish the mission without much trouble; however, after going through one incident after another, he totally forgot about this mission.

Now, when Spirus broke through to the commander realm, Ajax completed that mission without knowing himself as his other initial elemental spirits like Volcanis, Necros and Slait were already broken through to the elemental spirit commander realm.

After checking those notifications, Ajax relaxed on the ground and decided to leave the battle to his elemental spirits.

Because he wanted to take some rest after going through so much without having proper rest.

At the side, the masked birdman and Raweth talked about something before the masked birdman rushed into the tribe.

Raweth looked at his brother for a moment and asked Ajax, "Young master, can I go and help my tribe?"

"Do whatever you want but don't die in there," Ajax said with a carefree attitude and closed his eyes.

He didn't bother about the masked birdman but he cared about Raweth, so he asked him to be careful while fighting the spirit beast.

Bane didn't ask for Ajax's permission as he knew that his summoning master wanted some rest, so he also rushed to test his new weapon, five elemental poison.

As for the unconscious Rawin, he was taken care by Spirus and the only elemental spirit that rested beside Ajax was the chubby Slait, who gave the Earth shield's management to its clone.

In the distance, Volcanic fiercely fighted hundreds of spirit beasts without much difficulty and in another direction, a balck silhouette that had the same height of Ajax, was fighting another group of spirit beasts.

As for Ajax, he was taking a rest under the earth shield without bothering about anything.

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